Six Sentence Sunday: Desire

Good morning, sexy Sixers!  Today we’re going to peek in on study-abroad Mira and my latest WIP again.  She is not only struggling with her conflicting desires for corporal punishment and praise from her tutor, but she is also struggling to maintain her progress at school.  This scene takes place immediately after Mira has shown her tutor that she has not completed her work for the week and therefore their lesson time is wasted.

The silence dangles between us like a screen gradually descending, and her unsaid thoughts flicker toward me. Her busy schedule teaching full-time and helping to take care of her ailing father. Her dedication to her work and spontaneous offer to meet with me during her precious one free night of the week. Her reassurances, at my expressions of doubt and guilt at taking her time, that she loved tutoring and her reward would be to see my progress. She takes off her glasses, rubs at the small hollow between her eyes where the pads left red indentations, and sighs. For a moment I wonder if I’m about to receive my first lecture ever (she’s not one to scold, and at only four years older she’s been low-key about her position of authority). I want to apologize, but at this point words seem rather meaningless.

(c) Anastasia Vitsky

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50 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Desire

    • Ana says:

      I was skeptical about the 6-sentence thing at first, but now it’s like a treasure hunt to find 6 sentences that will draw the reader in. I am glad that this did it for you. I hope to finish soon so everyone can read it.


  1. kelworthfiles says:

    Hmm… I feel like this 6 is significant stuff in some vague way, but it’s all so internal and it doesn’t reach out and immediately hook me, I’m not sure why I should care about either of the characters yet.

    But thanks for posting, and have an ice cream sundae!


  2. J.M. Blackman says:

    Geeze, these sixes are fraught with tension. Mira puts herself through an emotional wringer and while I understand the appeal, it’s enough to make one squirm. I agree with Karen about the visuals. Dangling silence is a love phrase.


    • Ana says:

      It is hard to choose the weekly six! I do pick the moments of tension hoping they are more interesting. I also tend to write in short sentences, so some of my better-liked scenes would end up being twelve or even fifteen sentences to show a similar amount of a scene. There are happier, less tense times ahead. 🙂


    • Ana says:

      The verification is frustrating! I have good eyesight and *I* can’t read it. I can only imagine how difficult it is for those who have trouble seeing.

      Thank you for the kind words. 🙂


    • Ana says:

      lol..captcha is the bane of my commenting existence. I wish more bloggers used wordpress. Btw, will you ever update your blog?

      I am glad you liked the snippet. I hope I’ll be able to show you the published version soon.


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