A Christmas Movie Spanking

One of my favorite Christmas movies is the old, old stop-animated Rudolph with the little elf who thinks he doesn’t fit in anywhere.  I love the little abominable snowman.  I scare easily, and this is one of the few movies I can watch without having to turn off the volume.

As I’ve been attacking the clutter and dirt in my home the past few days, I’ve alternated putting on Christmas carols and Christmas movies.  Yesterday One Magic Christmas  and Holiday in Handcuffs got me through putting up my Christmas lights (I know!  Terribly late for the person who announced Christmas season the day after Thanksgiving, right?  I’ll make up for it by keeping the lights up until the end of January.  Heh.) and emptying almost all of my cupboards to wipe them down.  Then I had the bright idea to order shelf liner (in a pretty red gingham) to make it easier to clean my cupboards the next time (in another 2.5 years, most likely!).  I also got a turntable to make better use of a blind corner cupboard.  I congratulated myself on my homemaking skills (had better success with cleaning cupboards than deep-scrubbing my bathroom…the fumes gave me a headache for most of a day) until it hit me.  I had piles of dishes and pantry food items that would have no place to go until the shelf liner arrived.  Two days later.


I couldn’t even make dinner because I had cupboard contents scattered everywhere.  On top of the stove.  On top of and in front of (blocking the door) microwave.  Everywhere.  The sink was piled with dusty dishes to wash and dusty dishes that had been washed.

I finally squished things just far enough over to reach the toaster.  I munched happily on an English muffin with ham and cheese while I retreated to my office to think.  Not defeated, you understand.  Only yielding for the moment until I had a better attack plan.

While I thought things over, I put on yet another Christmas movie.  (Confession.  I’m kind of tired of Christmas movies now.  But stick with me.)  12 Dates of Christmas.  I realized that in all three Christmas movies, a character was behaving badly.  Four, if you count Rudolph.

(By the way, Holiday in Handcuffs not only mentions a kidnapping and handcuffs, but there is also a scene where an elderly gas station attendant suggests that the man being kidnapped must have been spanked…and then calls him lucky.  Kink alert!)

Really?  A full-grown man is kidnapped and doesn’t even try to wrestle control of the car from her?  Have all of the action movie sequences lied to us for a century?  I’m not even into M/F spanking (unless it’s teasing Minelle), but I would have loved for Mr. Kidnappee say something like, “Fine, my mama taught me never to lift a hand against a woman.  I won’t, but at the very least you’re going to get a good, old-fashioned spanking.”

Really, don’t all of us have at least one movie that we wish included a good spanking?  Or book, of course.  I’d love to see A Little Princess with some F/F spanking for Miss Minchin.  Ahem.  Back to Christmas.  (Ana, after 18 days of all Christmas all the time, are you starting to lose steam?  Never!  Candy cane all the way!  Or is it the mess of your kitchen that’s causing you to lose focus?  Hmm…I better get back to the cleaning.  :))

Our Advent Calendar question today, courtesy of the elvishly naughty Emma Gardner, is this:

If you could add a spanking scene to one of your favorite Christmas movies, what would it be?

Holly Nolan trusts her psychiatrist, the caring and compassionate (and very cute) Dr. Copeland. She trusts him so much, that when he recommends a course of aversion therapy to cure her excessive junk food consumption, she agrees. What does that mean exactly? It means that at every session, Holly will eat junk food in front of Dr. Copeland, and in response, he will take her over his knee and administer a long, hard, bare-bottom spanking. There’s only one problem. Holly kind of likes the treatment. She likes the feel of lying over Dr. Copeland’s hard thighs. She likes how safe she feels with him tightly holding her in place. And even though it hurts so much she cries, she likes the feel of his hand (but not the other implements he uses) spanking her soft bottom until in throbs and burns. How can aversion therapy work if it’s pleasurable?

51 thoughts on “A Christmas Movie Spanking

  1. Joseph McNamara says:

    In the movie “Christmas Vacation” I always thought that when Chevy Chase’s (Clark Griswald) boss show up at his home in the end of the movie and finally see’s the light in what he has done to his employees and their families by taking away the bonuses, that his wife, who is equally outraged should turn him over her knee and spank him before the whole Griswald family. Then the proper humiliation in what the scrooge like character did to his workforce would be complete….


  2. Bas says:

    I would not want to change a Christmas Movie. Not even to put a spanking in. I’m not that fond of looking at spankings. Christmas is all about traditions and changing a movie I have seen for years and years, seems like sacrilege.


  3. Natasha Knight says:

    I love those claymation movies. I still watch them with my kids which only shows how old I’m getting… Ok, but one of my favorite Christmas movies is with Denis Leary and it’s called The Ref. Does anyone remember it? It’s hysterical! As far as adding a spanking, I like a good m/f spanking (and f/f, but for this movie, it’s going to be m/f) So, I think Kevin Spacey should spank Judy Davis. Denis Leary is just too funny and him doing the spanking wouldn’t have the same umph…

    Oh, Ana, I watched a neighbor clean all her windows, even wiping down the frame. It didn’t inspire me and if you clean your cupboards every 2.5 years, hey, you’re doing pretty well!


    • Ana says:

      I don’t even look at my windows. I used a bit of vinegar and water to wipe down my bathroom mirror, and that’s good enough for me. I seem to have underestimated the power of vinegar. 😀

      The old movies are cute. I even like the little blips where the characters were moved too much in between shots.


  4. pao says:

    Oh dear. I have not watched a single show you’ve mentioned! I love that you have their links in your post 😀 And that’s what that cupboard’s called…I did wonder. I think the only Christmas movie I’ve watched “Love Actually” and it would be fun to see a short, playful/fun spanking between Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon’s characters. Such a feel good movie I wouldn’t really want to change much in it.


  5. Joelle Casteel says:

    First I have to pout- Emma, “Aversion Therapy” isn’t on Goodreads yet so I can’t add it to remind me it needs to fit in my reading schedule.

    Hm, Christmas movie. I’m actually quite a grinch and really don’t like most holiday movies. However I did think of a Christmas movie in which I’d like to see a spanking. “Silent Night,” a telling of the unofficial armistice during the early days of WW1. At one point a soldier- an officer, if I remember right- sneaks his love down to the battle field. I think a spanking to reinforce the dangers for her would have been good.


  6. Minelle says:

    Ha, wouldn’t most movies be better with a spanking?
    I think Maureen O’Hara in Miracle On 34th Street. Now I know I am dating myself…..but she was a ‘Christmas magic stealer’ in that movie.

    Hey Ana want to come and clean my cabinets?


  7. Joelle Casteel says:

    Oh! The cleaning! Ana, are you familiar with Flylady? http://flylady.net/ She is great! The only time my own is truly clean is when I’m using her system. See, my mother didn’t teach me a thing about housekeeping so as a lifestyle submissive, I’ve done a lot of learning as I go. And keeping the house is one of those things like make my Master and I lean more towards DD than BDSM- He wants me to keep it so, without telling me specifically what to do, and trusting I’ll do it. But even better, she has challenges that help for tons of things- including packing up all the Christmas stuff after the holiday.


    • Ana says:

      I’m not a fan of the Fly Lady, mainly because I think some of her ideas are silly. Shoes inside the house are only appropriate for some cultures. I’m also not going to shine my sink every day. Get real. 😛 But I do know lots of people like her.


    • Ana says:

      I have not submitted to the Dr. Who madness yet, mostly because I hear it has scary parts. I never saw the charm of It’s a Wonderful Life, honestly. Maybe I was too young when I first saw it.

      Why would Amy be a good spanker candidate?


  8. SunnyGirl says:

    I’ve always thought the housekeeper in “White Christmas” could use a spanking for being so nosy and smug. Of course,you know the history of seeing that movie and after 40+ times, I think they all could use a spanking.

    My favorite Christmas movie was a made for TV called “The Gathering” with Lou Asner. I can’t think of anyone that needed a spanking in that movie.


  9. Kelsey Summer says:

    Fun question today. Wouldn’t all movies benefit from a spanking scene? If I had to choose one I’d probably add a spanking scene to A Christmas Story when Mother breaks the lamp. She deserved to be spanked after breaking Father’s favorite leg lamp.


  10. SassyTwatter says:

    I am mostly inspired after reading this to go checkout flylady. I am in desperate need of regaining my kitchen cabinets. Everything was thrown in there with ryne or reason by a friend who helped me unpack all the boxes a year ago when we moved & still can’t find anything. It’s what I asked my sister for Christmas she is an organizing task master. Ok now for Emma’s question btw super excited to read the book! I could use that kind of therapy when it comes to sugar. Ok movie the one with Vince Vaughn & Reece Eithersppon she is so cute whole story is about crazy family.


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