The Hills Are Alive…With the Sound of Thankfulness!

Seriously.  These days, what is there NOT to be thankful about?

Don’t answer that question.

Today, listing thankfulnesses seems like bragging.  I should apologize.  Should.

To make me feel less like a braggart, will you please join in with your thankfulnesses so we can cheer together?

  • A gorgeous cover for my first book!
  • Only 9 days until The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus goes on sale at Blushing!
  • Finally finished a major revision of Kat 2!  Now I get to do a less major revision.  😛
  • Advent Calendar!  Thank you, thank you, THANK you to everyone who is donating prizes, participating, and even just hoping for chocolate from the sidelines.  (*cough*Susie*cough*)  Yay!  I can’t wait to see how much fun (crazy) December is going to be.  Thank you for making me look forward to December.  🙂
  • A documentary that I need for my research is available for a special screening tonight, and I’ve got a ticket!  Honestly I’m not expecting it to be great and I’m not in the mood for day-job research, but at least now I can say that I’ve seen it.
  • I’ve completed 2/5 days of my GOOB challenge!  The side effects have been that I feel better, get more chores done, and am happier with myself.  Yay GOOBers!  Yay unofficial GOOBers who are thinking about it but not ready to make the commitment yet!
  • Something exciting happening for Kat and Natalie.  Can’t say yet.  😀

Okay, it’s your turn!  What are you thankful for today?


22 thoughts on “The Hills Are Alive…With the Sound of Thankfulness!

  1. pao says:

    Ha! Wouldn’t want to be a mischievous forest sprite or pixie around those alternative hills. I’m thankful that everyone has made December very different for me this year and that a very special uncle is well 😀


  2. Joelle Casteel says:

    yeah for the book release!! and bragging is sometimes needed. You know, I’ve read in several places now that “editing a book takes at least a year”
    So I’m thankful for completing NaNoWriMo and doing it 2 days before the end. I’m thankful for the switch to a wider variety of author-type work to my day’s. I’m thankful I have an idea outline for my next blog post on my author blog. I’m most especially thankful for 2 relaxed, sleeping dogs- 75 lbs and 131 lbs of dog is a lot of deal with.


    • Ana says:

      Hurray about Nano! I ended up not doing it this year because it was bad timing. Oh well, I wrote more than 50K in October and I had to do a lot of revising/editing in November.

      Have a wonderful day. 🙂


  3. Bad Penny says:

    Ana I feel the very same way about tooting my own horn, but seriously that’s exciting news that needs to be shared. I don’t know about anyone else, but it gives me hope of being more than a short story published author!

    I’m thankful for all the people I have met on my journey through writing, and I’m thankful for Renee Rose for introducing me to the great bunch of Spanking girls. I’m so grateful she took a chance with me, and gave me a hand up.

    Please make sure when your book is published to email your links. I want to promote you as much as I can 😀

    P.S. Because I’m famous for my p.s.’s … I’m thankful for getting off my lazy bum and working out, thanks to you and a very awesome person in my life.

    (I’m shutting up now with all my thankfulness LOL)



    • Ana says:

      Yay!! Lots of PS notes about thankfulness are always welcome! Yay for you about getting published. You will get there…it just depends whether you want to do the work! You can do it!

      Also yay about GOOB. 😀


  4. kiwigirliegirl says:

    you have lots to be thankful about 🙂 great post….and yeah for all the Goobers….im running out of time…my deadline to start is 1st December – and then i have 6 days in which to do 2 days of exercise – or i face the consequences. Perhaps I should be thankful for that otherwise I would NEVER gett off my butt.
    And perhaps I should be thankful for an earlier than normal bedtime last night and a spanking for something I did 😦 which could have been worse than it was (but it was bad enough), but i confessed before i was found out.
    I am VERY thankful that Sir didnt use the dreaded “white tail” implement he made for me for last nights incident. He could have done, perhaps should have done, but he was lenient.
    I AM thankful for this new bedtime rule and how well it’s working for me.
    I am thankful that Sir has reinstated that I have to remind him when I am due a spanking (as he sometimes forgets) and said a long time ago its my responsibility to remind him and I started to not remind him. This has now been reinstated.
    I am thankful for my bloggy friends, your wonerful success as a writer and your lovely blog.
    I love the picture by the way, so true
    Hugs kiwi xxx


      • kiwigirliegirl says:

        lol not so sure the spanking was a “good thing”…it hurt and I am litterally sitting on a cushion here at work today. Thankfully noone has asked why LOL. Yup, I certainly got scolded last night. For some reason the bedtime thing is working 🙂 Next week may be different when he is not there to make sure I do follow. So it will be a test. My intentions are good…but you know how we girls can get distracted and lose our good intentions. So … watch this space…i will post about it.
        Hugs kiwi xx


        • Ana says:

          For you, my dear, I bet it is a good thing. 😀 Also, you said no white tail.

          You can do it next week if you try! Half your battles are because you convince yourself that you don’t want to.


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