And the Spank or Treat winner is…

Wow!  Spank or Treat was a blast!  Thank you to everyone who participated.  You made the last few days almost as much fun as taking my friend’s little girl and niece trick-or-treating.  (Sorry.  You’ll always play second fiddle to adorable children.  Don’t take it personally.)

We are waiting for all of the entrants to be verified by all of the bloggers, and once those are in I will post the results here.  Don’t forget to go to the individual blogs to see the results of the smaller contests.  I’ll also post a comprehensive winner list once I get all of that information.

For my contest, I had 31 entrants!  Curious who they were?  Go check the post!

Thankfully I didn’t have to be the one to choose from all the wonderful suggestions.  Kat is particularly displeased to hear of all the “lesson plans” you devised for her, and she has vowed never to wear her ballet costume again.  Too bad she doesn’t make the rules in their house, hm?  Natalie graciously thanks all of you for your help in keeping Kat in line.  I believe I heard something about starting with Sue’s suggestion for stalling during Kat’s corner time.

As to the (randomly picked) lucky winner of the custom-written short-short story, I’m delighted to announce that name:

Cara Bristol

Congratulations, Cara!  I’m intimidated looking forward to writing a story for you!

Yes, everyone else will get to enjoy the story, too!  Once Cara and I work out the details, I’ll write the story and post it here.
Happy Spank or Treating!

(Who’s looking forward to another Spanking Fiction Authors event for Valentine’s Day?)

2 thoughts on “And the Spank or Treat winner is…

  1. Sassy Chassy says:

    This was so much fun! Thank you and every author that participated! The stories were a perfect Halloween treat! I’m looking forward to a Valentine’s day hop!


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