Six Sentence Sunday: It’s Kat

Good morning and happy Sunday, sixers!  Thank you to everyone who came to visit last week.  Many apologies that I was not able to make the rounds last time.  I will do better today.  🙂  This week I have been working on my blurb for The Way Home, scheduled for publication in March of 2013.  For that reason, I’m putting up this excerpt of Kat meeting Natalie.  This is how it all began…



A dark-haired girl is sitting on one of the beds, surrounded by matching floral suitcases and a rainbow of crates set up on one side of the room.  Around the window, she’s even put up a sort of fake curtain made from contact paper.  On her desk sits a vase filled with poppies and a red ribbon around the top.

I clear my throat and manage to croak out, “Are you Natalie?”

The girl drops the books she is sorting, and she springs to a standing position.  Her eyes take in my suitcases before she asks, “Oh…oh!  Yes, so are you Katherine?”

“It’s Kat,” I say, trying not to blush.  It’s about time that I lost my baby name.  Katie sounds cute and perky, two things I am not.



Blurb (for now):

The Way Home

Natalie always wanted a little sister.  Kat didn’t know she was allowed to want anything…or anyone.

Kat, a shy farmgirl, arrives at her freshman dorm with a backpack, two suitcases, and her mother’s wish for Kat to attend college “at least until you get married”.  Her roommate Natalie, a confident and fun-loving social butterfly, has decided sight unseen that Kat will become her best friend for life.  Natalie teaches Kat about college life, academics, and friendship by taking Kat under her wing…and over her knee.

Then their lives fall apart one fateful night on campus, and for the rest of the decade Kat and Natalie struggle to find their way back to each other.  Their way home.



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52 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: It’s Kat

  1. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Took me back to my first encounter with my first roommate–who was a farm girl, BTW! We lost touch immediately after freshman year, but your opening was powerful enough to evoke that memory. Great beginning!


  2. Jessica Subject says:

    Love how she decides to change things up in their first meeting. Wonder if that will lead to many more changes in her life. Great six! 🙂


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