Ana’s Advent Calendar 2012!

Would you like a $50 gift certificate to Blushing Books or one of 34 free books from 18 authors?  Come and play Ana’s Advent Calendar December 1st-24th!

Do you remember, if you were lucky, having an advent calendar as a child?  The traditional kind had small, perforated paper windows to open for each day of December.  Each day’s window revealed a small surprise.  Usually it was a piece of chocolate or candy.  I never had one, but I envied the children who did.  Guess what?  We’re going to have an Advent Calendar, but we’re going to do it my way!

How will the advent calendar work, Ana style?  There will be rules.  Of course there will be rules.

  • Sign up!  Be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you are a winner!  This will ensure that I track your comments to give you credit for each day that you play.  If you have any trouble leaving a comment, please let me know immediately by email.  If you do not sign up, you will not get credit for your entries!
  • Play daily.  Leave a comment responding to a regular post* (Monday Morning Fika or Six Sentence Sunday) or answering a daily Advent Calendar question.  Only one comment per post will count as an entry, but you are welcome and encouraged to leave additional comments as part of the conversation.
  • Check for the winner list on Christmas Day!  Those who participate the most will win!

Yup, that’s it!  Oh, you want more rules?  Well, if you insist.  😉

  • Surprise Checks!  Prizes will be awarded during random “surprise checks” throughout the month.  It may be the first person to post on a certain day, a randomly selected commenter on a randomly selected day, the first person to mention a secret word, or anything else.  Surprise!
  • Perfect Attendance award!  Everyone who comments every day (by midnight EST on the day of each post) of the month will win a small surprise.
  • Free book days!  A few authors will be offering one or more books free on select days in December.  Check for details on the blog throughout the month.

*GOOB (Get Off Our Butts) post comments do not count toward the Advent Calendar entries.  Any comment that has been copy-pasted, contains advertising material, is offensive, or does not address the post or question will be disqualified.  Participants must be age 18 or older, and winners must claim their prize within one week or it will be re-assigned.


Prize Pool


+$50 Gift Certificate to Blushing Books


+The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus (THREE TWO copies!) by your Advent Calendar host, Anastasia Vitsky

The Birthday Wish (TWO copies!) and Underwear Probation by Celeste Jones

Deathless Love and The Knight’s Prisoner by Renee Rose

*To Love a Woman and *The Point of it All by Jade Cary

Jinxie’s Orchids by Maren Smith

Charla’s Shadow by Robin Smith

The Headstrong Miss Henley by Emma K. Gardner

+Cowboys in Charge by Starla Kaye

*Traditional Love, *Traditional Terms, and *Of Yesterday by Alta Hensley

*Action and Cutaway by Liz Borino

Becky’s Last Chance by Constance Masters

Tough Choice by Patty Devlin

+A Firm Husband, +Karyn and the Crigon, and Dark Without You by Sue Lyndon

+Late Bloomer and +What Happens to Naughty Girls by Erica Scott

Liaison and Pierced by Natasha Knight

+Liv’s Journey by Patricia Green

Rth Rising, Learning Trust, and/or Homecoming (winner’s choice, three prizes total) by Donna Steele (not spanking stories)

The Apple Tree Blossoms in the Fall by Armineh Ohanian (not a spanking story)


Gift certificate to Loose Id to purchase Unexpected Consequences or False Pretenses by Cara Bristol



Prizes may be added or deleted throughout the month.


*Donated by Lazy Day Publishing

+Donated by Blushing Books

List of prizes awarded to date.

18 thoughts on “Ana’s Advent Calendar 2012!

    • Ana says:

      Giggle. I know. The perfect attendance thing sounds school-ish too, but I didn’t know how else to say it simply and clearly.

      But…at school surprise checks mean punishment, not rewards. Here a surprise check means a prize. 😀


      • pao says:

        It does! How nice if school had ‘Free Book Days’.
        Haha, better things to attribute to that term now. Some teachers can be horribly thorough with their checks.

        Unrelated, but Spongebob Squarepants has a song titled ‘I’m a Goofy Goober’ 😀


    • Ana says:

      Not too late at all! Head over to the sign-up sheet and get started. A little birdie told me that there mayyyyyyyyy be some prizes the first day or two. Shhhhh. 😉


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