Advent Calendar, Ana style

Don’t listen to the Grinches Renee and Emma.  Thanksgiving is over, so it is officially CHRISTMAS SEASON!

As promised, you will receive a visit from Kat and Natalie for Fika on Christmas Eve!  Yes, really!  Most likely it will be mainly Natalie because I am not sure if I can get Kat to say much (especially in front of Natalie), but they will be chatting with visitors and taking questions.  Yes, PK, if you do feel the urge to argue with them you may do so at your own risk.

I do understand that some people like Kaelah are not really into Christmas because they feel it is a Christian holiday and they don’t subscribe to that.  I respect that.  Actually, for me Christmas is a religious holiday but also for me religion is a private matter.  I don’t use my blog to proselytize for many reasons that are too complicated to explain here, but let’s just say that when I mention Christmas in a public, secular venue I mean Christmas as a public, secular phenomenon.

For a lot of reasons I won’t be able to be with family this Christmas, and I am sad about it if I think about it too much…but I am not going to think about it too much.  Instead, I’d like to make December special here in blogland.  Remember how much fun it was to Spank or Treat last month?

Guess what I have planned?  An advent calendar!  Do you remember, if you were lucky, having an advent calendar as a child?  The traditional kind had small perforated paper windows to open for each day of December.  Each day’s window revealed a small surprise.  Usually it was a piece of chocolate or candy.  I never had one, but I envied the children who had them.

How will the advent calendar work, Ana style?  There will be rules.  Of course there will be rules.  😀

  • I will post a question or a regular post (such as Six Sentence Sunday or Fika) every day December 1st-24th.  Readers who respond (commenting on the post or answering the question of the day) will get an entry for that day.
  • The reader with the most entries for the month wins a surprise!  (If there is a tie for the most entries, the person whose comments were posted earlier will win.  If there is a tie because more than one person has an entry for every day, I will choose randomly from those entrants.  Also, there will be a small surprise for everyone who has an entry for every day.)
  • I might also do a surprise check sometime in the month, so you don’t necessarily have to give up if you miss a day or two.

I haven’t decided on the surprise yet, so I would like your input.  What would be fun for you?  I am leaning toward offering another custom-written short-short story (similar to the Spank or Treat prize story) or a copy of my soon-to-be-released The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus.  Or perhaps a sneak peek at The Way Home before it’s published in March.  If you are an author, I thought perhaps I could offer a daily post to promote your chosen book.  Not a Fika, but a straight-up book promo post.

Let me know in the comments, please.  Would you be interested in the Ana advent calendar?  Do you like the proposed prizes?  Which one would you prefer?

And if you are going to grouch that you hate Christmas, you should take warning from the come-uppance of Naughty Elf Renee and Naughtier Elf Emma.  As Emma says:

This story was inspired by and is dedicated to Renee Rose and Anastasia Vitsky.  See Anastasia was chiding Renee and me on Facebook for a lack of Christmas spirit (in November, no less, which really isn’t fair), and threatening to report us to Mrs. Claus who it was implied would spank the Christmas spirit right into us.  It felt like the makings of a story to me, if I added a few twists, and a little payback.  Hope you enjoy it.  If you don’t. I won’t report you to Mrs. Claus, but I will report you to Ana, and she’s scarier!

See?  I am scary.  But not if you leave a nice comment letting me know what you think of the advent calendar idea.  😀


The surprise pool will include the following books donated by the authors.  Please check out their wonderful work!

+$50 Gift Certificate to Blushing Books

+The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus (THREE copies!) by your Advent Calendar host, Anastasia Vitsky

Underwear Probation by Celeste Jones

Deathless Love by Renee Rose

To Love a Woman and The Point of it All by Jade Cary

Jinxie’s Orchids by Maren Smith

Charla’s Shadow by Robin Smith

Red Hots by Emma K. Gardner

An autographed, custom-written spanking short story by Breanna Hayse

Cowboys in Charge by Starla Kaye

*Traditional Love, Traditional Terms, and Of Yesterday by Alta Hensley

*Action and Cutaway by Liz Borino

Becky’s Last Chance by Constance Masters

Tough Choice by Patty Devlin

+A Firm Husband, +Karyn and the Crigon, and Dark Without You by Sue Lyndon

*Donated by Lazy Day Publishing

+Donated by Blushing Books


39 thoughts on “Advent Calendar, Ana style

  1. SassyTwatter says:

    Love your idea of an advent calendar! Loved your Halloween spirit! I read just forgot to comment. I think you should be the activatees director for all holidays!


  2. Kaelah says:

    I wish you a happy Advent season, Ana! 🙂

    By the way, as I explained in a long comment on my blog, I actually like the Advent season and Christmas a lot. I just can’t celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday any more because being a humanist / atheist doing that would simply be dishonest.


    • Ana says:

      Oh yes, I should have clarified that. I just meant that I respected that you see a difference between religious and secular Christmas celebrations. 🙂

      When I was younger it felt very strange to see non-Christians celebrating Christmas. I’ve learned to let go and recognize that it is a cultural phenomenon as much as a religious one.

      Nice to see you out and about!


      • Kaelah says:

        I can absolutely relate to your irritation as a child! When I was a practicing Christian, the people who actually irritated me the most, though, were those who didn’t want anything to do with church or a Christian life all year long but suddenly went to church on Christmas. I always felt that one should take these things seriously. That’s why I don’t celebrate the religious feast any more, now that my belief has changed, even though I miss it. I wouldn’t have a Christian marriage ceremony, either, just because it is more beautiful than a secular one. For me, Christian ceremonies are for Christians only. But I find it absolutely okay for non-Christians to have a secular celebration on Christmas (many Christmas customs don’t originate in Christianity, anyway). I just think that people should be honest about their beliefs and not fake anything. That’s why I wrote in my post that I don’t celebrate Christmas (as a Christian feast) any more.


        • Ana says:

          I get that, and I respect it. Although in some countries where Christianity is a state religion that is maybe less the case? I am not sure.

          As a child it wasn’t irritation, more confusion. It was like watching a friend say she didn’t like someone but then inviting that person to a birthday party.

          Though I will say that sometimes the Christmas/Easter church attendance is in deference to a family member rather than just a personal choice.

          So…I’m assuming you are okay with a Christmas spanking? 😀


          • Kaelah says:

            I think you’ve got a good point there about people going to church on certain holidays because of their family or maybe also because they see it as a tradition which they want to respect.

            I am absolutely okay with a Christmas spanking! And of course with a nice Advent Calendar as well. 🙂


            • Ana says:

              Kaelah, I want to apologize to you. For some reason my (long!) comment didn’t seem to go through on your blog. I thought I wrote to you there about Christmas, but now that I think about it I may have had trouble and given up. Sorry! I wouldn’t normally call you out here without having talked to you first.

              Does that mean you’ll be playing? Yay!!! 😀 Kaelah’s Christmas spanking…mm…I like it!


              • Kaelah says:

                There is no need to worry, Ana. I just wanted to make sure with my comment that nobody thinks I am in any way against Christmas or against Christians.

                As I wrote in my reply to your latest comment on our blog, I’m sorry that you couldn’t comment with your WordPress account. Maybe using the “Name/URL” option instead works better.

                I very much hope that I will receive a Christmas spanking. We sometimes also publish special Christmas spankings on our blog for the readers. 🙂

                It’s amazing to see how many people are attracted by your Advent calender! I didn’t sign up because I don’t manage to comment regularly at the moment and (as I explained in my Liebster Award post) I don’t read a lot in my free time (except for blogs) because of all the stuff that I have to read for my PhD. So I think it is better when your great gifts go to those who are avid readers and devour the books as fast as possible. 🙂

                Oh, and I cross my fingers for the release of your book! The cover reminds me of Christmas postcards. 🙂


                • Ana says:

                  Blogger is touchy. I really wish that more people used WP. 🙂 For Blogger I have to click that I want to enter an adult page, then click to type in my info, then click to do the captcha if it’s there, and then half the time it doesn’t work so I have to do it again. But I am cranky about Blogger. 😀

                  I completely understand about not reading much. We have to read more than enough academic stuff, and at least in my field it’s not always very well-written. I find that I read a lot of YA instead because it cleanses my palate.

                  Advent Calendar has been a lot of fun! You can still stop by and jump in the conversation any time you want without playing. That’s why I did the sign-up sheet as a double opt-in. Some people, for whatever reason, don’t want to play. That’s okay. This is still a blog even if it’s not an activity. But it *is* fun to see the enthusiasm. 🙂

                  Thank you for the good thoughts about the book release! Very much needed and appreciated. I am nervous about the first showing, but I hope it goes well. And yes, very much like postcards. 🙂


  3. pao says:

    Yay for Kat and Nat 😀 I’ve not heard of an Advent Calendar so this post was educational. The Advent Calendar sounds fun though. I thought the custom short-short story was really fun. And a sneak peek is always welcome 🙂


  4. Minelle says:

    I for one will be here! I love the Advent Calendar idea for December. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. I embrace the traditions and get so much joy making others happy.I agree that it has gotten out of hand, and hope that I can manage to trim the commercialism a bit!
    As to conversing with Kat and Nat, I’m in of course!


    • Ana says:

      Yay! It will be fun to have you participate. Sorry, but there won’t be an sex toy gift certificate this time. 😀 Hehe…

      That gives me a great idea for a question…I wonder what traditions people have.



    • Ana says:

      Awww! Thank you, Alta! I love to promote your work! You’re the one who got Lazy Day to take a chance with DD fiction, and all of us coming after you get to reap the benefits. 🙂


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