Rainbow Con recap

F/F kink fiction does have a place at author conferences. *picks my jaw off the floor* Yes. This past weekend at Rainbow Con (shout out to S.L and Roger Armstrong, K. Piet, and all the wonderful folks at Storm Moon Press) was filled with camaraderie, conversation, cookies, and kink.

Prize winners!

Chocolate roses: Sarah Hart, Kathleen Tudor, Ann Anderson, and (one more name I can’t remember at the moment)

“I’m a sexy girl” sign: London Calling

“Don’t lean” sign: H.L. Holston

Happy fun gift bags: Dean Prech and Becky Condit

Kinky fun gift bag: Jamie Fessenden

5-book F/F gift basket from Blushing Books (donated by the same): Sue Brown

$50 gift certificate to Blushing Books (donated by the same): Angel Martinez



Some of my favorite Rainbow Con moments include:

  • Alex Carreras stopping by my table Friday morning to ask, “Am I the only one who hasn’t tasted your cookies yet?” He paused, realized what he’d said, and added, “That wasn’t a euphemism, by the way.” It became a running joke to ask whether people had tasted my cookies and to assure them that it wasn’t a euphemism. In order to fully appreciate this moment, you should know that Alex has a dapper, gentlemanly demeanor. He wouldn’t look out of place at an art show or the ballet, and his demeanor made his joke even funnier.
  • Adrian Smith saying it had been amusing to watch the play-by-play of the Great Cookie Baking the day before the con. So great to meet you in person, Adrian! Thanks for giving me the nudge to go to my first author con.
  • Allison Cassatta (sitting at the table next to me in the Author Alley) jumping up to embrace Rick as she squealed, “You got MIRA! My kindred spirit!” after taking my quiz. Allison, you were the best Author Alley “roomie” ever.
  • Kathleen Tudor shouting “I love spanking Anastasia!” to get my attention, before realizing what she’d said. “There was supposed to be a comma before your name,” she added. Too late. :) The weekend was FULL of Kathleen quotes, but I don’t want to embarrass her.
  • Getting to see some F/F spanking action! No, it didn’t involve me (except as a spectator).
  • Being dubbed the “Spanking Queen” and called upon to deliver a birthday spanking to Becky Condit. (No, I didn’t do it.)
  • Chatting with S.L., Roger, Kris, and Kathleen (as well as many others) in the con suite. What an amazing gift! They’d put together an enormous (and fantastic) buffet of snacks to keep busy congoers fed while running from one panel to another. All offered free of charge as a labor of love. Bless you.
  • Speaking of Becky Condit, how fun to celebrate her birthday! What a wonderful review site she has, Mrs Condit and Friends.
  • Watching David Berger try to get his jello shot out of the plastic cup. Saundra Armstrong had put a lot of vodka into the shots, so everyone’s reaction was hilarious. David said, “I just licked it, and my tongue went numb!” Of course, I put the quote (out of context) on my Facebook and Twitter. Becky Condit asked, “What’s he doing with the spicy lube?”
  • The hilariously inappropriately titled F/F fiction panel, and watching others (especially Kathleen) try to get me to say the title. In all seriousness, the discussion was wonderful and a highlight of the weekend.
  • Putting up quotes of the day on my Facebook and Twitter and enjoying the laughter and conversations that followed.
  • Meeting the neat folks from Less Than Three, Dreamspinner, Storm Moon, JMS Books, and Rooster and Pig publishers. You were all wonderful!
  • Getting London Calling’s Twitter ID confused and laughing about it together. Her Superman costume! Also, her gracious help moving all of my bags (hundreds of cookies, pieces of candy, and all of my promotional materials). I’d nearly broken my back lugging bag after bag of supplies, and then Little Miss Chipper came along to save the day. Mwah, London! May all of your rocks never be kryptonite.
  • Accidentally tagging the wrong Susan Lee when I gave a shout out to Boys in our Books, a fabulous review site. Susan, Lisa A, Scott Burkett, (apologies because I am not sure of the last name) gave wonderful information about blog tours.
  • Shae Connor’s hilariously inappropriate comments that she tried to blame on the jello shots.
  • Watching Amanda Ching’s reaction to the vodka-laced blue jello as it seared her mouth.
  • Hearing and seeing people burst into laughter as they took my “Who is your inner spankee?” quiz. Unexpected side effect: Administering the quiz gave me a shortcut to getting to know people. When I’d say, “You’re Leila!” or “You’re Kat!” and read the character description, more often than not people would respond by saying, “That sounds like me!” One person said this was the most accurate personality quiz she’d ever taken. Most popular answer: Freiya of Freiya’s Stand. Least popular answer: Clissa of Becoming Clissine
  • People asking, “What’s the deal with the wooden spoon?” Oh, how I LOVED answering that! :D
  • The F/F fiction panel was the highlight of the con. Not just the discussion itself (which was terrific), but that Saundra and Roger prioritized the panel–to the point that Roger chose that session (out of his extremely busy schedule running the con) to attend. The audience was wonderful, the panelists (Kathleen Tudor, Adrian Smith, Allison Cassatta, and yours truly) fit together well. I give Saundra and Roger huge props for creating a much-needed space for readers and authors of F/F fiction.
  • Terrific topics for the panels, ranging from religion in genre fiction to the “Man Panel” (male perspective regarding M/M fiction). Author etiquette, marketing, self-publishing, contracts, YA, paranormal…you name it, Rainbow Con had it. Really well-thought-out array of topics. *grateful applause*
  • The amazing generosity and kindness of the guest of honor, Geoffrey Knight, and each of the guest authors. Geoff sat at my author table, took my quiz, and talked to me about my books. My hat off to you, Geoff.
  • Sue Brown’s discussion on the “Misogyny in Fiction” panel. It would have been easy to dismiss my point (that fiction needs strong female characters not dependent on men) as irrelevant to her M/M writing, but instead she talked about her main characters’ love and respect for the women in their lives. Then Sue said that meeting *me* was a highlight of her weekend. Likewise, Sue. I was honored to meet you.
  • Getting to meet Jeff Adams (of JMS Books) in person and thank him for supporting Love Spanks. We’ll get to have his support for Sci Spanks in June, too! Hurrah!
  • Participating in the “Rape: Not a laughing matter” panel under the capable hosting of Angel Martinez.
  • Meeting Vicktor Alexander and hearing his thoughts on writing, reading, and publishing.
  • A wonderful post-con dinner with David Berger, Cari Z (finally got to meet Caitlin Ricci’s writing partner and the woman behind the green tea F/F spanking story!), and Cari’s husband.
  • Meeting Carole Cummings and her daughter. You two were a delight to have at my table, and I wish you both the very best.
  • Meeting Caethes Faron. What a sweet woman!
  • Teasing Carolyn Gray about my wooden spoons and watching her blush! I was mean to tease you, Carolyn, but you were too cute. I couldn’t help myself.
  • Feeling comfortable as Anastasia Vitsky, author of F/F spanking fiction. Not having to apologize for who I am, soothe offended egos of those who find F/F spanking fiction offensive, or cater to a crowd that tolerates F/F while wishing for M/F. I love every single one of my readers, and I love my M/F readers just as much as anyone else. You are cherished, I promise. But, still, there is something special about hearing, “You write F/F? Wow! It’s so hard to find F/F! I have to tell my sister/daughter/niece/neighbor/cousin!”

I know I am forgetting names. I’ve tried to put down as many as I can without turning this into a list (boring!). Megan Derr, Sarah Hart, Ashlyn Daube, Rory Ni Coileain, Kade Boehme, Isabella Carter, Jackson Cordd, Sklyar Cates, Jamie Fessenden, Rhys Ford, Anel Viz, Kassa, Lexi Ander, Stephen del Mar, and so many others…if you stopped by my table this past weekend, I’m sending you an enormous virtual treat (peppermint brownie, peanut butter oatmeal bar, gingersnap, peanut butter cookie, or oatmeal butterscotch chocolate chip cookie). Thank you for sitting down, taking my quiz, chatting with me, and letting me get to know you. My life is enriched from the experience, and I will never forget you.

Thank you, organizers of Rainbow Con, for giving me (and many others) a weekend of acceptance, fellowship, and support. It means more than you can ever know.

See you all at Rainbow Con 2015.


First day at Rainbow Con!

It’s been such a whirlwind that I won’t be able to write much today, but I wanted to say thank you for all the sweet messages and good luck wishes. What a wonderful first day! Highlights:

  • Meeting authors who also write F/F
  • Getting to talk face-to-face with friends I’ve only known online
  • Going to a sex toys panel (yes, I said that word!) and getting to watch the very expressive Allison Cassatta get tied up by Brenda Cothern
  • An author bellowing in the middle of the hallway, “WHERE IS THE SPANKING SURVEY?” She proceeded to edit the answer to add “get naked” to two of them.
  • Offering to hand out cookies during my first panel (Author Etiquette) and asking which kind, only to hear, “All of them!”
  • The very sweet people (you know who you are!) who said that my table was their favorite place to hang out, chatting and eating cookies and having fun
  • The lovely reviewers who gave me their business cards and asked me to send them my F/F books
  • Kind helpers who carried bags for me

The cookies and quiz have been a hit! Today, I’m going to hand out cookie and milk shaped cards with people’s names written in Korean (tie-in to Mira). Since I got over the fear of showing my face and admitting I am a spanking fiction author (thank you, kind friend who gave me the pep talk when I got nervous), it’s been a blast.


Who wants more cookies? See you at Rainbow Con!

Bondage! BDSM! Erotica! Ana outed at the local copy shop

As I visited the friendly copy shop nearby, I got a little confused picking up an order. I’d arranged to have flyers made for Mad in Wonderland reviews, and I had some posters made of my book covers.

Because Rainbow Con is kink friendly and erotica-centered, I suggested that Felicity emphasize that Mad in Wonderland will review those types of books. Let’s set the scene:


Bondage! BDSM! Erotica!

So, your sweet little Ana walks into the copy shop and asks to pick up an order. The employee at the front counter has trouble finding it because the order was filed under a different name. Your sweet little Ana says, “It’s 300 half-sheet yellow flyers,” and the employee finds it. Ana reaches for the flyers to check whether they’re correct, and the employee holds the papers away. “Tell me what it says,” she orders.

Ana stands by the counter, blushing as she frantically tries to find a way out of this. There’s no way she’ll read what the flyers say. Not when friendly neighborhood types might overhear.

Then, inspiration strikes.

“Take a look at it,” Ana says, and she holds out her hand to rest on the covered papers. “Read it, and you’ll understand why I’m not going to say what it says.”

Bondage! BDSM! Erotica!

The employee looks, reads, and blanches. Recognition floods her face, and she gives a heroic attempt at not looking shocked. She stumbles over her words.

“Oh. Yes. Well. Yes. If you know that, then. Well. Yes. You do know what it is.”

Bondage! BDSM! Erotica!

Your sweet little Ana slinks out of the copy shop, cheeks aflame as she wonders how she’ll ever survive outing herself at Rainbow Con tomorrow. Maybe she’ll hide behind her gigantic pile of cookies.


Which Anastasia Vitsky character are you?

Clissa from Becoming Clissine and “The First Submission” in Milestones

Mira Addleton from Desire in Any Language and Mira’s Miracle

Kat Astra from The Way Home, “Tomorrow” in Coming to Terms, and Lighting the Way

Spring Meadows from Editorial Board

Leila Feran from Simple Gifts and “Complicated Gifts” in Love’s Reprise


Freiya Vargas from Freiya’s Stand (coming June 25, 2014)


Rainbow Con attenders will get to take the quiz and earn a cookie. :D For blog readers, I’ll let you take the quiz a little bit later.


For now, I’m curious. Which character do you think is most like you, and why?

Vote for your favorite cookie!

Please help, dear readers. I’ve chosen four kinds of cookie to bring to Rainbow Con (after conducting an informal poll on Facebook), but now I’m second-guessing my choices.

If you met an author at a conference and she offered you cookies, which type would you choose?


  • Lemon cooler
  • Peanut butter
  • Gingersnap/molasses
  • Butterscotch oatmeal

Or would you choose one of the following?

  • Snickerdoodles
  • Granger
  • Flatbread (Norwegian style)
  • Brownies
  • None (allergic, dieting, or not fond of sweets)

Please only choose one.

(Chocolate/chocolate chip has been purposely omitted because of problems with melting. Rainbow Con will be hot!)


If your favorite cookie hasn’t been mentioned here, what is it? Please describe and link to a picture/recipe if you can.

Thank you so much! If you are all very good, perhaps I’ll show you a sneak peek of Freiya’s Stand soon. :D

Rainbow Con!


Something exciting has happened in the life of Anastasia Vitsky.

She will be attending her very first conference as a published author.

What’s this, you say? Surely not!

Yep, Ana and her cookies will make an appearance at Rainbow Con this weekend!

I’ll give a book reading, hand out promotional materials (play the Anastasia Vitsky character quiz!), speak on panels, and give out wooden spoons.

No, seriously. :D And if you don’t behave yourself at my reading, you just might find yourself with a demerit…and sent to report yourself to the lady in charge.

Nope, not Mrs. Claus. This time, that would be Ana. :D


Yes, you read that correctly. During Holy Week, Ana will read from her naughty stories and mingle with naughty authors. She will hand out wooden spoons to naughty authors and readers.

If you’ll be at Rainbow Con, look for the lady with all the wooden spoons. ;) If you won’t be there, be sure to watch for my posts during the event. I’ll save all the craziest stories for the blog.


Temporary hiatus

Hello everyone–

Apologies, but life has taken a bit of a turn and I will need to be away for a little bit. Hugs and best wishes while I am gone. :)

P.S. Yes, I will need to deal with a few things, but please don’t worry. Or if you want to worry, spank Minelle/Irishey/Cat/Pao/SassyTwatter/Michael/Roz/Renee. They need it!


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