Spanking story interest poll

I’m itching to do a bit more fiction writing, and I wondered what people might be interested in.  If you had a choice, what would you like to see?  I have bits of each and have no strong preference for any, so I’m opening it up to popular demand.  🙂

A)  Another segment in the Katherine/Natalie story

B)  A (I know, cliched) Catholic boarding schoolgirl story, complete with uniforms

C)  A eollege student/professor story that includes some roleplay

Please let me know your vote and why in the comments.


P.S.  Please note that D) “the spanking Ana gets once D returns” is not an option.  😛


5 thoughts on “Spanking story interest poll

  1. pao says:

    Ooh, definitely D 😛

    I would like to see B and C only because I have not seen Ana write something like that. Are other books from Ana available to this poll as well? Like Mira or Leila and Spring. I’d like to know who’d win an argument between Leila and Spring. The winner gets to feed the other to the spanker.


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