Bonnie Appreciation Day!

As part of today’s Fika discussion, Mr. BB has proposed that we all post a simple “Thank you, Bonnie!” to show our appreciation for all her hard work connecting our community.

If you would like to join in, please post a short thank you to Bonnie on your blog and then put the link to your post in the comments below.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to send a thank-you avalanche through blogland?

Thank you, Bonnie!

Twitter hashtag: #thanksbonnie

UPDATE: Okay, apparently I wasn’t clear.  Mr. BB explained it better in his post:

So, tomorrow it is asked that every blogger on her (or his) blog posts a simple Thank You Bonnie. 
If you would like to post something longer… of course! Write a nice thank you letter if you’d like. Just make sure to at least post the Words… Thank You Bonnie.

Now it’s time to get the word out… get to the social network and post about this, post on your blogs now, and contact every blogger you know in any way you can!

He even has a link to this nifty picture he made.
So please post on YOUR blog and then come back here to post your link to the post.  Clear as mud?


Update again:  Tidy, easy-to-read list of blog links here.

44 thoughts on “Bonnie Appreciation Day!

  1. Ana says:
      • Bonnie says:

        Today, at least, it’s good to be BAD.

        Thank you, Ana, for helping to arrange this lovely tribute. I am really touched that so many members of the community would take time to recognize me and my blog. It validates and repays my investment of time, energy, and occasionally tears aimed at strengthening our community. When I saw this, my reaction was, “Look at what we’ve built together!”



        • Ana says:

          Bonnie, all it took was a nudge and suddenly blogland was on fire! Today it is wonderful to be BAD. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We love you!!

          We did indeed build it together, but you were there first.

          Hugs back.


  2. Ana says:

Thank you so much for joining the discussion! Please play nicely or you may be asked to stand in the corner. ;)

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