The cane-wielding Halloween spanking hero


So Joey has gotten the horribly awfully miserably terrible wonderful idea to take my challenge about a spanking hero for Halloween.  Santa gets more than his fair share.  It’s time for Halloween to get its due, right?

Joey, how could you???

The Spanking Wizard of Halloween

Joey’s taken it upon his shoulders to become, I kid you not, the cane-wielding version of Harry Potter.  A CANE.

Has no one ever picked up on my feelings about the cane?

In case you haven’t, let me put it very very very clearly.


Sorry to all of my lovely UK friends, but feel free to hate paddles in revenge.  Just to make it even, let’s throw out ALL the paddles AND canes.  To be fair.  Sounds like a terrific idea, doesn’t it?

So the urgent question in my mind is:

If the new Halloween spanking hero is a cane-wielding wizard,

Just how much is it going to cost me to buy him off?

(Don’t even bother telling me to behave.  We know how that ends up… 🙂

46 thoughts on “The cane-wielding Halloween spanking hero

  1. joeyred51 says:


    So you do not like wood or canes. Hmmmm. I have the perfect solution. But, you will have to read my posts to find out what I have for you.

    I really appreciate your link to my blog.

    Have a great day.



  2. Bas says:

    My knowledge of Wizardry is not very big, I’m not from the UK.
    But a plastic wand does not sound very impressive.
    I suggest you take a hair from one of our unicorns (not the purple one, but a real one), work it into your famous writers pen and create a counter spell.
    (Anything JKR can do, Ana can do better!)
    Don’t eat to much Belgian chocolate, it hardly contains any chocolate so you will gain weight for no real reason.


    • Ana says:

      Um. Please do not ever use this knowledge against Lisa, or she will hate me. A plastic or whatever you call it cane hurts a LOT. I personally think there is no such thing as a cane that should not be thrown out the window, but yeah. I only wish plastic canes were not impressive.

      Hm…a counter spell. I will have to work on that. 😀

      Do you have recommendations for better chocolate? I am all ears.


      • Bas says:

        I would recommend Milka. But you have you have to go to Austria to get the real Alpenmilch chocolate. In the rest of the world they sell the same packaging, with slightly different chocolate (no milk from purple Milka mountain cows).
        I happen to have 6 tablets of 300 grams of the good stuff in the Fridge.
        How late can I expect you here?


        • Ana says:

          That is the same with Belgian chocolate…outside of Belgium it is different chocolate.

          I was going to hop on the next flight…

          But then I realized this may all be a trick. Do you have any canes? Or paddles? Or hairbrushes?


          • Bas says:

            Don’t know if you’ll believe this, but no. No canes, or paddles. Lisa owns a hairbrush but it is used only on her hair.
            I do however own two hands.
            Oh, and those chocolate tablets, when chilled, are pretty impressive too.


            • Ana says:


              Of course you would offer both the carrot and the stick! I am terribly torn. I have never tried Austrian chocolate, and it sounds wonderful.

              Maybe I will need to find your weakness. What do you like most in all the world? Or maybe I can team up with Lisa…


    • Ana says:

      Yes, OW! That is the correct response. The next response from any sane human should be: OMG NO! Possibly with some four-letter words involved. 😀

      (No disrespect meant, Joey!)

      I refuse to abandon my Belgian chocolate. I am hoping it is a Dutch rumor.


    • Bas says:

      Minelle, don’t take me wrong, Belgian chocolate like Neuhaus pralines, are extremely good quality and delicious. You won’t find any wax in them.
      But it is only an outer crust of chocolate, and the rest is filling. The filling may taste delicious, but is is not chocalate, mostly things like Hazelnut, Almonds, cream, butter, marzipan, sugar.
      So if you are looking for chocolate as a remedy for cane induced sadness, you might look for something with a higher percentage of chocolate.


      • Ana says:

        Ah I see, you like the solid chocolates. Me, I like a bit of fruity filling..lemon or raspberry. Or maybe caramel. Mmm. Plus if it has fruity filling that is lower fat. Right?

        And Neuhaus does sell solid chocolates.


  3. Lillie says:

    WHAT? Belgium chocolate doesn’t contain hardly any real chocolate? Why I am hearing this for the first time? I feel like betrayed and used by Belgium.
    Canes? That sounds almost as bad as waxy chocolate substitutes.
    I do, however, really like Joey’s costume. Have fun this halloween my creative friend, however, like Bas I recommend something more lethal than a plastic cane…….what about a silicone spatula? Believe me, they have the power to spontaneous start fires. 😦


    • Ana says:

      Lillie, I’m going to start using that silicone spatula on you if you don’t start responding to emails. SHEEEESH!!!!! And me too…I refuse to believe the chocolate thing. I think it is a Dutch jealousy. I will defend my Neuhaus to the last bite.

      Canes are evil.


  4. Penelope says:

    Ana, you are lovely and wonderful and just the neatest, but you are also a silly! Canes don’t suck, they rule!

    Well, I guess that, technically, rulers rule, but canes are great too.

    And I’m up past my bedtime again. Don’t tell the Wizard. 😀


      • Penelope says:

        I know you did, kind Ana, so we’ll have less of that sighing 🙂

        The trouble is, I like the paddle too.

        Tell you what, I’ll buy your caning quota off you. Any time anyone comes marching towards you wielding a cane you can send them my way. It’ll be like having mail redirected.


        • Ana says:

          Maybe first you need to know how often that happens? 😉

          Not that I am ungrateful of course! I very much support redirecting British canings to the Brits. After all, you LIKE it.


  5. lea27f says:

    Don’t worry, I’ve got it all covered! With this whole Harry Potter theme for the upcoming weekend Joey and I are attending, I’ve put my own twist on it. I send everyone a daily 30 day countdown message to our weekend and the theme has been “30 ways to disarm a top” with spells like “Shaddup Toppus- Silences the top. It can happen, really!” I’ll post them all upon completion. 😉


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