Monday Morning Fika: Fireside Chat with Kat and Natalie

Welcome to Monday Morning Fika!  Today we have some special guests…Kat and Natalie!  You’ll be able to read their story in book form next April when Lazy Day publishes The Way Home, and you’ve also seen short snippets of their life in the Love Our Lurkers Day, Spank or Treat, and Fantasy Friday stories.  Today, however, I convinced them to join us in person as a special Christmas Eve day treat.  Please welcome Kat and Natalie!

Natalie: Thank you for inviting us, Ana.  I’m not sure why you insisted on Kat coming, too.  She wasn’t crazy about the idea.

Ana: Sorry if that made you uncomfortable, Kat.

(Natalie nudges Kat.)

Kat: Um, it’s okay.


Ana: How about if you introduce yourselves to everyone?

Natalie:  Hi.  I’m Natalie Mestecom.  I just had my birthday over Thanksgiving break, and I work in marketing.  Kat and I live in a little town called Naperville just outside of Chicago.

(Kat stares at Natalie in shock.)

Natalie: What’s wrong, Kat?

Kat: You got mad at me for meeting Cassie online, but you’re telling everyone where we live?

Natalie: We’ve known Ana for a long time.  Plus, I know where she lives and can make her miserable if she doesn’t use our information appropriately.

Ana: Hey!  I brought you into this world, and if you think you can boss me around…

Natalie: I don’t think so.  I know so.

(Tense silence.)

Kat: Um, I brought cinnamon rolls for everyone.  It was my mom’s recipe.  Does anyone want some?

Ana: Thank you, Kat.  Mm, these look good.  Would you like to introduce yourself, too?

(Kat looks at Natalie, who nods.)

Kat: I’m Kat, I guess.  Kat Astra.

Natalie: And you work at a department store.

Ana: What are you doing for Christmas this year?

Natalie: We’re at my parents’, and Kat’s been busy making every single Christmas cookie in the history of cookies.

(Kat giggles.)

Kat: Only eight.

Natalie: Eight!  Plus the fudge and the covered pretzels and…

Kat: You’re the one who keeps saying we need more Christmas lights.

Natalie: We do!  What’s the point of having lights if you can’t see them?

Kat:  We could have gotten the net lights.  Or the icicles.

Natalie:  Just like you could have gotten a smaller turkey?

Kat: It’s not Christmas if we run out of food.

Natalie:  But fifteen pounds?

Kat: You, me, Mama Jane, Dad, Jason and his girlfriend…that’s six of us.  Two pounds per person plus extra leftovers to make turkey tetrazzini.  And turkey soup.

Natalie: You can’t cure the world’s ills with food, you know.

Kat: Why not?  You think you can cure the world’s ills with spanking.

(Ana turns purple trying not to laugh; Natalie turns purple trying to answer.)

Natalie (whispering): We’ll talk about this when we get home.

Ana: So!  Shall we let readers ask questions?

Kat: Yes, please!  That sounds great.

Natalie:  We’re still going to talk about this.

(Please read the comments before replying because this is one continuous conversation.  Thank you!)

P.S.  Click here to read Kat and Natalie’s letters to Santa and Mrs. Claus this year.

37 thoughts on “Monday Morning Fika: Fireside Chat with Kat and Natalie

    • Ana says:

      Kat’s: That’s what my mom taught me. Besides, the meat shrinks when you cook it and plus that includes the weight of bones and fat. The worst thing is to run out of food. I’m kind of afraid what will happen tomorrow morning. Natalie keeps hinting.

      Natalie: We’re going to see the Christmas train this afternoon, and then tomorrow we’ll open presents.

      Ana: Merry Christmas to you, too!


  1. Julia D. says:

    I have a question for Natalie: Why do you have to spank Kat so hard and so often? She’s such a good girl and doesn’t deserve it.



    • Ana says:

      Kat, whispering behind Natalie’s back: THANK YOU!!!!!!!

      Natalie: Well, if she’d stop stealing my ice cream for one thing…No, really, we are negotiating the boundaries of our relationship. I’m used to taking care of her, you see, and sometimes it’s hard to remember that she does need to learn how to do things on her own.

      Plus, she’s adorable when she’s spanked.


      • Julia D. says:

        To Kat (whispering): You’re very welcome dear, and I mean every word of it.
        To Natalie: So let her make her own decisions and even mistakes, she can only learn if she’s allowed to.

        Hugs, Julia


        • Ana says:

          Kat (to Natalie): What? No, I didn’t say anything. (to Julia): Have another cookie.

          Natalie: Maybe, but do I want her to suffer the consequences of those mistakes? It’s my job to look out for her.


  2. SassyTwatter says:

    This I think is my favorite Advent post so far! I love them can’t wait to read it when it is released. I was laughing so hard it gave me a burst of energy. I want some cookies now too. Have a wonderful Christmas Ana. Thank you for letting me participate. And I am posting sitting down!


    • Ana says:

      Natalie: What’s this about sitting down? (Ana whispers in Natalie’s ear.) You WHAT? Do you know how dangerous that is? I’m going to tell Ana to cancel your prizes just for that reckless stunt.

      Ana: Um, it’s okay Natalie. Sassy Twatter’s promised not to do it any more…

      Natalie: If she’s able to sit down, she hasn’t learned her lesson!

      Kat (holding out the plate of rolls): Would you like one, Sassy Twatter?


      • SassyTwatter says:

        Thank you Kat I would love one they smell wonderful. Would you mind telling both Natalie & Ana that I spoke to Mrs. Claus on the phone & she gave me a reprieve. As long as I make it my New Years Resolution. Natalie is even more strict than Ana. I have totally learned me lesson and really don’t want to give back the book. Please put a good word in for me. Can i please get your delicious recipe?


    • Ana says:

      Kat: Oh, PLEASE don’t ask her that!

      Natalie: We don’t open presents until Christmas morning, so Kat doesn’t know yet. I got her something lovely that has sentimental value and will remind her to be a good girl.

      Kat: I’m doomed!

      Ana: Cheer up. It might be a nice box of chocolates.

      Natalie: Ana, you’re lucky that I’m not giving you a Christmas present this year.


  3. Cassie says:

    I agree with Julia completely. Kat is a delightful young woman. She tries her best to behave in all things. Natalie is WAY too hard on her! Now I think the world of Natalie too – but easing up on Kat is definitely something she needs to work on. She should concentrate on how adorable Kat is when she spanks her and not so much on discipline.

    And it’s very nice to know exactly where you live!

    Thank you for hosting them Ana.

    Much love,


    • Ana says:

      (Kat blushes)

      Kat: Cassie, I wish you could come to visit. You wouldn’t want to come now, though. It’s freezing! Natalie’s always really nice about going to warm up the car so I don’t have to do it, but it’s still cold. It was so great to meet you last month. Sorry that I haven’t been able to write much lately. Natty, please can we ask Cassie to visit?

      Natalie: Of course Cassie is always welcome as long as Tom gives permission. And Cassie, Kat is usually her most adorable when she’s gotten in trouble, so I can hardly reward her for being naughty! She gets this look in her eyes right when she realizes she’s been naughty and is going to get spanked for it. I’ve never told her how cute it is.

      Kat: That’s good to know!

      Natalie: Now don’t try to use it.

      Kat: Please come visit, Cassie. It will be warm soon, and we can go downtown.


  4. Minelle says:

    It is so nice of you to host Kat and Natalie, Ana!
    You both sound like you are having a wonderful Christmas season….Hopefully stress free.
    I cannot say that mine is stress free…..but it will be wonderful.
    Nat, I was thinking that maybe Ana could use a tiny bit of attention, to keep her on Mrs Claus nice list…..What do you think? I know you are very consistent.
    See Kat, I just directed her attention to Ana……Shhhhhhhhhh!

    Merry Christmas Ana and thank you for Fika!


    • Ana says:

      Ana: MINELLE! I’m going to get you for this….

      Natalie: Goodness, another naughty girl? If she’s anything like my Kat, I’m sure she would require more time than I could spare. Plus Kat and I are working things out and trying to prioritize each other.

      Kat: Minelle, would you like an extra cinnamon roll? Plus here is a gingerbread man, too. Don’t tell Natalie I said gingerbread “man”. She says they’re women.


  5. Bas says:

    I have a question for Natalie.
    Nat, of course I don’t want to interfere with your DD relation with Kat, but I understand that even our most fanatic spanko’s think that you spank an awful lot. That is between you and Kat.
    What I wonder about is: With all that spanking going on, do you always reserve enough time for the after-spanking-care?

    BTW please remind me that I never tell you my address.


    • Ana says:

      Natalie: All right! This was a setup, wasn’t it? Somehow Kat has managed to convince all of you that she is an angel.

      Ana: You *do* spank her a lot, Natalie…

      Kat: I don’t mind. I just don’t want whatever “present” you keep hinting about. (Shiver.) I asked Santa if I could *not* get any gifts this year because I don’t think it will be anything I want.

      Ana: Bas asked about aftercare.

      Natalie: If you mean do we talk it over every single time, probably not.

      Kat: Definitely not.

      Natalie: But you don’t want to, anyway.

      Kat: Well, maybe.

      Natalie: Maybe I should push you more.

      Kat: No thanks!!


      • Ana says:

        Kat: Can we have that rule, Natalie?

        Natalie: Can you keep yourself out of trouble?


        Kat: Never mind.

        Ana: Maybe you can run away to Cara’s nice new house. I’m sure she has an extra room.

        Kat: Ack! Don’t say that in front of Natalie!


  6. Sunny Girl says:

    Very good interview. Thank you Kat I know how much you hate the spotlight. I am a spanko and I think Nat is a little over zealous with the spanking. Hope your renegotiation address this situation.

    I wish you all the merriest of Christmases and can’t wait for the new year and the book to be published so I can read the rest of your tales (tails).


    • Ana says:

      Natalie: Merry Christmas to you, Sunny Girl! Ana has told me of your silly exploits. It sounds like you are keeping yourself busy AND in trouble.

      Kat: The book? Oh, I hate to think of that. I’m afraid what Ana’s going to put in there. I think she’s going to put in all of my worst moments.

      Ana: Don’t worry. There are a lot of Natalie’s bad moments, too.

      Natalie: Ana! We didn’t agree on that!


    • Ana says:

      Natalie: Now here’s another girl in desperate need of a spanking!

      Kat: Merry Christmas. I hope you liked the weather here better than I do. Brrr!

      Ana: Naughty Renee. 😀


  7. pao says:

    Hi Ana, Kat and Natalie! I do sincerely believe that you can cure all the ills of the world with food. Did Natalie buy Oreos this time round? Also, does Natalie get tired when she spanks Kat? Maybe Natalie should spank her less…all that lactic acid in her muscles. I do think that Kat should be on the nice list because she tries really, really hard to be good. I hope you’re keeping warm where you are. Have a very merry Christmas, everyone 🙂

    Thank you Ana, for hosting Nat and Kat for Fika 🙂 *Hugs*


    • Ana says:

      Natalie: How did you know about the Oreos? Thank you for worrying about my muscles, but I assure you I am quite healthy. Kat does try to be good, but sometimes trying isn’t enough.

      Kat: I made some of Natalie’s favorite peppermint cookies, so she won’t need any Oreos anyway.

      Ana: Merry Christmas, Pao! I hope Mrs. Claus is nice to you.


      • pao says:

        Peppermint cookies! I’ve never had them before. But oreos are different, you can make towers out of them 😀

        I hope Mrs. Claus will be nice too…maybe I can hide in my room and sleep through Christmas day.


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