Mrs. Claus surprise check!

Today’s Advent Calendar post is here.

I admit it.  Yesterday I wanted to conduct a surprise check for the first person to vote for Team Ana.  I told myself that this was *my* Advent Calendar, I set the rules, and if I wanted to use an after-the-fact bribe it was within my prerogative.  I figured if I put up a reward for voting for Team Ana, the votes would all come my way and it would be a landslide.

Then a vision of Mrs. Claus appeared, and I must say that her wooden spoon was rather intimidating.  I tried to reason with her that Sue was using bribery and it was only fair for me to level the playing field, but Mrs. Claus crisply told me that I should be concerned about my own behavior.  Then she gave me reason to become *very* concerned, *very* fast.

Let’s just say that Mrs. Claus and I have an “understanding” now.

She makes her wishes known, and I understand them.

In deference to the avenging Mrs. Claus, I conducted a “Mrs. Claus” surprise check for yesterday’s entries.  Everyone who mentioned “Mrs. Claus” in his or her comment was put into a prize pool:

  • Pao
  • Minelle
  • Joelle
  • Sunny Girl
  • Julia
  • Cat
  • Sassy Chassy

Then I randomly chose one of the names.  Who was the winner?  Why, it was our very favorite:

Sunny Girl!

I randomly selected one of Sue’s books for you, and you win A Firm Husband.

Congratulations, Sunny!  Please email me so I can set you up with a copy of the book.

Regarding the Perfect Attendance Award, we have an impressive eleven contenders as of yesterday!

  • Bas
  • Minelle
  • Abby
  • Jade
  • Julia
  • Kelsey
  • Pao
  • Renee
  • Sassy Chassy
  • SassyTwatter
  • Sunny Girl


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