Vennie’s second brag book entry and her second report card!

Photo courtesy of Sassy Twatter

Photo courtesy of Sassy Twatter

The lovely Sassy Twatter sent me this photo yesterday in an email titled “Vennie by the Fire.”  Thank you!!

I must admit that this mother’s heart became a wee bit nervous.  Isn’t Vennie too young to play by the fire yet?  Then I saw that the fireplace had a screen.  I am sure that Sassy Twatter took good care of her, right?

I hope Vennie doesn’t think she’ll be allowed this kind of freedom at home.


In other news, Vennie brought home her second official report card.  Her teacher was Ms. Katerina Kinsley of Bottoms Up Book Review (how is my baby old enough to be getting real report cards already?).  Thank you for the constructive feedback.  I’ll be writing the sequel soon, and it’s good to know that not everyone is a fan of the story structure (Claire, next time try to interrupt me less…hm?).  I’m afraid that the ‘Vengeance” in the title will not be going away, however.  I do see the point, though.


Vennie, dear, have you inadvertently encouraged your teacher to be naughty?  I’m very disappointed in you.  We may need to discuss this.


Thank you, Katerina.  Vennie 2 will be new and improved.  🙂

Frequency of Spankings:
frown Just Right!
Quality of Scenes:
frown Just Right!

Imagine an alternate universe where Santa was real and the terms of Christmas became pretty serious when you turn 21. Claire Labraun never believed in Santa as her parents chose to shelter her from the reality of it by not celebrating Christmas at all. The year of her 21st birthday, Claire learns the truth behind the holiday and discovers that she has regrettably ended up on the “naughty list.” In order for Claire to rectify her misdeeds and get into Santa’s good graces, she needs to visit Mrs. Claus. Unfortunately for Claire, Mrs. Claus spanks and spanks HARD.


Anastasia Vitsky’s “The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus” is a spankalicous short story full of holiday fun. I simply loved the concept of real rewards for being on Santa’s “nice list” and real consequences for being on Santa’s “naughty list.” I never thought I would ever actually wish for coal in my stocking on Christmas morning!

While I most certainly enjoyed the premise of the story, I had a few issues with its execution.  For instance, the story actually unfolds as Ana interacts with Claire while writing about Claire’s first encounter with Santa.  While I think this approach was very clever, I found it to be a little distracting at first. I also think the short story could have used a more elaborate introduction to familiarize the reader with the concept of this alternative Christmas tradition.  Lastly, I didn’t get the impression that Mrs. Claus was angry with Claire or trying to seek revenge on her bottom for her misdeeds.  I simply thought she was following through with her duty to spank all naughty bottoms. As a result, I thought the word “vengeance” in the title was a little misleading.

In the end, I thought this story was the perfect way to ring in the holiday season. I was very entertained by this tale and very much look forward to Ana’s next book.

(Rating: 3/5 hearts)

15 thoughts on “Vennie’s second brag book entry and her second report card!

  1. Julia D. says:

    A wonderful review, Ana. 🙂
    So Katerina didn’t like the structure of your story, well, that happens. You can’t please everyone all of the time. For me, it just added to the story, it made it even funnier.
    Different strokes for different folks, I guess.
    I do agree with the Vengeance part of the title, though, not a lot of vengeance in the book.

    Hugs, Julia


  2. SassyTwatter says:

    I promise I took very good care of Vennie. She was a complete delight. She may have had a a bit of a belly ache & sugar high from all the cookies. Looking forward to part 2. Vennie wanted me to tell you she wants to come back & visit again. Apparently, not as many rules at my house.


  3. Bas says:

    Vennie gets lots of wonderful reviews.
    Vennie part 2? That’s good news.
    Will she be ready before Easter? Maybe you bring some Vengeance to the Easter bunny? Eat all his eggs!


  4. Joelle Casteel says:

    Hm decent review 🙂 I must agree with Julia D. on the structure comment- I often love one or more characters talking directly to the reader. I’ve played a bunch with that in my Vala’s Story series. And I loved you and Claire talking!


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