Ask Ana visits Wellred Weekly

Februs over at Wellred Weekly has asked permission to re-post an edited version of my earlier discussion of unfair punishment spankings within a DD relationship.  Even if you read the first posts, you will still enjoy this version.

Go say hello!  This time you don’t even have to play vanilla.  🙂


P.S.  Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts will be visiting for Fika tomorrow morning!  To make it even more exciting, her Fika will be Governing Ana’s 300th post.  Please bring something sweet to share and plenty of confetti.  😀


9 thoughts on “Ask Ana visits Wellred Weekly

  1. tfd says:

    That was a very thought-provoking post. I think in any pure discipline relationship, where punishment is only a sober measure of judgment or justice, the issues you raise are important and not likely avoided. For those of us interested in this kind of discipline relationship, it’s a vital topic.


    • Ana says:

      Pure discipline can mean pure ICK sometimes, if we are honest. Who enjoys a punishment? I mean a real punishment, not a fun one. There probably are no actual answers, but I think the struggle is important.


  2. Alef says:

    One advantage of posting on another site is that you get more followers. I didn’t know of your blog (shame on me, I suppose), but I thoroughly enjoyed your article in the Wellred Weekly, and here I am!


      • Alef says:

        I don’t have a blog, but you can find some of my writings on the Library of Spanking Fiction and all of them on Fetlife (but the ones you don’t find in the library are mainly in Norwegian!) Same nick everywhere. Although most of them are about couples, they are not really DD as I am too interested in first time spankings and power struggle in ordinary relationships to emphasize DD aspects (also, I know very little about them).


        • Ana says:

          Oh, I will look for them! I am afraid I don’t know much more than Snakker du norsk, but I did valiantly try. I have workbooks, CDs, even computer games. Lovely country but a difficult language! What kind of power struggles? I like that tension, too.


          • Alef says:

            I’ll be honored! I’m afraid “Snakker du norsk?” (Do you speak Norwegian?) won’t get you very far……

            I am basically interested in the silly, everyday power struggle you find in all relationships (after the first two months) and the tension that builds until something happens to release it. And I wouldn’t mind that being a spanking…


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