Spankings for the neighbors

Lately my neighbors have seemed to predict precisely when I’ve settled down to write.  If it’s not a screaming match or (ahem) equally loud (ahem) couple enjoyment, it’s slamming doors or throwing things or pounding music.

When I allow myself to get a bit silly (no, me?  shocked, I am sure), I fantasize about FTM swooping in to lecture them about courtesy.  Teach them that they can fight with each other without treating the neighborhood to their four-letter insults.

Really, how many times do you need to repeat the f word before it loses effect?  And does it really serve as a useful insult if that’s the only word you can say?

Spanking for the neighbors sometimes sounds quite nice.  Even if I’d have to put up with the equally loud couple enjoyment noise, at least it would be happy noise.  Maybe I could record it and sell it to an audio porn site.

Anyone else have neighbors in need of spankings?



41 thoughts on “Spankings for the neighbors

  1. Mike says:

    i dont have any neighbor who need spankings but i had few neighbor i wouldnt mind being spanked by and wish i knew iff she the female one bleive in spankings and owuldnt mind and would spank me there one i have right now i been wanting to see if she owuld spank me


    • Ana says:

      I don’t think they’re truly happy…but it is truly embarrassing (for me). I wish I liked music or TV on to help cut down the distraction. Oh well. Writing must happen anyway. 😀


  2. tfd says:

    I’ve had many neighbors who are irresponsible, inconsiderate, and/or immature in some way. Music played at earsplitting levels late at night. Burning trash with sparks blowing all over the neighborhood. Leaving pets out to cause problems or get hit by a car. Owners not taking care of the house or renters trashing a place. I could go on and on… Not that I’m perfect. The way things work, of course, is that adults can usually be about as undisciplined as they wish unless it’s something where the law actually gets involved.

    So lots of easy targets for punishment. If I was dictator, there’d always be long lines at the Corporal Corrections Office. But seriously, though I spend a lot of time thinking about spanking, I don’t tend to apply it to just anyone. Spankings I imagine are for people I know and like, and to be honest, I rarely know my neighbors well enough.


    • Ana says:

      True enough, there are plenty of people trolling for spankings that I wouldn’t (if I had ultimate power) necessarily want to satisfy. At the same time, if this is a fantasy…it *is* nice to have that split-second satisfaction of thinking “if only!”

      The burning trash sounds really dangerous!


  3. Julia says:

    We can have pretty loud neighbors too. This summer I woke up at around 3 am because they were having a screaming match across the street in the street. Cops showed up and everything.


    • Ana says:

      Ugh, for 3-4 days this summer my neighbors woke me up screaming at 3 AM every night. If I weren’t scared of earplugs (have an irrational fear of things in my ears) and sleeping through a fire alarm I would sleep with them in. Such a mess!


  4. lea27f says:

    Neighbors can be very irritating. My building currently is a fairly quiet one. Though they may not say the same thing if they hear my spankings from time to time. Lol. I experience constant water heater issues though. It’s like as soon as I start the shower the people above me start running every water source in their place. I get scalded and/or lose water flow usually mid hair rinse. Grr…


  5. pao says:

    I have a neighbour below who insists on yelling ‘KNOCK KNOCK’ and then banging on his corrugated iron fence to be let in. Every time. And a previous neighbour who did things in the middle of the night against the wall my bed shares. Why so loud.. why. Maybe apply spanking to the former and just gag the latter..


  6. Lori says:

    Im spoiled my neighbors are great and since I have four loud teens who play every musical instrument you can think of including drums its a great thing. So is having an acre to block some of the noise. HAHA


  7. Minelle says:

    I have been on both sides of the fence. When I was younger and living with friends I know of one neighbor who would have stood in line with paddle in hand. I have also known a few neighbors who would have benefited from a trip or two Otk!


    • Ana says:

      Minelle, you mean you were so naughty that your neighbor would stand in line to spank you? I’m grievously disappointed. I shall put it in your book. *grin*


  8. Spanking101 says:

    Back when i was in middle school, I was told by my history teacher that if like kids got in trouble, this was eons ago. That if you got in trouble with one person you got in trouble with the whole town. For example your parents wouldn’t just spank you but others would as well.


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