Pretty gingham shelf liner and other reasons to be thankful

Hi, everyone!

Haven’t “seen” you, really, for a week or so.  I know I’ve been around, but with all of the Advent Calendar activity plus guest/promo posts it’s been a while.  How have you been?  Are you staying out of trouble?  Sassy Twatter, if you say one more time that you’re text-commenting while driving…I swear I’m going to send Mrs. Claus to you!  Even if you *did* send me that cool picture of Vennie by the fire.

If you were promised an Advent Calendar prize and haven’t gotten it yet, please email me to let me know.  I’ve delivered all the ones I did directly, but after some miscommunication with Blushing I’ve now taken control of those deliveries as well.  If Blushing never sent you the prizes, let me know and I will send yours to you.

Yesterday’s conversation with Patricia Green made me realize that I know very little popular culture.  I think I knew three or four (at the most) names.  Patrick Stewart (how could any Trekkie not know Picard?), Cameron Diaz (only because I saw her on movie advertisement posters), and Hugh Jackman.  That’s about it.  Are the rest of you really old, or am I out of touch?  😀

Yesterday marked Day 5 of the Great Ana Clean-Up.  My new shelf liner arrived!  Get this.  It’s MACHINE WASHABLE.  I know it’s silly for someone on my budget to pay $8 to line five drawers, a cupboard, and a medicine cabinet…but this stuff is amazing!  The checked pattern makes it easy for my astigmatic eyes to cut straight lines, the grippy bottom side won’t leave sticky ickies when it’s time to move or take stuff out, and it’s pretty!

Plus I have new washcloths.  I couldn’t find the red-and-white check I wanted, but I got black and white instead.  My old dishcloths are my new cleaning cloths.

Oh, and I think I’ve figured out what to get my parents for Christmas.  What do you get the people who never like any gift and who only are really interested in Bible study?  Theologian trading cards, of course!  A sneaky little Santa’s helper sent me an Amazon gift card when I know full well she doesn’t have much herself.  She refuses to take it back, too.  Buying a gift for my parents with the gift certificate will make me very happy.

Speaking of parents, guess who will be coming to town?  (No, not Mrs. Claus.  I’m sending her to Cara this year.  Think you can hide the wooden spoons, do you?)


Yup.  Hence the Great Ana Clean-up of 2012.  I thought I did a thorough cleaning/reorganizing for the Slightly Less Great Ana Clean-up of Summer 2012 right before the annual carpet cleaning, but this is serious stuff.  It’s like a scavenger hunt to find things I no longer knew I owned.  I figure that by the time I need to move, I’ll have everything perfectly organized.  😀

I did, however, accidentally take a drawer off its track (to measure liner).  Now instead of closing properly, it tilts downward.  I’m not sure how to fix it.  (Big surprise.  This is the woman whose TV/VCR/DVD player/Wii have been unplugged for five months since she re-arranged furniture and couldn’t remember which wire went where.)

Vennie now has TEN five-star reviews on Blushing!  Six on Amazon, and I’m not sure how to find the reviews on Goodreads.  Yay!  Plus the five chocolate-dipped-strawberries from Guilty Indulgence.  Bottoms Up and one Blushing reader gave it a 3/5, but that’s okay.  We have to leave some room for improvement by Vennie 2, after all.

Vennie is down to a 170K rank on Amazon this morning, but Gabrielle Bisset claims that Amazon ranks are bogus because her book that is no longer for sale has been rising and falling in the Amazon ranking.  I don’t mean to sound like a case of sour grapes, but it would be nice if Vennie’s sales are better than the 170K figure would indicate.

I guess that all of my friends are done buying their copies, so the numbers went down.  Heh.

But hey…you pushed Vennie to an 18K rank!  That was the best that I saw.  So thank you.

We have two more guest question posts, Six Sunday (another Vennie snippet, I think), and then a Fika with Kat and Natalie on Monday.  Yes, they will be answering questions.

On Tuesday, not only will I post the results of the Advent Calendar but I’ll also have a very special Christmas present for you all.  No, it’s not Kat and Natalie (you’ll get them on Monday).  You’ll just have to wait and see.  I hope you like it!

And I shall return to my cleaning.

Be good!  It’s Mrs. Claus’ busy season, and if you make her chase after you she will be very vengeful indeed.

36 thoughts on “Pretty gingham shelf liner and other reasons to be thankful

  1. Willie says:

    Wow you have been a busy beaver ( take that however you want to). Don’t feel bad about not knowing who my Santa was ( I believe Cara picked him too..but I called dibs first!), most people have to still google him. He’s on Hawaii Five 0 the new version, and I could watch it with the sound off and still be a very happy girl!

    You sound like everything is falling into place, um, minus the draw, and if you love to play Wii, over at your house. Everything is basically falling over here too…just not where I want!


    • Ana says:

      Busy and lazy at the same time. It’s a good combination. Hehe.

      I’m not so sure what Mrs. Claus will think of Wilmas who won’t share, dear!

      I still have a *long* way to go, but in the next few days I may need to re-examine my expectations. 😀


  2. Joelle Casteel says:

    You know, I really have to thank you, Ana- with so many stresses, I’ve so not had any holiday spirit this year. My Master even commented this morning- “You always get this stressed. Why don’t you make it a day trip so you have to deal with your mom less?” I was going to take part in another Christmas blog thing, but I got to the second question- something like “What is your favorite Christmas ornament?”- and I just shut down. I couldn’t deal with it. I haven’t had that once with any of yours and guests’ questions for the Advent calendar.
    The liners sound lovely. And machine-washable? I was so grateful to watch my Master get the plumbing in my kitchen sink working again this morning- that had been the cause of one of my biggest stresses.
    Ugh at the rankings- if only it was more straight forward. But on Goodreads, I’m guessing you’ve tried going to the book’s page, but what about going to one of us friends’ pages who’ve reviewed it. Maybe then you could see a number?


    • Ana says:

      Holidays are a tricky thing. Part of the problem is the focus on material things. I might remember a Christmas present or two, but most of my Christmas memories are about time spent with special people. Though I do remember getting pajamas for Christmas several times…and being sick every time. 🙂

      Goodreads confuses me. Endlessly. 😛


      • Joelle Casteel says:

        aww naughty goodreads… but I helped 🙂
        yeah, the material. I struggle with that every time my Master or anyone else asks why I still go. Because the list starts with my dad, my grandma, my sister, my brother’s girlfriend. Although I have to admit, my mind then does move to the gifts- like this year, the Kindle, the large check from my grandma, whatever my teen asked for. These however are overshadowed with worry about my mother’s sniping at me, the often constant nasty comments, the worry of if she will include me by having any vegan food or if she’ll go out of her way to be nasty about it (I’ve been vegan about 4 years btw and everything I try only meets with success part of the time. I am far from one of those vegans who are nasty towards anyone who isn’t, but my mom almost behaves like I am.)


  3. Minelle says:

    Pretty soon you will need to rest and enjoy your fruits of cleaning labor. Next you can come and organize my cabinets. Maybe you can get on the nice list and mitigate the coal Santa has planned for you!
    Yay for parents coming to town!!!!
    Mrs Claus is watching!

    Of course Vennie is getting great reviews, you are a great writer!


    • Ana says:

      I plan to be lazy today. Though if I am too lazy, it will just make things more stressful later. I may need to accept that things can’t be absolutely perfectly clean and organized. 😀

      Mrs. Claus is going to Cara’s this time. Then Sassy Twatter’s. That’s all I have to say about it. 😀

      You are so biased. Not that I am complaining.


  4. Sunny Girl says:

    If you get tired to cleaning and organizing there, I could use some help. Glad things are going well for Vennie. Looking forward to my read on Christmas Eve.

    Have fun making everything “spiffy”.


    • Ana says:

      Hehe…it’s always more fun to help someone else than to do my own work. I had a friend who got mad at me whenever I went over because I wouldn’t sit still. It’s just that it’s nice to do something while talking.

      I hope you like Vennie!


  5. Kelsey Summer says:

    I think Mrs. Claus would be very happy with you. You’re cleaning your house and you have a gift for Mom and Dad.

    I’ve tried to get my kids to be part of the Great Kelsey clean up, but they just look at me. Actually that’s not entirely true – the two middle schoolers look at me and stare (of course they can’t hear me most of the time with their iPods on). The little one tries to help, but whenever I tell him to put something away he finds 4 more things to take out and play with.

    Sorry about the ratings. I bought the book right away. If I ever get my act together I’ll post a review.


    • Ana says:

      Yes! Yes! I hope Mrs. Claus listens to you!

      Kids are great fun to involve in cleaning…as long as they are not your own. LOL! Sorry, but it’s true. I can get my friends’ kids to do anything with me. Mom and Dad, though, never have the same luck.

      I saw a note once on Facebook that a mom left money for pizza hidden somewhere in her teen’s room. Plus a note that the teen could find the money by cleaning the room. Brilliant. 🙂


  6. reneeroseauthor says:

    So the fluctuating ranking of a book not for sale makes perfect sense, actually, because it’s a ranking – so it relates to the sales of other books in that category. As their sales change, so will yours, regardless of if you’ve sold one book or not.

    Don’t worry, I still haven’t bought your book yet, so you’ve got another sale coming! 🙂 congrats on all the fabulous reviews. Let me know if you need help with Goodreads.

    love to you, my sweet holiday elf friend!


    • Ana says:

      Giggle. You might not call me sweet once you see the Christmas surprise! I can’t wait to see your reaction.

      Yay, one more sale! Hurray!

      Love back to you, my yummy holiday elf friend.


  7. pao says:

    Everyone’s just really old. Love things that are machine washable! And whoa, parents visiting. Sounds like you’ll be really busy in the near future. That’s fun, that cleaning up is like a scavenger hunt. Finding things you’ve forgotten about is like finding money in your bag or between pages of a book 😀 Vennie’s done well, and Vennie 2 will be better 😀
    Ha, got told to behave by a friend as I read Mrs. Claus. Scary.


  8. Bas says:

    I should not comment. That only leads to CEB (Cleaning Evasive Behaviour).
    The pattern on that shelfliner is about the same that my mother used, when I was very small.
    So that proofs it again. Just wait a few years and fashion will repeat itself.
    I hope the cleaning is ready before Christmas.
    Try to stay of that naughty list!


    • Ana says:

      That’s exactly why I like it, Bas! My mom didn’t use it (she didn’t use shelf liner, but she had nicer cupboards), but if she had I bet she would have used something like this. The pattern is surprisingly hard to find. Then again, red in general is hard to find.

      I’d do a better job staying off the naughty list if you’d stop writing to Santa. 😀


  9. Julia D. says:

    That shelf liner is indeed pretty. You must feel so good, after all that work reorganising your shelves!
    So what’s your surprise going to be? Tell me, tell me, tell me!
    OK, I’ll wait, but remember: patience is not my strong suit.

    Hugs, Julia


    • Ana says:

      You’ll wait, missy, and you’ll like it! 😀

      That’s what you get for confusing me.

      We won’t talk about the state of the OTHER half of my kitchen cupboards. Hehe…I want a plate rack organizer and some more shelf liner, but at some point I think I need to start worrying about myself. 😀

      BUT…buying shelf liner sure is a quick and easy way to make me feel as if I have brand-new cupboards. So there’s that.

      Christmas morning. Surprise! I can’t wait!


  10. Sassy Chassy says:

    I want to see pictures if the gingham shelf liner!! Shelf liner in so worth the expense!! I need to get on the cleaning chain but I just don’t think it’s going to happen. We are doing an all family member cleaning boogie tonight. This is where we all run madly around the house cleaning as much as we can as fast as we can for a short amount of time. With 6 of us progress should be made! I think you must have figured out GR because I had a notification this morning that you liked my review.


    • Ana says:

      Silly Sassy. CLICK THE LINK! lol…That’s why the words are red. I put in a link so you can see the picture!

      *Shaking my head*

      I haven’t figured out GR, but I did find Vennie and liked all the reviews. 😀


    • Ana says:

      Hm, sassy attitude? I shall tell Mrs. Claus. 😀

      Oh, and yes. Having things perfectly neat and organized is great. If only I could keep my books/papers on shelves rather than having the ALL out ALL the time. It’s like a kid and toys. 🙂


  11. SassyTwatter says:

    Ana dont feel bad I only knew the ones you mentioned. I just thought of a perfect Mrs Claus Karen from Will & Grace an old show sadly I don’t know her name. I woukd google it but stopped at stop lifht so pressed for time. Your shelf paper sounds beautiful & practical. I will have to look for it. You are making me feel guilty with all the major cleaning you are doing. Wanna come over & help me next? I desperately need to organize my kitchen. Btw all wooden spoons were thrown out when we moved- so sorry. I don’t think Mrs Claus will make it out to the west coats its a bit to warm for her fair complexion. Cara can have her all to herself. If Vennie is coming over for Easter I will ply her with peeps and jelly beans nothing better than a pure sugar high. But then you get her back. Don’t do to much have a little fun. It’s green …


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