Team Sue vs. Team Ana! (Advent Calendar Day 5)

Today’s Advent Calendar post is brought to you by Sue Lyndon, aka the “naughty Sue” who bribed voters with cookies to sign up for Team Sue.  Worse, she is bribing you *again* by offering a free book today!  I know she’s been generous, but please!  Don’t forget the Ana who makes rules for you, threatens you, and makes you sign up on separate posts for prizes…er, maybe I should stop talking.  😉

By the way, I have a bone to pick with Sue.  Yes, I’m airing dirty laundry in public!  I thought she was offering this free book to *me* because I was her favorite fan and her best friend in all the world.  I was thrilled to get my free book…only to discover that she was giving it away to EVERYONE!  That’s right, everyone!  What happened to my special status?  So I posted saying that the book was mine and she shouldn’t keep giving it away to other people.

Do you know what she said?

She said I was very naughty not to share, she was going to tell Mrs. Claus, and that I wouldn’t be able to sit down after Mrs. Claus was done with her wooden spoon!

–>insert shocked and horrified emoticon!!<—

I tried to say that Mrs. Claus would have something to say to *Sue* about tattling, but Sue seems to think that Mrs. Claus will side against me.

(I’m thinking that Ms. Sue has PLENTY of naughty deeds!  I’m waiting to hear all of them!)

Sue’s Advent Calendar question is:

Tell us about something you did that might land you on Santa’s naughty list this year.  Tell the truth!  Mrs. Claus is standing by with a wooden spoon!

However, I’d like to interject an additional question.

Who do you think should get attention from Mrs. Claus and her spoon?  The very naughty Sue?  Or the angelic and misunderstood Ana?  In other words, are you Team Ana or Team Ana?  Oh, okay.  I guess Team Sue is a choice, if I must list it.

Sue’s book is free today on Amazon.  But DON’T get it!  This offer is clearly an attempt at voter fraud.  Plus, this book is mine.  Mine, I tell you!  😀

*  Blurb for Christmas with the Professor:

Angela can’t stop fantasizing about her former Psychology professor, Dr. Taylor. His commanding presence and deep, gravelly voice bring out the submissive girl inside her, the girl she left behind after her last Dom cast her aside. But is Dr. Taylor kinky? When she shows up at his house with fresh-baked Christmas cookies, she attempts to tease the Dom out of him and ends up getting much more than she bargained for – her heart softens to a man for the first time in years. She flees for the safety of her apartment expecting to spend the holidays alone licking her wounds. When an unexpected visitor comes knocking on Christmas morning, will she slam the door and continue to guard her heart? Or will she open herself up to a new year of possibilities.


Amazon UK

Other books that Sue is donating toward the Advent Calendar Prize Pool:

P.S.  I nominate Sue for the Liebster Award.

Ha!  🙂

60 thoughts on “Team Sue vs. Team Ana! (Advent Calendar Day 5)

  1. pao says:

    Lol, the Liebster Award. Why not both get equal attention from Mrs. Claus? 😛 As for what might get me on the naughty list.. I stole candy for sport. Please don’t judge me!


  2. Minelle says:

    Yay Sue, someone else that agrees Ana is a very naughty girl! I knew blogland was aware she is trying to stay on Mrs. Claus’s good side! Trying to steal our books, the nerve!

    Sue,does driving SLOOOOOOWWWW on purpose count? I will not go into more detail. Ahem. Santa knows everything anyway.

    Thanks for the free book, yay!! I love your books! I cannot wait for the next one after a Firm Husband!


    • Ana says:

      lol! Passive-aggressive driving? I admit to doing that too now and then.

      After you get Sue’s free book and she can’t take it away from you, will you vote for me then? Pretty please?


  3. Joseph McNamara says:

    Although in hind sight it worked out for the best, I walked away from a woman author who was putting a pretty heavy desire on me for a relationship a few months ago. I won’t say I had cold feet, just a feeling of uneasiness in the rush I felt at the time. I know my own sadness was expressed in poetic form on my blog and she must have had some hurt of her own when all this happened. The fact that I hate to see anyone hurt and perhaps it could have been handled differently, gives me cause to think that I may be on that Naughty list at least for a moment this year…..


  4. Joelle Casteel says:

    Well I joked the other day in your status message on Facebook about over-committing…and not admitting it to my Master, who’s always watching to keep me from over-committing so I don’t make myself sick.

    And well on the second question, sorry, but I gotta, Ana… I think you stand to be corrected by Mrs. Claus ’cause you’ll take the correction to heart 😀

    heh free book…. I’ll have to look at that later.


  5. Kelsey S. says:

    I think both of you (Ana and Sue) should be on the naughty list. As for what would make me end up on the naughty list – I think the top would be lying to my pre-teen daughter about what my vibrator is. I’m not joking when I tell you that about a month ago she came downstairs with it – saying “look what I found” and then asking if it was a back and neck massager. I must have turned 15 shades of red and told her that of course that’s exactly what it was. Needless to say hubby had to run out of the room with a coughing spell. This is why I tell them not to snoop through mommy’s drawers.


    • Ana says:


      I’m not totally sure that counts as naughty. If I were your daughter I would WANT my mom to lie about something like that!!

      Besides, some of them ARE massagers, or at least that’s what it says on the box.


    • Sue Lyndon says:

      LOL Kelsey, your vibrator story reminds me of the time my kid found my handcuffs. I had to tell her they were from a time I dressed up as a cop for Halloween a few years ago….yep I lied to my kid too!


  6. Sunny Girl says:

    Since I couldn’t pick a team, I think you should both be on the naughty list. Just read my post and you’ll know that I will be right there with you. Mrs. Claus may have met her match.

    Thank you Sue for books.


    • Ana says:

      It doesn’t look like I’m going to win this vote and Sue already won round one, so I guess a draw is better than a loss. 🙂

      Poor naughty Sunny. I hope the air changes soon.


  7. Julia says:

    I’ve been a very good girl all year! And Sinterklaas knows it. Santa doesn’t visit me, so who cares what Mrs. Claus thinks.
    OK, she must be real, because otherwise Ana wouldn’t write about her, and since I’m on her team, I believe everything she writes. Sorry, Mrs. Claus, I do beg your pardon.
    I’d love to read Sue’s book, but I don’t own a Kindle. Drat. Isn’t there a PDF version?
    I guess giving in to my kink makes me naughty. What do you all think?

    Hugs, Julia


  8. Bas says:

    Lately, I did several naughty things but, since I am a no-spanking-area, I won’t get spanked for any of them. How’s that?
    I tricked my blog readers into reading a promo for a certain book.(Very, Very Bad).
    I got Sue’s book, and am still on Ana’s team. (I can be bribed, but I don’t guarantee that I stay bribed).


    • Ana says:

      That was a VERY VERY good and sweet thing to do. I’m going to post the link for Thankfulness tomorrow. 🙂

      Yay!!! Thank you for being Team Ana. Sorry, Sue.


  9. Cat says:

    Thank you for sharing the book Sue, you are an awesome author. But Sue, it is not Ana’s fault if she misunderstood that the book was a gift just to her. It is up to you to give your own gifts and tattling to Mrs. Claus…that should definitely put your tush in the crosshairs for Mrs. Claus’ wooden spoon. 😉 Sorry Sue -> go Team Ana.

    Naughty? Me? I keep trying to tell people that I’m an angel and all I keep getting is snorts, giggles, and eye-rolling. I really don’t think that firmly telling a highway patrolman that he was wrong (only implying that he is an idiot) in the middle of a sandwich shop should put me on the naughty list.


    • Ana says:

      Oh, Cat!

      You are so full of it. 🙂 In a good way. Isn’t the story fun?

      Also, MANY thanks for voting Team Ana. I agree that tattling is probably just as naughty (I hope!) as anything I might have done.

      As to you, well, your blog isn’t called giggles and grins for nothing!


  10. jadecaryade says:

    I am so darn good I cannot think of a thing I did this year to earn a place on that dreaded list. Does not answering the phone when your husband calls becasue you’re having lunch with a girlfriend, then ignoring repeated calls only to make him insane with worry because there was a storm and he thought I might be lying in a ditch somewhere…count?

    Does becoming so involved in writing that I forgot to pick my kid up from practice, AND my phone died so I couldn’t take the coach’s or my once-again-insanely-frantic husband’s call until about an hour later…count?

    If not, then I’m A-OK.

    They both need a dose of the Claus, but for the orginal picking sides thing, I’m still on Team Sue.

    Ana, rewmind everyone WHY Team Sue is the better team.


    • Ana says:


      Jade, I am imagining you laughing away as you type messages like these.

      Your poor kid and husband! However, I can’t throw too many stones because the best writing ideas always strike when I need to be someplace especially important.

      Wait…there *is* no reason that Team Sue is the better team. Cookies and books are nice, but…


  11. His First Mate says:

    Something to put me on the naughty list….Oh, that’s easy -Almost burning down the house AGAIN. Sue is great, but I’m team Ana all the way.


  12. Sassy Chassy says:

    I believe Ana goes on the naughty list this time and deserves a trip over Mrs. Clauses knee. Not sharing! Humph, she needs to go over her knee for sure! As far as my own misdeeds…I definitely could have kept a cleaner house this year (I say as I’m looking at the ten loads of laundry that need to be done today.) What? I’ve been busy! And there are six people living in this house! Who me? Try to blame others? Never!


    • Ana says:

      I’m not laughing. Really I’m not. Especially not since you voted against me. Aw…I need to set out a better bribe next time. 🙂

      Though I’m not sure cleaning (or lack of it) counts as naughtiness. No one died, right?


  13. SassyTwatter says:

    So I read this post in bed early this morning & decided I was just best to skip today. The horrors of saying out loud all the naughty things I’ve done this year was just to much. Seriously, some stuff just happened and not really my fault! But damn that Jewish guilt. I’m back. First I have to say I am Team Sue. I just finished Dark Without You- I loved it! Thank you so much for the free book. Thankfully, if I just end up with lumps of coal this Christmas & least I still get Hanukkah.


    • Ana says:

      lol! Chicken! 😀

      Hey, I didn’t list all of the naughty things I’ve done. Plus, Sue only asked about one. I think. 🙂

      I am angelic and misunderstood, so I certainly understand what you mean about things not being our fault. The only question is whether we can get Mrs. Claus to believe it.

      Besides, sometimes it’s fun to be bad. 😀


  14. abby says:

    Love free books! something naughty….umm..driving too fast and getting caught….Team Ana…but you both should have a go with that spoon!
    hugs abby


  15. Penelope says:

    I’ve been mulling this over all day. But then this is truly a weighty matter. I did like the free book (thank you, Sue!)… but then Ana wrote such a cute and funny post, and I can just picture her little face lighting up at every Team Ana vote… and fretfully frowning in the manner of a seven-year-old warned that the Spank Fairy is about to call on her at every Team Sue one…

    Talk about a Gordian knot! I might have to abstain, you know.

    As for things I’ve done that might land me on Santa’s naughty list… where to start? 😉


  16. Mike says:

    my first pick would be team Ana should feel the spoon first from mrs claus and desver be spanked first then team sue should be second since that team be just as naughty too and need spanked to by mrs claus to make sure behave


  17. Leona Bowman says:

    Oh my.. some really naught children out their. lol
    I done fibbing this year.. little white lies.. bad.. I know.. but I just did not want to get punished for not doing my housework and stuf.. oopps.. don’t tell my family..

    I hope Mrs claus.. will be nice to both tean Ana and team sue.. everyone needs to be forgiven. Okay maybe a little spanking.. Just a tap..


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