Do you still think Ana needs a spanking? You’re in luck!

Want me to get spanked?  You’re finally in luck!  (sigh)  Or prefer for you to get spanked instead?  Sounds much better!

If you leave a comment on my Spank or Treat story between October 29 and 31, your name will be put into a drawing.

The prize?  A short-short story (500-1000 words) describing you and/or me getting or giving the spanking of your choice*.  

*If the winner wishes another real person to be written into the story, that person must first give consent in writing.

(Yes, even including you, naughty Alice.)  Only one spanking, however!

Limits will be negotiated individually with the chosen winner.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll have a sense for what I’m willing to write.  I will, however, go outside of F/F if the lucky winner decides it.

NO sexual content whatsoever!!!

No, Bas and the rest of the peanut gallery (you know who you are!), you may not enter more than once.  😉  Yes (sigh) if your winning wish is for me to get a spanking for not finishing my prospectus I will honor that.

I think I shall go work hard on my prospectus now.  Just to be safe.  😉

Happy Spank or Treat!!!

22 thoughts on “Do you still think Ana needs a spanking? You’re in luck!

      • Susie says:

        LOL. I just published your comment on my post. I was in the shower and it occurred to me that I should suggest to M a free friday and saturday socking. I came back, updated the post and then hit refresh and your comment was there. We were scarily on the same wavelength.

        Have a good day Ana! I really am going to work now.


    • Ana says:


      I fear the wrath of MM too much to do that without permission.

      Besides, I am sure you would like a lovely spanking, too…. 😉

      (please please let people keep entering who want me to write a spanking for THEM…please!)


    • Ana says:

      Please let Susie win, please let Susie win, please let Susie win…


      Bas, at this point if you win…you will have about ten reasons for me to get a spanking. I am going to be extremely nice to you until Halloween.



      • Bas says:

        October 12th, 2012 at 9:45 am

        Please let Susie win, please let Susie win, please let Susie win…
        I’m a frail old man, but Susie is strong, very strong.


            • Ana says:


              Bas, I love you very much and am sorry I ever named a garbage can after you. I will bribe you with your treat of choice. Or accidentally lose your entry in the contest. 😉

              Just for the record, if you win the contest and want me to get spanked by a real-life person in the story…that person needs to give permission. (phew, found a loophole!)


              • Bas says:

                Great. I just knew you would try to crawl out. You did not even recognize that I was trying to arrange an F/F for you.
                I love you too, and I sure hope you can still sit after your written spanking. (Do written spankings actually hurt?)


                • Ana says:

                  *giggle* Self-preservation instincts. If you win, I will write the story of your choice. I recognized the F/F element, yes. But the end results are still the same result…me spanked! 😀


  1. Minelle says:

    Thanks Bas for keeping Ana running scared. Many of us know who it is that really deserves said spanking.
    How is it possible to write a real life person into a spanking story…..I cannot even imagine that possibility?
    Ana be afraid……very afraid….!! Prospectus anyone!!!!!!


  2. Adaline raine says:

    Oh Ana…now I will be distracted all day. This story of yours would give me incredible insight to the challenge you posed to me which I plan on starting in dec as long as the other two are done. Wow. Plusbyou know how badly I need a spanking. *grin*


  3. Adaline Raine says:

    Came back to see if you had gotten that. ;P
    Yes, that is true, very true unfortunately! However, at least you wouldn’t have to write yourself a fictional spanking you could take it out on me! LOL


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