The “Laugh out Loud” Advent Calendar Surprise Check!

Congratulations to Jade Cary, winner of the Laugh out Loud Advent Calendar Surprise Check!  We’ve had some wonderful discussion for today’s Fika about being a vanilla but spank-friendly writer, and in addition to some good-natured teasing we had some *very* funny moments.

I decided today that the first comment to make me laugh out loud (for real, not just lol) would win the third surprise check!  This was Jade’s comment:

Wonderful to meet you, Donna. I, too, am vanilla. (stop laughing, ladies!. I AM! We’ve discussed this in previous posts!) This whole spanking thing is something that’s ingrained and unexplainable. The idea (for some…ahem) and the act (for OTHERS) serves an odd purpose. Whether it’s the erogenous zone of the bottom, or the idea that a man (or woman) will and can take it upon his-or-herself to DO this to you/for you, is hot. I think maybe the answer is that women (and men, but I’m not talking about them now) who want or need this have a submissive side that they are giving in to. I know that outwardly I was not always ‘this way’, but my insides were boiling over with rich fantasies, from the time I was old enough to think–three or four probably. I was always, and still am, very strong of will and of mind, but I’ve recently had to admit that there is a submissive side here that likes the IDEA of being taken in hand or whatever you want to call it. It’s a head-scratcher and I’m still trying to figure it out. In the meantime I write it and that makes me happy. I’m always hoping it makes the reader happy, too.

Welcome, and I’m off to check out your books.

Yes.  Jade called herself vanilla.  Here was my response:

I’m sorry, Jade, but I didn’t hear a word you said after you said “vanilla”. I laughed myself so sick that I had to get a drink of water. :D

Her response?

Rude. ;)


Jade, you win the third Surprise Check for making me laugh so hard that I really did need a drink of water.  I’ll be sending a small book-related surprise your way in the next day or two.  Merry early Christmas, you nut!


P.S.  No, the prize is NOT vanilla-flavored.  😉


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