22 thoughts on “We interrupt your Advent Calendar programming…

  1. Bas says:

    Unique is completely out of her wits. On pre-order. Yah, Yah.
    She has been practising her famous sniffing scene all morning.
    It must be perfect December 8th.


  2. Joelle Casteel says:

    How mean of you, Ana, to post such a thing when I’ve already overspent my budget for my Master’s paycheck 😦 pouts. And to remind me before the next one arrives so I can buy yours and Alta Hensley’s “Traditional Love.”


    • Ana says:

      This will teach you not to overspend budgets, dear. 🙂 Always save a little in case of emergencies.


      In all seriousness, Traditional Love was FREE during Spank or Treat! Don’t you remember me telling you about it? Also, keep playing the Advent Calendar. Both my book and Alta’s (all three!) are potential prizes. 🙂


  3. Joelle Casteel says:

    Yeah, I know… spank or Treat… and things were crazy and I didn’t get into it. emergencies schmergencies. There were already so many things… like the Nanowrimo winner’s shirt. But yes, yours and Alta’s, at least that first one. I need to read it as the sequel was reading for some challenge that I have to find again that I wanted to do.


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