FTM, The Fearsome Teacher Mom (or moving beyond spanking story stereotypes)

I’m tired of the old cliches and stereotypes in spanking stories.  May I please recommend a new spanking hero, Fearsome Teacher Mom***?  FTM for short.  If you dare.  Because if she happens to be vertically short, you might just lose a life.  Or be forced to eat your vegetables.

I’ve been thinking about stereotypes of F/F fiction (because it is rather marginalized within the spanking-story universe and therefore has a smaller pool of stories available) and how most of the stories fall under the categories of mom/aunt/landlady/neighbor/headmistress/governess or a romantic relationship, usually live-in.  I would be hard-pressed to find an F/F story that isn’t one of the two.  They’re all well and good, but what about agape?  What about pure discipline?  Or discipline within the love of a friendship?

I have nothing against schoolgirl-gets-spanked-by-her-teacher stories, but they tend to be very similar to each other.  As a student myself I admit that at least one of my teachers, if she had been of the spanking sort, would gladly have scorched my bottom more than once if she could have.  Nor do I have anything against a completely unrealistic role-play or fantasy between two (or more) people playing together to have silly fun.  It’s just that…if someone is going to use a stereotype for a spanking story setting and ask readers to suspend disbelief long enough to enjoy the story, let’s do it right.  Is the girl of majority age?  What safety precautions are put in place?  How does the teacher negotiate being a good influence vs. someone abusing power and violating professional trust and ethics?

Same thing goes for the maternal-type of spanking stories.  These are generally about a girl who is alone, lost, needs correction, and finds someone to rescue and guide her.  With lots of spankings.  Or, in the case of actual mother spankings, someone who has been indulged or spoiled and now will be spanked to establish authority.

I have nothing against these stories either, but would a parent truly take a belt to a 22-year-old “child”?  Would that really solve everything and make everything all right?  Wouldn’t a thoroughly spoiled and rebellious 22-year-old say, “Heck with you!” and hit the road?  What kind of person would truly be changed so drastically by a serious spanking?

I’m not talking about lovely fluffy escapist fantasies.  I like them, too.  We all secretly do, even if we don’t admit it.

But if I read a spanking story, I want to at least care enough about the characters to care what happens to them.  If the premise and plot are so ridiculous that it could never happen, it’s difficult to care.  Does it have to be absolutely, positively real-to-life?  No.  I don’t really want to know if someone passes gas while being spanked or…well…lots of other things I won’t inflict on you right now.

On the other hand, sometimes a story that uses a stereotype is powerful because it takes that stereotype, treats it with respect, develops flesh-and-blood characters with nuance and complexities, and then instead of being a cliche the stereotype becomes a shining universal truth.

But what about our new superhero, you ask?  Why, what better than to combine the two cliches into a truly formidable opponent.

Fearsome Teacher Mom.

When I was in elementary school, there were plenty of kids whose moms were teachers.  Woe to you if your mom taught in the same school.  There were no words to describe your fate if your school was small enough that you were in her class.

Don’t get me wrong.  Teacher Moms *are* our unsung heroes.  Not only do they cook and clean and grocery shop and supervise homework in between all of their lesson planning and parent-teacher conferencing and sucking up to administration, they have to force an entire school district to come to a halt for people to realize what a huge impact they have on the lives of our children.  (Teacher Dads are great, too.  It’s just that often, though not always, Teacher Dad comes with a partner or spouse to help.  And, though of course there are wonderful exceptions, more often than not it’s Teacher Mom who takes on a larger share of home and child work than Teacher Dad.)  Teacher Moms take on saving the world one child and one classroom at a time.

But if we are going to start a new spanking story stereotype, I vote for Fearsome Teacher Mom.  The old spanking story cliche of “If you mess up at school and get punished, you’ll get it again when you get home” takes on new proportions when retribution lies just down the hallway in room 24A.  When you are sent to the principal’s office and the principal says to you sternly, “Do I need to talk to your mother about this?”

Somehow, it’s all a little scarier when said mother is less than a 5-minute walk away.

Lest this sound too intimidating, let me point out the benefits of having Fearsome Teacher Mom.  Forgot to get a permission slip signed?  Bully takes your lunch money?  Just ask for a hall pass to visit Fearsome Teacher Mom.  Your teacher is mean?  Teachers are skilled at dealing with problem parents who never admit their children are at fault, so if is *their* child being treated unfairly they know how to work the system.  You can blow off an annoying parent who clearly is clueless, but you can’t blow off a colleague.  Fearsome Teacher Mom knows what her kids deserve, and either they get it or everyone will be sorry.

Oh, and best of all about having Fearsome Teacher Mom?

If school gets let out early because of bad weather or an emergency, you always have a ride home.



***Ana and Governing Ana do not sanction or encourage the spanking of actual real-life children.  Why waste on them what they can’t appreciate?

23 thoughts on “FTM, The Fearsome Teacher Mom (or moving beyond spanking story stereotypes)

  1. Penelope says:

    I couldn’t agree more – the more well-drawn the character, the easier it is to believe in them and to care about them. I don’t know if I succeed, but I try my utmost to invest some realism in my own stories; some psychological depth and plausibility in my characters. The specific scenario those characters find themselves in is very much secondary.


    • Ana says:

      We don’t really want it absolutely true to life. We read to *escape* real life, but still we want things to make sense within our story world. And I agree that depth and plausibility can make the difference between caring about a character versus someone just (to be crude) written spanking porn.


  2. Bas says:

    Ana, please go ahead and let FTM fly around our skies.
    I have never known a teacher-mom, but I can imagine something.
    Come on and feed my imagination.
    I don’t care if it is F/F, M/F, F/M or whatever combination. Just paint us a nice understandable character.
    BTW if you get two stereotypes and combine them into one, do you actually have a new stereotype?


    • Ana says:

      LOL…your last is a very good question. I think FTM could become the new stereotype if this catches on. I hope it does. 😀

      The only problem with painting an FTM is how do you do it reasonably without doing it as ageplay? (Nothing wrong with ageplay, just that I don’t know how to write it or do it.) In what kind of possible situation would a majority-age spankee actually have an FTM? Hmmmm!!!

      I think FTM could solve most of our world’s problems.


  3. Lillie says:

    Okay, Fearsome Teacher Mom it is.
    I have no doubt in your capable hands she will be a well developed and many facetted character….FTM with a soft spot for kids who are bullied. FTM out to spank some respect into bullies. I dislike bullies. FTM who shares he lunch with a kid that doesn’t bring any, or secretly buys school supplies for poor kids, who sees potential in kids where no one has.
    I love it. 🙂


    • Ana says:

      Now if only I could get FTM to spank my advisor… 😛

      We have three votes for our new superhero! Yay!

      (FTM *might* spank motherly ladies who throw fits at having to do what they don’t want to do…*hugs*)


  4. Lizzie says:

    I like the idea of a FTM… lol, my friend H is a teacher. I think the reason we see so many of the same types of stories is that those situations can be most plausible… no, not completely, but more likely to happen then others.

    Anytime I’ve written an F/F story, it’s been friend/friend, although often one friend is older than the other and could fit into the “mom/neighbor” category, but doesn’t.


  5. pao says:

    Hmm, I’m quite late to this discussion but this new superhero sounds fearsome alright! I’ve had a few friends with moms as teachers in our school and they did seem slightly harsher/stricter with their kids and they don’t complain..

    Another instance where i think age play can be put aside is the martial arts instructor/ mentor role like you’ve mentioned. I think the FTM has to have that level of knowledge/experience to put someone in their place. I had a fearsome instructor and anytime we were late, didn’t have our belts right, didn’t practice or were lazy she’d scold us and then punish us. The scariest part is when she punishes you by sparring with you D:


    • Ana says:

      Never too late. 🙂 I think most teacher moms except for the bad ones are stricter with their own kids at school. There’s more at stake when it’s your own child.

      Hm…the martial arts thing is a good point. I guess that can go for a lot of coaching situations–music teacher, etc.


      • pao says:

        ‘Never too late.’ made me happy for some reason 😀 maybe not getting punished/told off for being late is it.

        Saw the avatar I was assigned and had to try doing that pose!

        Would you prefer FTM to be slightly older than her charge?


        • Ana says:

          Wouldn’t it be lovely if not getting punished would work, too!

          🙂 about the avatar.

          I think age is less important than maturity level and experience. It often can mean age, but not always.


  6. Joelle Casteel says:

    I don’t know how I missed this post! I’m glad I noticed it when I was reading “thankfulness day late.” Interesting thoughts on cliches and stereotypes. I appreciate your comment about “spanking for agape”- I wonder what that would look like in a novel length book.
    I like your proposal though… FTM- lol, when I first noticed this post’s title, I was wondering what you were going to say about transgendered people. But yes, the fearsome teacher mother. That is an interesting story in the making… are you going to try it? 😀


  7. PDBB says:

    The thing is; there is an element of *truth* to the cliche or at least a popular agreed upon recognition of plausibility. And fiction after all is just a story that some sometimes brings us to that “happy place” of a world of possibilities.
    Spanking and other fetish related topics are drug like. Sometimes the realization of ones fantasy does not come up to the standards we have created in our imagination but it keeps drawing us back in.
    The FTM could become one of favored choices of retreat and in time maybe another cliche… Just imagine the possibilities


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