Congratulations to Susie, Wilma, Joelle, and Joseph!

Several surprise check winners to announce today!

On December 15th, Joseph McNamara won a copy of Traditional Terms by Alta Hensley.

On December 16th, Joelle Casteel won a copy of Deathless Love by Renee Rose.

On December 17th, Wilma won a copy of The Long Arm of the Law by Celeste Jones.

Today, Susie won a copy of The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus by your very favorite Advent Calendar host, Anastasia Vitsky!

For a list of all prizes awarded to date, please visit this page.

Congratulations, everyone!

P.S.  There was a bit of miscommunication regarding a few prizes from Blushing.  If you were promised a book but have not received it yet, please email me to let me know.  Put (Your name) (Book prize you were awarded) as the subject line.  Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Congratulations to Susie, Wilma, Joelle, and Joseph!

  1. Willie says:

    Oh thank you both so much! It just arrived! I am in the middle of wrapping gifts, but it keeps saying ” Pssst Willie over here….You know you want too!”

    Thanks Celeste and of course Ana.!

    Merry Christmas !



    • Ana says:

      Aren’t you glad that Minelle made you sign up? I think you owe Minelle a thank you.

      (Now, Minelle, that takes care of any payment from Mrs. Claus coming my way…right?)

      Enjoy! 😀


  2. Willie says:

    Oh trust me I’ve been thanking her all day- she even picked the book for me…So I’d have to say that seeing how I thanked her on my own–no clean slate for you…HOWEVER you did give me a gift so maybe Mrs. Clause will look favourably towards you.

    Thanks again


    • Ana says:

      Now wait a minute! I need that clean slate! Sneaky you, turning the tables.

      Though fairness compels me to point out that actually Celeste gave you the gift. 😀


  3. Susie says:

    Thank you Ana! You didn’t even tease me mercilessly.

    Only one question…where’s the chocolate? 🙂

    Just kidding. I will find my own chocolate and eat it while I read your book.


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