Monday Morning Fika with Renee Rose: Confessions of a Child Biter

Today Governing Ana is proud to host Renee Rose for “Monday Morning Fika*”!  On select Mondays, we will sit down with a ttwd author to chat about topics such as books, love, electronic readers, and even biting!  

*”Fika” is a Swedish term for enjoying coffee, tea, and sweets over conversation with friends.  It is a sacred tradition in many families, friends, and even workplaces, and it offers a chance to chat informally on a number of topics.  While “Fika” may refer specifically to the coffee, in practice it refers to the moment of community.  In this hectic world, it is nice to take a moment to stop, pause, and savor time getting to know a little more about each other.


Anastasia Vitsky:  Good morning, Renee, and thanks for joining us for Monday Morning Fika.  Congratulations on your new book, Deathless Love!  Thanks for dropping by to talk with us today.  Now, first I have a confession to make.  I don’t like vampires.  I enjoy making fun of vampire stores, especially the sparkly ones.  However, your description on Celeste’s blog about liking to bite is the best reason I have ever heard to like vampires!  I especially was surprised to hear that you bit everyone from other kids to your mom’s boyfriend to your husband.  That’s not something a lot of people publicly admit to enjoying!  So do, please, talk to us about this biting thing.  Why, when, what happened, and just what your parents tried to do with you!

Renee Rose:  Okay, so I had to really think about this.  The memory was getting in trouble, but now that I think it through, I did not actually bite the boyfriend.  What happened was, he reached his arm across me and I opened my mouth and started to lean forward and then caught my mom’s eye, which pretty much said, YOU ARE SO BUSTED.  And I was busted, even though I didn’t actually bite.  I think at the point I was like 8 years old, so to still be biting was ridiculous.  I don’t remember who I’d bitten before that (probably my brother) but it was already a hot button issue that my mom had really had enough of.

There’s that children’s story – must be Ramona the Pest? where she can’t help but bite her classmate because the little girl’s cheek looks so juicy and ripe.  That’s how it is – biting is an indulgence, not an urge to hurt.  It feels so good to bite.  I’ve always bit the men in my life – it’s an extension of affection for me.  I want to consume them.  I guess biting does fall into BDSM play – I just found that out today reading a somewhat disturbing article on

Anastasia Vitsky:  Now the burning questions that I’m sure everyone is asking are, “Do I have to be a biter if I want to read your book?  Is it okay to substitute with a nice fresh carrot or perhaps a soft peach?  Will that qualify me to be in the biters’ club?  If I don’t like to bite, what can I do?”

Renee Rose:  So, truly, you don’t have to like biting or vampires to love Deathless Love.  It’s a yummy love story about a girl who likes to be spanked and finds the perfect dom to give it to her.  He’s not into giving pain, more just into turning her on, and it’s all consensual, so the book probably falls into the “sugarkink” category.  It’s my favorite book of anything I’ve written so far, so if you were going to pick ONE book of mine to read, I would suggest this one!

Anastasia Vitsky:  What do you mean by sugarkink?

Renee Rose: I think sugarkink is a sweeter version of domination – perhaps the dominant isn’t truly into inflicting pain, or there’s more romance.  Some of Deathless Love is sugarkink, but their relationship does develop into domestic discipline as a natural progression.  There is one punishment in particular that is definitely NOT a funishment, if you know what I mean.

Anastasia Vitsky: What vanilla book, movie, or other popular story is closest to Deathless Love?  In other words, if you had to make an analogy for non-spankos what would you use to describe your story?

Renee Rose:  Oh – this is such a good question and I’m struggling to think of an answer.  I hesitate to make the comparison, because my writing by no means has the depth or skill as JR Ward’s, but I would say it might be compared to her Black Dagger Brotherhood vampire series.

Anastasia Vitsky:  Can you give a little explanation of the book as well as how and why you think it’s similar?

Renee Rose:  The JR Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood series features hot fierce vampires who rumble about in vampire world drama.  The connection they have with their women is very intense.  The difference, though, is that once “bonded” with a female vampire, they become almost submissive to her–they definitely never dominate their females, just protect.   I really wanted one of her vampires to remain dominant and spank, so I wrote my own story that way.  🙂

Anastasia Vitsky:  Is biting ever used as a way to punish?

Renee Rose:  Never. It’s just for feeding and making sweet love.

Anastasia Vitsky:  Will reading your book make people want to bite?

Renee Rose:  Yep.  I mean, it made me want to bite.  Oh, but I was already a biter, so maybe that’s not a fair assessment.  🙂

Anastasia Vitsky: You know, I saw a little toddler go to bite something this morning, and her mom had to lunge after her.  I laughed and laughed…but I made sure the baby couldn’t see.  Her mom is going to have a hard enough job without strangers encouraging her baby’s biting.  🙂

Renee Rose:  Laughing…Yeah, I’m not kidding – if you’re the mom of a biter, you are SCREWED.  You should’ve seen my friend turbo-charge it every time she saw her son’s mouth open!!


About Renee Rose:

Renee Rose enjoys biting the people she’s closest to, including her small children and husband.  She is not proud of the last time she bit out of frustration, which was when she was sleep deprived with a newborn and her three year old wouldn’t let her nap.  It wasn’t a hard bite by any means, but hearing her daughter sobbing “Mommy bit me,” brought her quickly to her senses and she rushed to comfort the poor child.  Since then, she has only given her children love bites, and she waited until they’d outgrown the dangerous toddler biting stage when it might have influenced their own behavior.  Now they think it’s quite amusing when Mommy bites them.

Because she believes no romance is complete without spanking, she is thrilled to be incorporating her fantasies into fiction, publishing soft core spanking romances with Stormy Night Publications and Blushing Books.   You can read more about her spankings and her books on her blog:

There are several giveaways currently open to win a copy of Deathless Love.  You can find them by following the blog tour.

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30 thoughts on “Monday Morning Fika with Renee Rose: Confessions of a Child Biter

  1. Lillie says:

    Thanks for this Fika time, Ana. I love it. This was interesting too. Biting.
    Never had much experience with it.
    All I could reference was my Mom who once bit a child (her niece/ my cousin) in front of me. The child was a known tantrum thrower and biter, and reached over in anger and bit another little one. My Mother grabbed her arm without missing a beat and bit her smartly, I remember seeing the teeth marks it left. The child (my cousin) was dumbfounded and then Mother picked her up and held her explaining how bad the biting was to other children. She recommended that when she felt like that she go grab a facecloth and chomp all she wanted. 😉
    You didn’t mess with my Mum.


    • Ana says:

      Um, darling? We don’t mess with you, either. Minelle says you are tougher than she is. I guess your Mum is where you got it from.

      I am surprised the child stopped! I guess she and Renee would have gotten along. 😉 (sorry Renee)


  2. Cowgirl Up says:

    Ana, thanks for hosting Renee Rose. I enjoyed getting to know her a little better. Renee Rose, I can almost see that little girl you used to be, happily biting all those unwary playmates…….Love the term sugarkink too!


  3. Bas says:

    Wel, how do you know?
    Vampires really exist and when they are done biting innocent bystanders, they write books about Sugarkink.
    I knew about using ice cubes for torture, but sugar cubes?
    Oh well, never to old to learn.


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