Thank You Bonnie guestbook

All (I hope) of the 36 41 46 “Thank You Bonnie!” posts are up on a new, permanent page called “Bonnie’s Day“.  It made me downright emotional to look through all the posts and read story after story of how Bonnie has touched all of our lives.

Bonnie’s reply?

Today, at least, it’s good to be BAD.

Thank you for this lovely tribute. I am really touched that so many members of the community would take time to recognize me and my blog. It validates and repays my investment of time, energy, and occasionally tears aimed at strengthening our community. When I saw this, my reaction was, “Look at what we’ve built together!”


It is, indeed, good to be BAD.

If I have missed your blog post or the link doesn’t work, please PLEASE let me know.

Happy Bonnie Appreciation Day!!!

P.S.  It is NOT too late to be added!  Just send me your link so I can put it in the guestbook, please?  Thanks!


19 thoughts on “Thank You Bonnie guestbook

    • Ana says:

      I had no idea we would have this much of a response and this many neat stories…so I wanted it to be easy to find for people later. I sure want to remember this day! 😀


    • Ana says:

      If you are looking to get involved in the spanking blogosphere, Bonnie’s site is a must-visit. You are actually the first person I’ve known who has found Bonnie via a blogger and not the other way around!

      Best wishes in your new blogging journey. I look forward to seeing what will happen next. 🙂


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