Who is the naughtiest elf? (Poll re-post due to tainted results)

All right.  I’m not going to point any fingers, but when the poll shot from 21 to 68 votes within about ten minutes and the page view count did not similarly show an enormous increase…I suspect someone may have gotten too eager to vote Cara as the naughtiest elf of all.

Mind you, I have no objection to Cara winning.  I only want the winner to win fair and square so I can tease her mercilessly for at least a week be honorable in all things.

In the last poll I did not block repeat voters because it can cause difficulties for various security settings (requires cookies, and that can be a problem if your computer is set to reject them).  I’m doing it over again, though, and blocking repeat voters.

In the story linked below, who is the naughtiest elf of all?

  • Cara Sugarcreme who slaps Sue, snitches cookies and Mrs. Claus’ wooden spoons, and threatens to slap Celeste?
  • Celeste Frostsnap who refuses to share a room like every other elf, doesn’t play nicely with the other elves, and jabs dangerous knitting needles at people?
  • Renee Mistlekiss who sneaks her husband into her elf dormitory room, *wants* to be the naughtiest elf, and bickers with her roommate by dividing their room with a cotton-candy line?
  • Emma Snowsparkle who argues with her roommate, hates Christmas, and writes a naughty story about Mrs. Claus getting spanked by Santa?
  • Jade Cinnabum who thinks that her behavior is above reproach and tells everyone else to take a page out of her book?
  • Sue Gingerstar who claims that she is always well-behaved even though we can see her smirking?
  • Your sweet, beloved, misunderstood Advent Calendar host who brought you a month’s worth of festivities and fun?  (Surely not!)

Vote once, please!  (Dear Mrs. Claus, I will be a good girl forever and ever if you make everyone vote correctly and not cheat but still pick someone else as the naughtiest…)

Christmas story, part one

Christmas story, part two


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