Naughty, fun Christmas gifts

Today’s Advent Calendar post is brought to you by Starla Kaye, a name that will be familiar to many readers of spanking stories.  Since we’ve confessed some of our naughty deeds already, why not carry that theme a bit further?  Starla’s Advent Calendar question today is:

Thinking from a slightly “naughty” side, what would be a “fun” Christmas gift for you to receive?

I can think of more than one naughty girl or boy who deserves a good spanking for Christmas!  I would list them, but I’m slightly afraid of what silly fibs they might tell Mrs. Claus in retaliation.

(Speaking of Mrs. Claus, today is the long-awaited release day of The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus!  But back to the topic.)

I think a fun gift for me to receive would be the gift to say and do exactly what I wanted to certain people in my life, without repercussions.  It’s not a nice idea and not a nice gift, but I would relish it.  🙂  Also, Starla did say “naughty”.  That’s probably not quite the “naughty” she meant, but there’s room for interpretation.

How about you?  What would you like to receive?




COWBOYS IN CHARGE includes seven stories of strong, loving cowboys and the women who try their patience.

Snowed in with Her Cowboy

James wants Kelly to quit work and start a family, but she resists the idea. Will he give up the idea of a family or will he give up Kelly?

Too Much Red at Christmas Time 

Lizzie has a bizarre addiction to Christmas shopping and she can’t help herself, even knowing she will face the wrath of her husband who believes in domestic discipline.

For the Love of His Cowgirl

Amber missed the fun little games she and Adam used to play. There never seemed to be time for steamy sex, or even the spankings he’d occasionally given her for various infractions of rules or for misbehavior. Could she entice him back, get the dwindling fires of their love going again?

Cowboys and Their Toys 

Jennifer loved Jason and she’d trusted him as he led her into the BDSM lifestyle. But now he wanted to take things to a more intense level and she balked at it. Would she lose him if she didn’t agree to go 24/7?

Naughty, Naughty Cowgirl 

Spankings had not solved all of their problems. Justin had known something was wrong with Nicci. He knew he should have tried to talk to her sooner, but he’d avoided that until she moved out and shattered him.

All I Want for Christmas (Biggest Prize Ever)

Krystal loved the bad-ass bull rider, but she wasn’t into sharing Ryan with all of the rodeo bunnies who lusted after him. She’d spent too many years living for his visits home. It was time to move on and find someone she could depend on to be there all of the time.

A Special Gift for Her Cowboy 

Christina wanted time and attention from Joshua but he’d become sour, lost his sense of humor, rarely made love to her. He hadn’t even spanked her in months. She’s not willing to give up on her cowboy. Maybe a Christmas gift on the edgy side will help win him back.

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55 thoughts on “Naughty, fun Christmas gifts

  1. JuliaD says:

    Actually, it’s the present I’m giving myself this year: I’m going to a fetish party next week, wearing a corset and a (dare I say it?) mini skirt.

    Hugs, Julia


  2. Sue Lyndon says:

    A larger lock box to store my favorite toys in…it’s getting crowded in there and I’m having to hide some stuff on the top shelf of my closet, lest my kids find handcuffs or something worse…again. 🙂


    • Ana says:

      Giggle. Maybe you should get a big box and label it “Extra enrichment homework” on your kids’ least favorite subjects. Draw pictures for the little ones who aren’t reading yet. 😛


  3. Mike says:

    a spanking from a female dress up in santa outfit or spanking from mrs claus i been naughty she should spank me. then few gift i cant think of any but Ana ok if you list my name as one of the naughty boys who need spanking i wont deny it


  4. Bad Penny says:

    Oh Ana…I’m loving your advent calendar. Sorry I haven’t had time to post this week, but I love this naughty gift idea…

    So… I want to be spanked till I can’t sit, and then cuddled the hell-out-of afterwards. (of course not while laying on my hiney LOL )

    Bad Penny’s always to blame.


  5. Sunny Girl says:

    One of those new paddles from Blondie’s Esty shop and then experiencing it to warm me up. Oh wait, I’m not in cold climes. Oh well.


  6. Sassy Chassy says:

    Something along the lines of a day alone with hubby, a massage table, and a good strapping with a new custom strap that I opened under the Christmas tree! 🙂


  7. Sassy Chassy says:

    Starla, I’m excited to see you here on Ana ‘s advent calender! I just bought two of your books a couple days ago! I’m excited to read your work!


  8. pao says:

    I think I’d like to break glass ware in a departmental store (at least a huge shelf’s worth)..and be able to get away with it. There’s just something about the sound of glass breaking.


  9. Joseph McNamara says:

    Well, I’ve got just the thing here. I would love to have Santa put a “Big” box with a Red bow under my tree this year. My “significant other” blogged that she would like to put herself in a big box and mail it “care of sir” to her dominant. Of course, I would have to “open” before Christmas !!!


  10. Joelle Casteel says:

    So I have 2 things- the ginseng massage oil that I’ found at Spencers about a decade ago that I can no longer find and a simple, over the knee spanking.

    And a funny aside- I’m not sure why brainstorming possible daily topics (like so far I have “What I’m reading Wednesday” and “Submissive Saturday”) reminded me that I needed to check your Advent post for today 😀


  11. SassyTwatter says:

    Excited Starla Kaye is on the advent calendar today and that I remembered to check. Her books were the first spanking/dd fiction I read. I’m a sucker for cowboys.

    Something naughty…I’d like a wicked night with my husband no interuptions, places or things to do, no work thoughts just 24 hours locked away to play and try all the things we have been talking about.

    Happy Saturday!


    • Ana says:

      Wicked, eh? I’d hope you get it! 😀

      Good thing you didn’t forget or else you would have lost your Perfect Attendance Award. You’re doing great!

      And isn’t Starla lovely?


      • SassyTwatter says:

        She is wonderful! I got your book looking forward to reading it when I come gone so I can snuggle by the fire to get the full holiday experience.

        Perfect Attendance would be hilarious- grade school through grad school not a month went by where I made it a month without missing.


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