Binders full of women and snarking for fun

WordPress won’t let me insert a tumblr image, so here is a link to a good laugh:

Binders full of women


Yes, indeed.  At least wine and dine a woman before binding her, eh?  Delaying gratification prolongs the pleasure.  Best caption?  “Captain of Finance.  Binder of Women.”

And am I the only one who thinks that this woman is enjoying her binder ride a little too much?  Spank it, baby, spank it!

(Disclaimer: Not inviting a political debate but enjoying the delightful smart alecks who make Internet procrastinating so very worth it.)


Also, for further (non-political) hilarious snarkiness, see this brilliant repartee between a Facebook poster and a company that produces feminine products.  Follow the link for the video clip and reprint of the FB post.

The clip is genius from the opening frames, as we see CEO Caroline Williams (actually played by an actress) pour herself a glass of blue water. “I think it’s time we came clean,” she says. “We lied to you, Richard, and I want to say sorry. … Sorry.” She goes on to facetiously explain why the company has used metaphorical imagery in its ads rather than focusing on “the blood coursing from our uteri like a crimson landslide.” It’s an inspired bit of writing and performance, capped off by a hilarious ending.


26 thoughts on “Binders full of women and snarking for fun

  1. Lillie says:

    That was a belly laugh, and a darn good one. I am with Pao – I loved the focus group of horrified men…..and of course the little finishing touch was inspired. Wonderful, and thanks Ana 🙂


  2. Saoirse says:

    Ana-that was priceless. I agree-it is silly and it is marketing-and VERY well done. I always feel the UK has much better ads than the US…..As a young woman I always wanted to insist hormones had no effect on me and was offended by comments about women on their periods being unreliable. That same young woman insisted women and men were exactly equal, and was angry when a man (I later married him) brushed the snow from my car after a date…. I still am offended by the suggestion I will behave irresponsibly just because I’m experiencing the bliss of womanhood. Just because I DO want to rip the head from your body doesn’t mean I’m going to push the nuke button……Hormones are real. And they are intense. Whenever I feel like I want to A) Kill myself B) Kill other people C) Get a divorce D) Run away from home I check to see if I’m at PMS stage……I always am. So I don’t do any of those things…..and they pass!


    • Ana says:

      lol…I know! The problem is that PMS has been used to demean and ridicule women for so long that the very real havoc it wreaks on our systems can be something we are ashamed of. LOL about ripping the head off…yes, hormones are very real and we experience them. If only that could be a matter-of-fact part of life instead of a way to put down women!


    • Ana says:

      No matter what your political inclinations might be, that comment is far too funny not to parody. 🙂 The “Trapper Keeper” ones are priceless, too.


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