Kat visits Cassie: a brand-new Kat story

UPDATE: The full story is now posted in one part at Kat-Sitting.  Please enjoy.  Thanks!

Two brand-new Kat stories in two days!  Aren’t you excited?  The second story is posted at PK’s blog.  The second part will be posted tomorrow because it was too long for a single read.  Hope you enjoy it!

For those of you who read PK, you’ll know that she writes a fictional blog about a woman named Cassie Duff and hosts a story every week for “Fantasy Friday.”  A few months ago when PK asked for contributions, I offered to write a story of how Kat meets up with Cassie.  Kat is tongue-tied around many people, especially those close to her age, but older women like Natalie’s mother, Mama Jane, and their next-door neighbor, Lily Winterbotham, have a special place in her heart.  Mama Jane loves everyone, but she and Kat made a special connection the moment they met.  Lily, lonely and crabbed, loves Kat with all her heart even if she shows it by demanding that a lightbulb needs to be changed!

When I read Cassie’s blog, I thought how much she and Kat would like each other.  PK will tell you a bit more about this process when she visits for Fika on Monday, but it was a series of delicate negotiations.  Not whether to write the story, but how shy Kat could ever come in contact with Cassie and actually talk to her.  PK insisted that Cassie would only talk to Kat about spanking if the initial contact were online.  So I actually set up an email account for Kat (it’s still open and functional, by the way), and Kat has been busily corresponding with not just Cassie but other readers.  This was Kat’s first email to Cassie:

Dear Mrs. Duff,

You don’t know me, but my name is Kat.  I found
your website, and I read your stories.  Your family
sounds really nice.  I wish I had a big family like

I’ve never told anyone this before, but I get spanked,
too.  It really hurts, but I feel better afterward.

Probably you won’t read this because you get lots of
other letters.

Anyway, I like your stories.  Thank you for sharing


Kat Astra

You can read the story of what happened over at PK’s blog today and tomorrow.  Go say hi.  Tell PK that Ana sent you.  😀

12 thoughts on “Kat visits Cassie: a brand-new Kat story

  1. PK says:

    This has been so much fun! Not only is your story wonderful, you have really gotten Cassie telling me more and more things that have been happening in her world. Now Nick may be getting a little ticked with you, cause I’m spending way too much time writing these days.



  2. kiwigirliegirl (kiwi) says:

    OK this sounds great, i need to head over to PK’s blog and check it out….i love fantasy friday and I love PK’s blog and cassies too – she is such a talented writer is PK 🙂 so with you two pairing up like this, this is bound to be amazing 🙂
    hugs kiwi xxx


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