Monday Morning Fika with PK: Fantasy Friday and the Cassie-Kat story

Today Governing Ana is proud to host PK , aka Elis Corey aka Cassie Duff, for “Monday Morning Fika*”!  On select Mondays, we will sit down with a ttwd author or figure of the community to chat about topics such as books, love, electronic readers, and even biting!  Please welcome PK!

*”Fika” is a Swedish term for enjoying coffee, tea, and sweets over conversation with friends.  It is a sacred tradition in many families, friends, and even workplaces, and it offers a chance to chat informally on a number of topics.  While “Fika” may refer specifically to the coffee, in practice it refers to the moment of community.  In this hectic world, it is nice to take a moment to stop, pause, and savor time getting to know a little more about each other.

[Some background for today’s Fika: Last Fantasy Friday, PK published my new, original story of Kat meeting Cassie.  This is the story of how that came to be.]


Ana, thank you for hosting FIKA and for letting me be a part.  I never once in my life fancied myself a writer.  For the first 49 years of life making a grocery list (usually misspelled) was the goal of my writing.

I had a secret life, but who doesn’t?  I had a life long interest in spanking, and I do mean life long. I remember thinking up my first spanking story around the age of three or four.  I knew, even as a child, that this interest would not be shared or understood by others.  I kept this embarrassing secret to myself, but the stories and fantasies grew as I did.

Thirty years ago I married a wonderful man.   I certainly didn’t want him to know my strange, unnatural desires!  I just stuffed the desire down – firmly – and kept on living in my head.  Time passed, our children grew up, and I was very sick for a short time but then regained my health with a new outlook on life.  Suddenly I was well and realized I had the time to do whatever I wanted and my secret desire was still there.  Fortunately for me, so was the Internet!

When I found these blogs, I expected to be able to talk to other about spanking.  I wanted to write some of the stories or fantasies that had been in my head for so many years.  That’s what I expected; what I actually found were riches beyond my imagination.  At the age of forty-nine I’d found new best friends.  You don’t expect to make such close friends at that age.  BFF are for children and teens.  Grown women make new ‘acquaintances’.

Although I pictured other bloggers as hot and around twenty, I found I was wrong. Many were in their forties, married with kids and several of us seemed to share a desire to lose weight.  We were moms and wives and daughters – nurses, teachers, lawyers, and businesswomen. These women were delightfully ordinary in an extraordinary way.  They were articulate, intelligent, funny, warm and accepting.  I had not only found a home; I had found true real life friends.

I’ve tried to give back to our little blogland community what I received from it.  I want to make everyone who reads out here realize that his or her desire for consensual adult spanking is perfectly normal.  We are not trying for converts; we know the people who come here to read are already interested in spanking (this thing we do – TTWD). I want them to feel welcomed and understood.  We are all different in exactly how we choose to incorporate TTWD into our lives.  I have friends here who are collared, some who are in strict DD relationships, some spank for stress relief or just for fun, and for others it’s totally erotic.

I have friends from all disciplines, men spanking woman, women spanking women, women spanking men – although at this moment I don’t know any couples where there is a man spanking a man – but if they write in, they will be most welcomed.

What I am really trying for, especially though Fantasy Friday, is to give readers a voice, an opening, to express their thoughts and dreams.  If you’ve come to read spanking blogs, you already have had a fantasy or story in your head.  Many who come here don’t want to begin a blog of their own, but that doesn’t mean that their story shouldn’t be heard.   I know how much joy and encouragement I received from reading the first few comments I got on my posts and stories.  It is encouraging, and possibly addictive because many of those I’ve browbeaten into sending me their stories have begun their own blogs – much to the delight of the rest of us.  So please remember I’m always on the lookout for new Fantasy Friday stories!

Now I certainly can’t do an interview about blogging without talking about Cassie!  Cassie’s Space is my fiction blog.  Of course in my head it’s barely fiction, she is very real to me.  Cassie has been with me, in my head, for forty-five years. Picture her as an imaginary friend who stayed for life.

When I write a post or fiction for Fantasy Friday, I’m doing just that – writing.  When I write for Cassie, I’m merely taking dictation.  I’ve tried to force a Cassie story, it won’t work, she tells them to me when she gets good and ready.  I usually get a surprise as I’m typing for her.  I fully expect a story to go one way and suddenly it takes off in a completely different direction. Cassie is full of surprises, even for me.

I’m not even sure Ana knows this, but when she first wrote to me about doing a Fantasy Friday where Kat, Natalie and Cassie all meet, I wasn’t too sure.  Letting someone else, someone I didn’t really know that well, write Cassie into a story – it had the same feeling of letting a stranger babysit my child.  So let’s say I was hesitant.

Before I could agree I wanted to get to know both Ana and her ‘girls’ better.  I suggested that Kat email Cassie.  Here Ana seemed a little hesitant, but finally taking a deep sigh she broke down and got yet another email she agreed to try.  [Ana’s note: I wanted Kat and Cassie to meet first in real life, but PK insisted that Cassie would only talk about her spanking relationship if Kat had read her blog first.  I agreed reluctantly because I knew doing so would–and did–mean trouble for Kat later with Natalie.]  Wow! Experiment successful!  Kat and Cassie hit it off extremely well. Emailing is way different than writing a story, talking off the cuff, just visiting. I’ve really missed that with Cassie.

I’ve enjoyed experiencing Kat, Natalie and Cassie becoming better acquainted.  Cassie adores Kat.  Now with Natalie, well, these two ladies could definitely cross swords at some point.  They both have very strong opinions.

The writing process has been so much fun.  Ana would let me read as she worked on the story.  Of course I had complete control of anything Cassie said or did, but I tried to back off of her descriptions or view of Cassie – they would not be mine to control.  When she sent the final product I was very pleased myself, but I knew Cassie would not be pleased with a couple of things.  In that draft her hair was described as white, when it truth it’s more of a white blonde mix, more a champagne color.  And at one time – gasp, Kat (in her own head) referred to Cassie as elderly.  It could have been the end of a beautiful friendship.

I very much enjoyed the process of writing with another person.  I enjoyed watching Cassie hold her temper in check because she knew the outing could be called off if she cut loose on Natalie.  It was probably a good exercise for Cassie.  Perhaps these ladies will meet again in the future.  I’m looking forward to seeing what might happen.

Ana, again, thank you for having me.

About PK:

PK (AKA – Elis Corey and Cassie Duff) began the ongoing series of Cassie and Tom’s life in June of 2006.  She hopes to publish a series of ‘Cassie’ books once she retires from teaching. Cassie’s stories include flashbacks as well as current stories of Tom and Cassie, and their family and friends.

PK’s blog is New Beginnings and it updates frequently with a mixture of spanking thought and daily life. She occasionally writes fiction other than Cassie and Tom and contributes some stories to Fantasy Friday.

31 thoughts on “Monday Morning Fika with PK: Fantasy Friday and the Cassie-Kat story

  1. Cara Bristol says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this blog. Isn’t it amazing how REAL characters come to be? I think all writers must be the tiniest bit insane (myself included, of course).Doesn’t everybody talk to people who aren’t there? LOL. Love your phrase, “an imaginary friend who stayed for life.” I also appreciate hearing of an author who got started writing late in life.It’s inspiring!


    • Ana says:

      I told PK that it was like arranging a playdate. 🙂 When Kat and Cassie hit it off, I sent PK an email saying, “I TOLD you so!” (Words I enjoyed saying, I admit!) Having an imaginary friend (Kat for me, Cassie for PK) is wonderful, but to get to play with them in the “real” world” was amazing. We learned a lot about ourselves as writers through the process.

      I say we should embrace our insanity!


  2. PK says:

    Morning, Ana said it would be fine for me to pop in here to answer comments.

    I completely embrace the idea of ‘a tiny bit insane’ I nearly always talk about Cassie as if she is totally real (as she is to me). If they choose to lock me up for this I hope that I can at least have a pad and a pencil with me! My dad and two of his brothers became well know artist although none began those careers until their mid-sixtys. It’s never too late.

    Thanks, I hope you come by New Beginning and Cassie’s Space too.


  3. Bas says:

    Hi Ana and PK,
    it is amazing how much book people interact with each other, without any conscious input from the authors.
    Thank you for the story and this Fika.


    • Ana says:

      I am sure that you were surprised neither Kat nor Cassie got spanked in this episode. 😀 PK had a great line in this interaction how other people might think Kat and Cassie aren’t real but we know better. I loved that.


    • PK says:

      Cassie has always been one to make friends on her own. She’s writing right now and I’m surprised at every turn. But this story was special to me, seeing her through the eyes of others.


  4. Celeste Jones says:

    Hi PK and Ana. What a fun post. I giggled at your comment about how you assumed all the other bloggers were young and hot…sometimes I laugh when I’m in line at the grocery store and my hair is a mess and think “Yep, I’m a fancy spanking writer.”


    • PK says:

      I know just what you mean. No one would ever pick me out of a crowd and say I think this woman write about sex and spanking. If they guessed anything it might be a story on knitting or making little cat toys. Some time I nearly laugh out loud.


  5. Sunny Girl says:

    Hi PK and Ana. Thanks for this FICA. It was nice to hear how Cassie and Kat came to be friends. I think there is definitely some fodder there for a showdown between Cassie and Nat.

    One of PK’s comments about the younger set cracked me up. I am part of the older set (if not the oldest) but I love the camaraderie we all share. The younger ones keep me thinking fresh and the older ones commiserate with the frailities of life. Interesting mix.

    Thanks for a good Monday Morning read.


    • Ana says:

      PK was all for confrontation and I said whoaaaa wait a minute. We found out that we write conflict very differently. I’m not sure how PK responded, but I used that realization to write a much more direct-conflict type of situation for my next story.

      I think PK tends to crack up most of us who aren’t already half cracked. 😉


    • PK says:

      Green apples have little flavor – the older I feel I’m getting more interesting, at least I’m more interested in life and talking with other who share my thought and feelings about TTWD. I kept quite for 49 year, I’m planning to spend the next 49 writing about it!

      Ana, we’re all cracked and the better for it. If Cassie cut lose on Natalie she would scare the hell out of Kat. That’s the main reason she holds back.


      • Ana says:

        Hey, some of us like those little green apples. Mm, dipped in caramel…

        Oh boy, part of me would like to see a showdown between Cassie and Natalie. Though you are right….Kat *would* freak out.


  6. kiwigirliegirl says:

    thank you ana for interviwing PK and i just loved this…ive not read the story yet but will get to it this week. I love Cassies blog – love Cassie and Tom – its how i imagine my DD life to be like. Thank you PK – i love your blog too and i adore fantasy friday – i must try and write another story for you at some point. A few ideas floating around in my head.
    Cant wait to read some more
    hugs kiwi xxx


    • PK says:

      We agree, that’s always been my view of a DD marriage, obviously. I would be delighted to have another story from you. Get those ideas captured on paper!


  7. Minelle says:

    I am just so grateful that I discovered you PK, and of course Cassie. You know that writing to you gave me the courage to step out and embrace who I was/am and not feel alone. I feel joyful. I agree that all of us who are like aged wine….yum, feel our worth in this community along with the fresh and young. Keep writing, and encouraging us all PK. Little ole me writing anything? Wow that was such a trip. I never thought it possible.
    Ana dear you created such a cool connection with Cassie. I love that you both worked out all the details and brought us along on the journey. Kat and Nat keep growing, and taking us along on the journey.


    • Ana says:

      So neat all around, Minelle. It’s always fun to see your responses to things.

      Kat and Natalie have had some long talks since that trip, and they are indeed learning and growing. 😀


    • PK says:

      I’m happy I was able in small way to help you embrace a wonderful part of you that you probably hid like the rest of us. It’s a life changing feeling.

      I think Ana did a great job too. I loved Cassie expanding her circle of friends. Now Tom on the other hand…


    • Ana says:

      You mean she almost never listens to Tom. 😀 And if she had listened to me, she would have saved Kat from a very painful spanking or two later…something for Cassie to think about!


  8. pao says:

    This is such a delightful interview. Always great to hear from the authors and the characters’ best friends 🙂 Really cool that characters from different universes meet each other! And regarding the age of authors, I now view more mature ladies quite differently.


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