Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Renee Rose is unable to access her blog at this time but will be returning messages when she is able.  She thanks you for your prayers and good wishes.


Thank you for the wonderful participation in Fika, both to the writers who make guest appearances and faithful readers who comment.  The Fika posts have been wonderful, but it’s the discussion that makes it complete.  Thank you!

Next Monday, Bonnie (yes, that Bonnie!) of My Bottom Smarts will be appearing at Fika for an interview about her experiences becoming the center of an incredible network of blogs.  Look for her on Monday the 22nd.

The following week, Fika will be two days early due to Spank or Treat.  Please mark your calendars that Fika will be Saturday, October 27th instead of Monday the 29th.

I won’t tell you who our guest will be yet, but I’ll give you a hint.  Every Monday morning, I post the author and title of the next week’s Fika here.  Check back next Monday!


Don’t forget that Spank or Treat will begin a half-day early!  To take advantage of a weekend evening when more people might be free, Spank or Treat will begin (depending on individual bloggers’ discretion) approximately 5 PM EST on Sunday, October 28th. 


Anything else?  Any votes or opinions or comments you’d like to express?  Today is open day.


P.S.  No, I will not spank you or let you spank me.  Keep dreaming, though.

12 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

  1. Bas says:

    Ana dear, You’ve got her Majesty Bonnie for an interview?
    Being a famous writer really opens some important doors.
    You will have to make up some good questions!
    Since you promised not to spank me, I dare to ask: Is it going as planned?


    • Ana says:

      And you say *I* find loopholes! Um. No. Had a good 2 days and yesterday was brick wall all day long.

      The interview will be great. It will be fun to see the discussion afterward. Giggle about the famous writer thing…no, it’s just that Bonnie has been exceptionally kind. People seem to be that way in blogland.

      Hugs to my favorite curmudgeon.


    • Ana says:

      Fika (the Swedish cultural institution) is the best!! If our workday included a morning Fika and an afternoon siesta, we would all be happier and more productive. Please join us for Fika on Monday! We would love to have you. Bonnie’s interview will be wonderful.


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