Exercise Challenge!

As my regular readers know, I’ve had some health issues that have made it difficult to walk and get out in general.  No, nothing serious like actually not being able to walk…it’s more an issue with shoes yet again.  Now that it’s starting to get better, I’ve teamed up with Minelle and Celeste to start an exercise challenge.  The rules are simple.  Oh come on.  Anything with Ana has rules.  You knew that, didn’t you?

Every Saturday (Sunday this time), we will post our exercise goals for the following week.  Starting next Saturday, that will include reporting whether we’ve met those goals or not.  If we meet our goal, we get to post an “I did it!” logo as a reward for the next week.  If we don’t meet our goal, we have to say so in our public post and may need to submit to a penalty determined by the others.

Because I’ve been out of commission for so long, I’m going to start small.

My goal is to walk for 20 minutes 5 days this week.  If it goes well, next week I can add more time.

So.  Next week I shall report back whether I’ve met the terms of the challenge.

Want to join in?  Feel free!

UPDATE: If you’re joining the challenge, post the logo on your blog!  😀

Also, even if you hope to lose weight please do NOT choose weight loss as a goal for this challenge.  Nutrition, metabolism, health, and body weight are complex things.  Setting a goal to lose weight is almost always a self-defeating endeavor.  Focus on exercising to get fit, healthy, feel better, de-stress, etc. but not solely to lose weight.  Or if your goal is solely to lose weight, don’t talk about it here.  Deal?  😀

UPDATE AGAIN: Yes, I realize that this translates into the GOOB Challenge.  Blame Celeste.  She came up with the name.  😀

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: If you want to be added to the group motivation/accountability email list, please leave your address in the comments.  Those who opt in will send an email to each other throughout the week after completing each part of your goal for the week (i.e. “I did my X minutes today!”) for immediate accountability and positive feedback.

41 thoughts on “Exercise Challenge!

  1. kiwigirliegirl says:

    I’m tempted to join in…really tempted BUT Ive enough of a task master at home with my Sir …he has mentioned something along the lines of expecting me to start my exercises again very soon *gulp*….good luck, I’l look forward to your positive posts 😀
    way to go you
    Hugs kiwi xxx


  2. Wilma Rubble says:

    I’m really hoping the fear of public/anonymous shame will get me motivated where fear of spankings have not! ( Okay seriously I need help LOL)


  3. Lizzie says:

    My goal this year has been to walk 50 miles a month. I’m well past that because I walked 34 just last week… exercise tends to come in spurts. Good for you! You can do it!


  4. pao says:

    Can’t wait to see all the ‘I did it’ logos! 🙂 this is awesome. And agreed, don’t get caught up with the numbers on your scale, it’s a small part of the bigger picture.


  5. Thianna D says:

    okay, Ana, I’m in. Eek! lol This is a perfect challenge for me as I don’t believe in “weight-loss” goals. As you gain muscle, that goes wonky anyway. But an exercise goal? I’m so in!


    • Ana says:

      Success! Hooray! Though you know, your goals are pretty awesome. 😀

      Plus we can adjust our goals each week depending on our current health status, schedule, etc.


  6. Bad Penny says:

    I’m so doing this Ana. I workout, and have been for a year, after not working out my whole life! LOL Anywho recently I became slack…so this is a good opportunity to stop, and start working out again. Thank you!! I’ll post tomorrow the logo and my goals. I’m too tired right now LOL


  7. Fondles says:

    i already walk at least 4 times a week – i pledge to up that to 40 mins each time.. but i’m not going to officially join in cos i think the emailing back and forth and having to post at specificed times of the week is just not something i can commit to 🙂

    but i’m on board and know that i’ll be walking right along with you lot!


    • Ana says:

      Woo-hoo good for you! There’s no “officially” or whatever…just join in! I bet you’ll leave us in the dust with all of your walking. Go, Fondles, go!



  8. Cara Bristol says:

    I’ve worn a pedometer for years and highly recommend it for anyone who wants to walk for exercise. It really help you to monitor what you’re doing. I do 10,000 steps every day, which for me, is about 4.25 miles. About half of that I get from a daily walk, the rest from my normal routine. It’s especially important for writers to move around.


    • Ana says:

      It sounds like unpacking and moving are great ways for you to get exercise, too. 🙂 10,000 steps is great!

      I used to use a pedometer, but now I seem to break every one that I buy. I took a hint and gave up. 😉


  9. SJ says:

    Thanks Ana do relating me join. I am very excited and motivated to keep my goals now that I said them out loud. Excersise cardio 45 mins 5 a week 2 excersise classes less sugar (nine would be crazy and I do like to bake) and drink more water. This week I met everything except water need to work on that. Happy to hear how well everyone is doing!


    • Ana says:

      Good for you! I did not make my goals this week, sadly, but I will try again next week. I am a bit awed at the exercise goals other people have. I hope that I can start getting fit again. It’s wonderful that you did so well!


    • Ana says:

      YAY!!! Congrats! You can post here, and if you want you can post on your own blog with the I did it! logo. Email me for the file, or you can take it from Celete’s blog. Yay!


  10. Penelope says:

    I’d like to sign up please 🙂 I walk every day as I have a very frisky dawg, but I think a bit of light weight-training stuff on top might be good (we have a home gym thing). I will try to do half an hour twice a week.


  11. Blue Bird says:

    Please add me to the e-mail group. I have been trying to do this with the motivation of my husband. I think I need more support. Thanks for starting this.


    • Ana says:

      Hi Blue Bird! Actually the email turned out not to be such a great idea because some people just wanted to be left alone. 😀 But if you email me (address is on the sidebar) I can sure email you along with a couple others who have kept in touch with goals and so on. Yay for support!


  12. Ami says:

    This sounds excellent! I just got here via Irishey. Now I know why Minelle brags about her weight loss all the time! I don’t really want to discuss weight as I am on a plateau yet again, but keeping fit would be great because at the moment I have the fitness levels of a slug moving backwards!

    I would like to ‘spin’ for ten minutes every day to increase my cardiovascular function. I’ve done it before and felt so healthy, but somehow I got demotivated. In case you don’t have the term ‘spin’ in the US, it means cycling on an exercise cycle as fast as you can with the maximum resistance you can cope with, until your muscles burn. It is excellent for people like me with ‘sugar’ problems. So definitely count me in. But I will have to set my goal for next week, as it is Saturday in just a few hours.

    Sorry you have had foot problems. Due to my misspent youth, I have bunions, which are unsightly and I hate. They mean that I only sit down when wearing ‘high heels’ as to walk in them is a disaster. LOL! Life’s a pig at times!

    BTW, I wrote you some nice comments on my blog, and the stupid Blogger ate them along with everyone else’s, so I did one longer comment at the bottom. Thank you for all your encouragement, once again!




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