See Jane spank. Spank, Jane, spank!

(With apologies to the real Dick and Jane)


See Jane spank. Spank, Jane, Spank!

“Ow,” says Sally. “Ow, ow.”

Jane spanks.

“Ow,” says Sally. “Ow, Jane. Please don’t spank.”

Jane picks up the hairbrush.

“Ow,” cries Sally. “That hurts. Please don’t spank with the hairbrush.”

Jane spanks more. “You were a bad girl, Sally. I will spank you with my hairbrush.”

Sally cries. “I am sorry, Jane. I was a bad girl.”

Jane spanks hard. “Cry, Sally.”

Sally wipes her eyes. “I was a bad girl. Please spank me.”

Jane stops. “No, Sally. Bad girls go to the corner. Go to the corner, Sally.”

Sally cries more. “I don’t want to go to the corner, Jane.”

Jane picks up the hairbrush. “I will spank you hard, Sally.”

Sally stands up. “You are mean, Jane. It is my turn now.”

Jane holds the hairbrush tight. “No, Sally. It is my hairbrush. You have to obey me.”

Sally shakes her head. “I will tell Penny. You are mean. Penny will spank you.”

Jane drops the hairbrush. “Oh, no! No, Sally no!”

Sally smirks. “Yes, Jane. You were a bad girl.”

Jane covers her eyes. “Please spank me, Sally. Spank, Sally, spank.”

Sally picks up the hairbrush. “I will spank you very hard, Jane.”


(What do you think happens next?)

Tuesdays with Ana: Corn Husking

As I write this post, a pot of water bubbles merrily on the stove. Fresh ears of corn lie on the counter awaiting their terrifying plunge to the netherworld.

Ahem. Can you tell my head has been in fairy tale land for the past few weeks? Talia and Vina are anxious for me to finish their story and send off Taliasman to the publisher, but it’s not quite perfect yet. There’s something both fairy tale-ish and contemporary about their story, and I’m struggling to put it into words.

Writing used to come easily to me, and then I became a writer. :)

Lately, I’ve been enjoying fresh produce. Sweet strawberries, blueberries, cherries, melons…and one of my favorites, corn on the cob.


The local grocery store sells pre-husked cobs in tidy trays wrapped in plastic, but even lazy Ana gives those a pass. For me, husking corn brings back memories of crops from my godmother’s farm. What treat is lovelier than a bag full of sweet corn? Like the Little Red Hen’s chicks, I wasn’t interested in planting, caring for, or harvesting the crops. Instead, I came running at the sight of a brown paper grocery stack bursting with tufted green packages of delight.

Oh, and the husking! Neat freak Ana’s Mom couldn’t abide corn silk and husks in her kitchen, so I would bring my sackful of ears to the garage. I’d sit on the step (sweet cool concrete in the heat of summer, before air conditioning became prevalent), pull the garbage can close to me, and unwrap one layer of husk at a time. Unlike my parents who hated the bother, I took my time. Right down to the last bit of silk, I made the corn shiny, sparkly, and new.

Later when we spread butter on our corn and chased the hot, slippery cobs around our plates, I would take pleasure in the steaming rows of kernels on each cob of corn. From my godmother’s fields to my family table, I could take pride.

Today, as I tweak Taliasman and grumble because I can’t get the words exactly right, I’ll take pleasure in the work of my hands.

What will you husk today?

She #spanks a good game! @Leighellwood dishes on #scispanks #99cents out now!

Anastasia Vitsky:

Some thoughts from Leigh Ellwood on the new Sci Spanks 2014 anthology.

Originally posted on Eva Lefoy:

Hello, everybody. Leigh Ellwood here, and I’m thrilled to announce I’m part of a new anthology called Sci Spanks. This is a collection of 15 shorts on a theme – naturally science fiction with spanking. My contribution, “Skin,” came to me as I racked my brains to think of a story. A martini or two later, and it happened.

You may or may not be familiar with my work, but BDSM and kink are not sub-genres I write often. I don’t read much BDSM, just a few authors, and I know writing kink requires research so the stories are accurate and do not misrepresent the Lifestyle. Since this book deals mainly with spanking, though, I felt it was okay for me to participate. The science fiction setting allowed me a bit of creative license as well. I placed my heroine in a precarious situation where a law was accidentally…

View original 1,083 more words

Saturday Spankings: #Taliasman #BeyondFairyTales

Welcome to Saturday Spankings and Snippet Sunday! To celebrate the publication of Sci Spanks 2014, an anthology of the Sci Spanks stories, I’ll show you a sneak peek of the second chapter. You may want to grab Sci Spanks 2014 first–it’s only 99 cents and an incredible deal! You’ll get to sample a wide variety of stories in all subgenres of speculative fiction, and all are sizzling hot.

In Taliasman, Queen Vina tries to threaten woodworker’s daughter Talia with a spanking. Stubborn until the bitter end, Talia holds her own.

“Beat me.” She juts her chin, standing with hands on her hips in the simple cotton nightgown Merda chose for her.

I nod my thanks to the girl who has served Talia for the past few months. It is a thankless job, but Merda never complains. She folds her lip inward as she leaves, her back stiff with disapproval. She is not angry on her behalf, but mine. I must talk with Merda privately and encourage her, but she will not listen. She will tell me everything is fine and I should focus on my own worries—but what are my worries if not to provide for those who have given me their lives?



Now available on Amazon, ARe, Smashwords, and KOBO! Appearing soon on B&N and iTunes.

Sci Spanks 2014 the anthology is live! Get your copy today!


You’ve waited, and your patience is finally rewarded! Sci Spanks 2014 is live on Amazon! Click the book cover above for the Amazon US link. You can also buy Sci Spanks 2014 on Smashwords, and All Romance Ebooks.

We are hoping the book will be available soon on KOBO and Barnes and Noble. On its first day, however, Sci Spanks 2014 earned a silver star (best seller designation).

You can get all fifteen short stories for the low, low price of NINETY-NINE CENTS. C’mon, you can’t get an ice cream cone for that price!


Go and get your lovely new Sci Spanks anthology while it’s hot!

Thursday Thankfulness: A day without complaints

Yesterday, I read a challenge on Facebook: Go one entire day without any complaints.

Easy, right?

Then I started thinking about all the complaints I made yesterday. Technical difficulties getting Sci Spanks 2014 the anthology listed at Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble delayed the release date. (However, the book has already earned a silver star at All Romance Ebooks!) Not only did I launch a volley of complaints, I had to walk away from the computer in order to maintain control of my temper.


When I meet my Maker at the end of this life, do I want to look back and see days filled with complaints? Or do I want to see years lived with gratitude for my many blessings? No, this isn’t about being a Pollyanna or ignoring the real injustices and difficulties in the world. Yes, this is about recognizing how fortunate I am. I’ve done the lists before, but today I’d like to offer this challenge to all of you.

Can you go through this day without making a single complaint?

When I cringe at noisy roofing (fourth non-consecutive day), can I give thanks to be warm/cool, safe, and dry when many do not have this basic right?

When online booksellers choose to throw obstacles of bureaucracy at me, can I give thanks to be part of an amazing project and to have a host of co-authors who offer their help and support?

When I shy away from writing a *gasp* sex scene for Taliasman, can I be appreciative of the chance to grow, learn, and stretch my wings? Or will I torment my poor editor-to-be with offers to trade sexual favors for not having to write the scene? (Technically, that’s not complaining…)

When I struggle through hours of writing only a few words, do I complain that I hate writing? Or do I give thanks for circumstances that allow me to devote this much time to a job I love?

I am thankful for so many things today that I couldn’t name them all. A friend who meets me weekly for fellowship, support, and fun…another friend who calls me because she’s checking out tires to give me advice in my endless Car Tire Replacement Quest…another friend who takes time out of her busy schedule to talk me through the difficulties in The Talia/Vina Sex Scene. I’m thankful to hear from long-lost friends! The list goes on and on.

I have been blessed in so many ways that 24 hours of a no-complaint-zone is a small thing, really. I can do it. If I slip up and complain in the moment, I’ll forgive myself and carry on.

What do you think will be hardest about the challenge? I tend to lose my patience when I have too much pressure at once and when I have to deal with red tape. Instead of complaining, I’ll focus on the positive.

Won’t you join me?

Tuesdays with Ana: Once upon a time (a fairy tale in lipstick)

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who liked to draw. She scribbled with crayons, chalk, finger paints, and her mother’s lipstick.

“How cute!” said her grandma.

“Is that of me?” boasted her uncle.

“Draw me next!” begged her sister.

“Let me scan it to show everyone on Facebook!” said her dad.

“Not my brand-new Sephora!” moaned her mom, but she displayed the newest picture with pride.

As the little girl grew older, crayons turned into pastels and finger paints switched to watercolors and oils. She added charcoal, tempera, and pencils to her repertoire.

“Your perspective’s off,” frowned her teacher.

“Does not meet our guidelines,” dismissed her dream art institute.

“Why do you draw everyone so funny?” complained her niece.

“Lacks maturity and composition,” panned the art show critic.

The adult girl looked at her growing stack of unpaid utility bills and she wondered whether she should give it up. Perhaps she should apply at the local fast-food restaurant to earn minimum wage. Maybe she needed to learn graphic design and become more marketable as a digital artist. Maybe she should…

“This doesn’t look like your work,” said her first art teacher.

“You’ve lost your voice,” said her best friend from art school.

“This does not deserve to have your name on it,” chided her aunt.

The adult girl burned her latest creations, stomping around her home while screaming at the top of her lungs. She hated her work, she wished she never had tried to draw, and everyone could take their stupid criticism and die with it.

Then, when the tears dried on her cheeks, she came across an envelope her mom had put in the mail.

“For you,” the note read.

Inside, there lay a yellow, tattered piece of paper covered with black marks of a fridge magnet.

“It was always my favorite,” the note continued.

A strange neckless person-like creature with wings, flying across either an ocean or a pit of lava. She couldn’t remember which. All drawn in Cin Cin, Sephora tropical coral.

The girl took out a fresh sheet of paper, clipped it to her easel. She could almost feel the excitement of drawing for its own sake, losing herself in the sheer joy of discovering what she could create. She picked up her nearest tube of lipstick, and she drew.




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