Six Sunday: A Sneak Peek at Vennie 2

Good morning, Sixers!  I am sorry for my abominable lack of visiting other Sixers.  Family visit this weekend and to be honest I nearly forgot to put this post up.  Here is a snippet of Vennie 2.  I hope you enjoy.

I will be a good Sixer next week and visit everyone, I promise!

Claire took a deep breath and knocked on the door to the family computer room where her mother was typing away furiously.  Every so often Minelle would chortle, but then her head would bend over the keyboard as she searched for each key.  Minelle, as everyone knew, was a people person.  Not a technology or machine person.

“Mom?” Claire asked, knocking again on the open door.  She’d learned that it was best to give her mom warning before approaching her on the computer.  Any time someone unexpectedly moved toward Minelle while she was reading or typing on the computer, she would shriek and jump as if scalded.  Claire had a feeling that it was entirely in her own best interest to allow her mom time to finish whatever fascinating computer tasks she might be enjoying before getting closer.

28 thoughts on “Six Sunday: A Sneak Peek at Vennie 2

  1. Sassy Chassy says:

    I know about busy! We’ve still been in full holiday swing here and now we are in birthday swing! I’ve barely had time to get online too! Loved the preview! Thanks, Ana!


  2. Minelle says:

    Okay now everyone will laugh even more…..I know I commented this morning….I know I did!
    What the he** happen to my comment?
    See….. I said…. I am not as bad as you describe me, Ana dear……I guess I need to eat my words!


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