Spank or Treat winners!

It’s time!  It’s time!  Pull up a chair, everyone!  Don’t you want to hear who won Spank or Treat?

Technically, we all did.  If you enjoyed the stories, got to meet some new authors and visit some favorites, you certainly won.  Right?

Okay, okay.  No need to grab at the envelopes in my hand.  I’ll announce the winners.

The individual blog contest winners are:


Anastasia Vitsky: Cara Bristol

Cara Bristol: SH

Celeste Jones: Joseph McNamara

Constance Masters: houston_switch

Emma K. Gardner: Mera

Patty Devlin: houston_switch

Renee Rose: Mrs. Soft Bottom

Starla Kay: Sunny Girl, Celeste Jones, Cara Bristol, Ann Q, houston_switch, Sue Lyndon, and Pooky

Sue Lyndon: Cassandra H.


We had 33 Spank or Treat participants, and for the individual blog contests the authors were also eligible for the drawings.  For the grand prize drawings, however, all of the author names were removed from the pool.


12 hardy souls managed to visit every single blog.  Quite impressive!

  • Blondie
  • Donnatella
  • His First Mate
  • houston_switch
  • Jennifer Mathis
  • Joseph McNamara
  • Kelsey S.
  • Mera
  • Minelle
  • Pao
  • SH
  • Sunnygirl

Your comments were wonderful!  Thank you for playing.  I am sorry that we don’t have enough prizes for everyone.  Really.  I know everyone always says that, but it’s the truth.  Through blog commenting malfunctions and captcha, you persevered!  Thank you.

Thank you also to the rest of the players who visited one or more of the blogs:

  • Alisha
  • AnnQ
  • bn100
  • Cassandra Hicks
  • Christina
  • Cristina
  • joeyred51
  • Joelle
  • Julie
  • Krista Ames
  • Lizzie
  • Mrs. Soft Bottom
  • Nikki
  • Ordalie
  • Penelope
  • Thianna D
  • Timmy
  • TFD
  • Trent Evans
  • Waruwi


Okay, have I made you wait long enough?  *opening the first envelope*

The third-prize winner of the main Spank or Treat contest, receiving a $10 gift certificate to Amazon that has been donated by Stormy Night Publications…

…is none other than the lovely KELSEY S!  Congratulations, Kelsey!


*opening the second envelope* The second-prize winner, receiving a $25 gift certificate to Eden Fantasy donated by Starla Kaye to purchase your fantasy (ahem) aids…

…is none other than the very naughty MINELLE!  Congratulations, Minelle!


Finally, the winner of the $50 gift certificate to Blushing Books donated by the same…

…is none other than the very lucky BLONDIE!  Hooray, Blondie!


Congratulations to everyone!  Thank you for being such a wonderful bunch!  I hope everyone had a safe, happy, spankful Halloween!


Come back in a few months.  We might have something special for you…from the bottom of our hearts.  😉

8 thoughts on “Spank or Treat winners!

  1. Minelle says:

    Wow Starla thank you. Now I have to actually use it,—- the gift certificate! Yes all of you will laugh at me. Especially Ana! And no I will not write a review! *smile*
    Actually I am very excited to win. Yay!

    Thanks again.


  2. Donnatella says:

    Your right Ana, getting to read all the new stories for free and finding some new blogs was indeed a Win! I enjoyed the game and look forward to the next contest.


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