Thursday Thankfulness, mmm…

Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?  😉

  • Almost halfway done with the semester.  Hooray!
  • I managed to get a creepy-crawly out of my home without killing it or having to touch it!  Or shrieking.  That is possibly a first.
  • Lazy Day agreed to promote Spank or Treat!  Fun to get that kind of support and involvement.
  • Little girl time last weekend and this weekend.  I am the new queen of kiddie birthday parties.  😀
  • I am one week closer to hearing the results of a recent submission.  Crossing fingers.
  • Health stuff is continuing to (mostly) improve, even if there is still a slip back every now and then.
  • All the neat people I am meeting because of Spank or Treat and Fika.
  • The happiness and well-being I’ve experienced from finding an outlet for passion.  A busy Ana is a happy Ana.
  • Sugar-free fudgesicles.
  • That I’ve made it this far.

Okay.  Your turn.  What are you thankful for?

8 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness, mmm…

  1. pao says:

    glad that the health stuff has been improving..was curious since it was not mentioned for a while. i’m glad i have a very close friend back in my life again.


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