Spank or Treat!

Welcome to Spank or Treat 2012!  For the rules and complete list of information, please see the main contest page.

The abbreviated version:

  1. Visit all eleven blogs between October 28th and 31st to read the posted Halloween stories.
  2. Leave a comment answering the story question on each blog.
  3. Once you have visited and left comments on all of the blogs, visit Ana’s blog to sign up for the prize drawing.  Brownie points if you describe the Halloween costume you are wearing.
    Deadline is midnight EST (UTC -4) on October 31st!!
  4. Visit any of the participating blogs after Halloween to see who was lucky enough to win the prize.


To enter my (Ana’s) contest, read the story, answer the question in the comments, and you might win your very own custom-written short-short spanking story!  See here for details.


The Kat and Natalie Halloween Story!

“Natalie, no!” I stare at the form-fitting pink leotard with attached filmy skirts.  I know she likes me in pink, but this is ridiculous.  I finger the flimsy fabric and shudder.  “Thank you for getting the Halloween costumes, but I’m not going to wear this the first time we meet the neighbors.”

Natalie tugs at the hem of my sturdy navy blue T-shirt as if to lift it over my head.  “You said you’d wear what I chose, and you already vetoed my black cat idea,” she reminds me.

“I know, but…”  My voice trails off as Natalie holds my arm out and drapes across it the leotard along with tights and shoes and some silly glittery thing.

“Go and try it on,” she urges me.  She’s got another costume in a bag underneath her arm.  “I’ll put mine on, too.”  When I don’t respond or move, she swats my bottom.  “Go on, I said.”

I mutter dire threats as I clomp to the bathroom to change.  I fold my clothes and slowly pull on the tights and silly costume.  I am not quite sure what to do with the glittery thing, so I just hang it around my neck.

“Come on!” Natalie calls.  “Let me see.”

“Not a chance in—“

Natalie’s already opened the door, and she gasps.  I blush.

“Oh, you are adorable!  Let me just put your hair up…”

I blush some more as she finds a ponytail holder in the medicine cabinet and pulls my hair into a loose bun.  Then she unrolls the glittery thing that turns out to be a see-through shawl and arranges it around my shoulders.  She drags me to the full-length mirror in her bedroom.  We stand side-by-side, me in cotton-candy pink like a girl at her first ballet lesson, and her in a short layered skirt the colors of a candy corn.  A slim black bodice, peasant-blouse style white sleeves, and an orange-and-yellow pointed hat tied under her chin with a bit of black ribbon.

“There!” she says triumphantly.  “Don’t we look perfect?”

Natalie looks like a cute and sassy witch, especially with the black netting underneath her dress and the long orange-and-white stockings that finish just above her knees with big yellow-orange bows.  I, on the other hand, look like an overgrown Nutcracker child.

“Natty,” I whine.

“Didn’t you tell me that you always wished you could have had ballet lessons the way I did as a kid?”

“Maybe,” I admit grudgingly.

“Now you can!”

“I said I wanted to be a ghost,” I remind her.  “A nice big white sheet, all we’d have to do is cut out a few eyeholes and a mouth-hole…”

“…and you’ll hide under it all night and not talk to anyone.  Give it a try, Kat!  The worst someone will do is switch your calves for not turning out properly.”  Natalie brandishes her thin broomstick.

I gulp.  “Turning out?”

“It’s a ballet word for being in the correct position.  In the old, old schools, the teachers would—“ here Natalie raps the backs of my calves smartly and I yelp—“encourage their students.”

I rub my legs and glare at Natalie.  “You’re a witch!  Not a teacher.”

Natalie gives me a kiss.  “Believe me, if you’d had my crabby old ballet teacher you would have called her a witch, too.  Ready?”

I giggle and then remember something important.  “Wait!  My cupcakes!”

I spent the afternoon baking orange-supreme cupcakes and decorating each one with orange-and-black frosting spiderwebs.  I even got jelly-bean black spiders to put on top.  I retrieve the cake carrier, find my purse, and nod at Natalie.


“Great!  Abby and Mike said eight o’clock…”

“Wait!” I exclaim desperately.  “My hair’s messy.”

It may be possible that I slightly shook my head to encourage my hair to fall down.  But if you tell that to Natalie, I will call you a liar.

Natalie takes the cake carrier from me and pointedly checks her watch as I scoot back to the bathroom.  Shake my hair completely loose, brush it, and this time use several of Natalie’s sparkly hair pins to anchor the bun in place.  Dab my finger under the water faucet and smooth down a few wisps.  Decide that I should go to the bathroom one last time, just in case.  Of course, since I am wearing a leotard, that means removing my entire costume and getting dressed again.  I admire the soft leather shoes that are made to resemble ballet shoes on top but have real walking soles on the bottom.  They even have pink satin ribbons that I can tie halfway up my ankles just as if I were a real ballet student.  I re-do the satin ribbons several times to make sure the bows are perfect and the laces evenly criss-crossed.

“Kat!” Natalie bellows.  “I’m giving you exactly ten seconds…”

I skip out of the bathroom and take back the carrier from Natalie.  Ignoring her darkening expression, I set the cake carrier on the kitchen table and flit around the living room.  Adjust the pumpkin, witch, and ghost cardboard decorations that we’ve hung from the windows with suction cups and string.

“Kat!” Natalie says in exasperation.  “I know you don’t like parties, but you promised to go to this one.  Stop stalling!”

“In a minute,” I say much more breezily than I feel.  “I’m looking for the earring I lost last week…”

“Kat,” Natalie warns me, “do you want to know why I got you pink tights instead of white?”

“Not now,” I say.  “It was those gold balls that I like so much…”

Suddenly I feel Natalie’s arm firmly lifting me by the elbow.  “The white tights show too much if you have a red backside.”

I gulp and struggle to get free.  “But I don’t want to go,” I whine.

“I’ve had enough of your delay tactics!”

“I’ll go!  I’m going!”

I squirm unsuccessfully to escape her grip, but she leads me to the couch.  She sinks into the couch, tucks me across one knee and under her arm as if I am a very large football, and positions my bottom directly in the line of fire.  The couch is her favorite spot for spanking, and the heavy wooden spoon never leaves its spot nestled under a throw pillow.  Not even if we have company.  Natalie smoothes the silky skirt layers of my ballet skirt across my back and rubs her hand across my tights and leotard.

“The only problem is that I can’t see your bottom when I spank it this way,” she says thoughtfully.  She cracks the spoon several times across my right bottom cheek, and despite the two layers of clothes her surefire spanking hand never misses its mark.

“Ow!” I grumble, trying to jerk away.  “Not now, Natty, you said we’re late for the party.”

“Oh dear,” Natalie comments.  “You didn’t try to give me an order, did you?  After the past twenty minutes when you’ve used more stalling tricks than Jason ever did before bedtime?”

Jason is Natalie’s much-younger brother.  Emphasis on much.

“I don’t even know Abby.  Or Mike.  And…” I yelp as the spoon cracks rapidly against my left bottom cheek.  “Owwww!”

“What did you promise me about trying to make new friends?” she asks me.  I have trouble focusing on the question until she gives a hard smack!

“Er…that I would?”  I did.  At least half-heartedly.  It wasn’t my fault that no one at our self-defense class was interested.

“And about making an effort to be more social?”

“Ouch!” I complain.  I don’t know why she thinks I listen better during a spanking.  It’s difficult enough not to bite whatever part of her I can reach, let alone answer properly.  Another volley of hard swats with the spoon forces out a grudging answer.  “That I would?”

“And this Halloween party is…”

I grumble, but I repeat the words from our last conversation.  “A chance to try, and—OWWW!!!—Abby’s  been really nice.  But she talked to you, not me.  And I don’t know anyone else who will be there.  Ow!!!”

Natalie puts my skirts back down, squeezes my bottom until I cry out, and helps me stand up.  “Then it’s time to meet them, isn’t it?”

I rub my bottom vigorously, perhaps ever so slightly more for effect than for relief, and pout.  “You’re such a witch sometimes!”

Natalie laughs.  She stands up, gives me another kiss, and takes me back to the kitchen by the hand.  As she picks up the cupcakes and our purses, she slips her arm in mine.

“I may be,” she acknowledges.  “Tell me you didn’t enjoy that one tiny bit and that you don’t feel one tiny bit better about going to the party, and I’ll apologize right here and now.”

I lock the door behind us, glad it’s dark enough that she can’t see my face.

“Why would I do that?” I ask her cheekily.  “Then I’d spoil your fun.”

She swats my bottom without any apparent care for its already-sore state, and I dart, giggling, just out of her reach.  Call out a hello to a trio of pint-sized Harry Potter character look-a-likes who wave to us from the sidewalk.

“Wait for me!” Natalie calls.

“Not a chance!” I call over my shoulder.

“We’re going to have another…ballet…lesson when we get home,” she calls back, and I hide a grin.

“Come on, Natty!” I stop and turn around, putting my hands on my hips.  “We’re going to be late for the party.”

By the time Natalie catches up with me, she’s had time to think out at least three plans for my first “ballet lesson”.  Which she proceeds to tell me in between snickering and calling out “Happy Halloween!” as we make our way down the block to Abby and Mike’s house.

“Happy Halloween!” Abby exclaims as she opens her front door.  She is wearing a white lab coat and a stethoscope around her neck.  “Aren’t you two the sweetest!  A ballerina and a naughty witch.”

I make the mistake of looking at Natalie to see her reaction, and we dissolve into laughter as we step inside.

(c) Anastasia Vitsky



Describe (in the comments) one of the “lesson plans” you would recommend to Natalie. 

(Please keep it PG-rated and without sexual content.  Thank you!)

After commenting go to this page to make sure you have visited and commented on all twelve blogs.  Then don’t forget to sign up here to enter the grand prize drawing!


P.S.  In the interest of fairness, I will link to Kat’s protest regarding this entire story and contest.

72 thoughts on “Spank or Treat!

  1. Celeste Jones says:

    Fun story. And what are the odds that Natalie’s costume would be just like the one in the Spank or Treat picture?! Very clever.

    Lesson plan—on the Halloween Candy theme—a spanking using licorice whips. LOL

    BTW—she used a different wooden spoon for the cupcake batter, right?


  2. pao says:

    The shoes are really neat! I like the ending and I have to second Celeste on Natalie’s costume. Lesson plan.. a spanking with the broom?


  3. Sue Lyndon says:

    Hmmm…I think one of the lessons should involve lots of corner time. Natalie can do her own stalling and take her good ol’ time getting to Kat’s spanking. 🙂

    Great story…I can’t wait to read more about Natalie and Kat in a few months!


  4. tfd says:

    Very entertaining, Ana. I enjoy their playing around.

    A ballet lesson? I know little to nothing about ballet, but why not teach Kat to dance? All lighthearted fun, of course.


  5. His First Mate says:

    OOOh This one is hard, and there are a lot of good suggestions! I think my favorite one was Sue’s. A spanking while bent over a ballet barre?


  6. SH says:

    I enjoyed the fun story, made me laugh! I would think some corner time, while still in costume, and then a spanking with Natalie’s witches broom would be a good lesson plan.


  7. Cristina says:

    Lesson Plan- How About a spanking with her standing on her tippy toes, and hands pointed above her head, although I’ll admit it would be VERY hard to stay in position!


  8. Blondie says:

    lesson plan- ballet is not something I really know anything about. But the broomstick on her bottom, till the bum is the same color as her tights would teach her to listen carefully the first time.


  9. Nikki says:

    What a cute story! I can see Natalie teaching Kat how to pirouette. Stikes with the switch for incorrect positioning and rewards of candy corn for perfect pirouettes!


  10. houston_switch says:

    Wow! I think position number one should be taught at home after the party. Then stretching exercises like hands to toes could be used… and a switch from the tree outside used often.


  11. Sunny Girl says:

    Okay, am I commenting in the right place now. Also, I went back and commented (again I might add) on Starla and Sue’s stories too. I saw my comment on Sue’s but my comment on Starla’s still did not appear. Blondie’s was the last comment showing.

    As for your story. You are a great writer and I loved the Kat and Natalie characters. They are so real. As for lesson plans, I am not a teacher nor was I ever a ballerina so have no suggestions whatsoever. Just show up and point your toes.

    Thanks, Ana for your story and to all of the other writers for providing us such great entertaining Halloween stories. Thanks for all the work you’ve done in getting this together.
    I, for one, appreciate all of your efforts,.

    Do I still have to get ten spanks. I hope, I hope,

    Happy Halloween


    • Ana says:

      LOL you sassy little miss…I should think a good dose of corner time would cure you of your cheekiness…for at least five minutes or so. LOL. I will check back with the other authors and let you know if there is any problem, okay? Be good! Thanks for playing.


  12. Starla Kaye says:

    I just want everyone who tried to comment on my Starla Kaye blog and it didn’t show up that I’m sorry. No idea why some people can and some can’t.

    Ana, I enjoyed your story and these two ladies. I like the idea of spanking her with a ballet slipper.


    • Ana says:

      Technology is temperamental, isn’t it? Let me know if anyone emails you so I can get them added to the list.

      Thank you for playing! I think Kat might not like her pretty shoes quite as much once Natalie is finished spanking her with them. 🙂


  13. Mera says:

    Lesson plan? Well, you should always warm up before exercise so some stretching would be a good way to start…nose to knees, with some ‘encouragement’ as necessary to keep the position.


  14. Timmy says:

    Her lesson plan should be that Natalie should be spanked and then draw a pumpkin face on her bottom with sharpy and have her stand so her red butt can be seen through the window.


  15. Julie says:

    I’m sure these ideas won’t be Natalie-approved, since they wouldn’t involve snickering, but as a charter member of Team Kat my suggestions are:

    1. A trip to the ballet – something fun they can do together.
    2. Teach yourself to dance videos. (Kat probably wouldn’t be comfortable going to a class)
    3. An actual dance lesson, with permission for Kat to throw the broomstick away before the lesson starts. 🙂


    • Ana says:

      Kat wants to know if she can have your mailing address so she can send you a package of custom-made cupcakes as a great big THANK YOU gift. She was all ready to throw away the broomstick, but Natalie caught her. They are “negotiating” now. 😉


  16. Penelope says:

    Lovely little story, Ana! 🙂

    And it even has cupcakes!

    Lesson plan, lesson plan… hmm. Something like poise or posture, maybe: the ‘walking along with a book on your head’ thing?


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