My first spanking story

So. My first spanking story.

I no longer have it, and it was probably a single page at most.  Do you remember The Baby-sitters Club?  It was a popular book series a while ago.  I received a book as a Christmas present, and I was hooked.  I then spent $2.50 plus tax each month (a price that gradually increased over the years) to buy the newest installment in the adventures of fun girls who loved kids, just like me.  My favorite baby-sitter was a serious, shy, old-fashioned girl named Mary Anne Spier.  She was a little like me, only more so.  I was sensitive; she cried at everything.  I liked reading and spending time alone; she got too scared to do anything social.  My parents were strict; her (widowed) dad was downright tyrannical.  As an eighth grader, she had to wear her hair in braids and have all her outfits approved by her dad.

I wrote my first fan fiction before I even knew what it was.  🙂  In the books, Mary Anne stood by her bedroom window to wave to her next-door neighbor and best friend, Kristy Thomas.  I wrote a little story about poor Mary Anne waiting in her room for her dad to come up after she got in trouble.  She thought he would scold or ground her…and I remember these exact words (you’ll soon see why) “But Dad spanked me instead.”

As I was writing this little story–on paper with pencil, back in the good old days before computer or internet :P–at my desk in my own bedroom, my own dad came in.  He was joking around and squirted me with a water bottle.  I ducked and hid from the spray, and then suddenly I heard my dad say (as he was reading the sheet of paper on my desk):

“But Dad spanked me instead?”

Oh, abject humiliation!  I blushed, stammered, snatched at the paper, and am not sure what happened next.  I’m not sure if my dad thought I was referring to him, or if he thought I was writing any old story (I always wrote stories from the moment I learned how to write properly), or what…but even though I can’t remember anything else about that day or that story, I remember that line.  Reading someone else’s comments (sorry, can’t remember whose) jogged that memory.  I’d completely forgotten about it.  🙂

My earliest spanking fantasies were of being a girl like Mary Anne Spier, shy and serious and old-fashioned, trying her very best to be good…and being spanked a little bit because her guardian was very strict but mostly because he cared about her and wanted her to grow up a good person.  Only, in my fantasies and not the fan fiction, it would be a female caregiver/guardian/authority figure/governess.  I would stand in front of her, serious and quiet, and be gently but firmly held accountable for the goals I set for myself.  That she set for me.

I must have been about 11 when I wrote my first spanking story.  Later, I wrote more adult ones.  The one about a woman named Katherine who…

But that story will have to be for another time.  🙂

5 thoughts on “My first spanking story

  1. katherinedeane says:

    Oh ana, that does sound embarrassing. Thankfully, it sounds like he did not understand what you were writing. I have added spanking scenes into most of the scenes throughout my life. I have even day dreamed about a few of the neighbors’ husbands (spanking – not sex) . But none of these have jumped from head to paper yet. So I only embarrass myself. But maybe soon… 🙂


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