Birth control for books and the “oops” baby

Today you outdid yourselves.  I am amazed.  What lovely, sweet messages.  Thank you especially to Jade Cary who posted this amazing, tear-jerking post today in response to the Advent Calendar.  Thank you, Jade.  It means more than I can say.

Thank you for all of the sweet and funny comments, ranging from Vennie pulling Kat’s hair next year (Celeste) or being Vennie’s godfather (Bas) or the difficulties of birthing art (Minelle) or any of the number of sweet, profound, touching comments.  I am touched by the wisdom and poetry of today’s comments.

Thank you, dear blogland friends.

The prize today goes to Cara Bristol for her comment:

Book-baby! Love the term. I think what happened is that Vennie was the accidental, unplanned book-baby. Had you used book-control, Kat & Nat would have been your firstborns.


That was too good not to win a prize.  Just how does a person use birth control for books?  As Celeste said, Vennie was the “oops” baby.

I rolled with laughter at Cara’s comment, and as a reward she will receive Action by Liz Borino.  Congratulations, Cara!

Cara’s response:

I won? How cool! I shall endeavor to make more funny comments.

Happy Advent Calendar, everyone!  Brace yourself.  Ms. Bristol will be letting loose with the funny comments.  You may want to pad the floor with pillows in case you need to roll around while laughing.  🙂


P.S. Cara, this time you don’t have to worry about what I’ll write you doing in a story.  😉


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