Release date for The Way Home (aka Kat 1)!!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Fika programming to announce that The Way Home, also known as Kat 1, will be published by Lazy Day on Wednesday, March 6th!

(Now how in the world will I settle down long enough to finish writing Vennie 2??)

33 thoughts on “Release date for The Way Home (aka Kat 1)!!

  1. Cara Bristol says:

    Welcome to the wonderful spinning merry-go-round. It’s on slow right now….it’s about to speed up. Wheeee…..Congratulations, Ana. I know this book, the characters are very special to you and this is a big moment.


    • Ana says:

      It just got very fast indeed! I had another book accepted today, so that means I currently have five books under contract/revision/waiting for edits.

      Kat and Natalie, however, are my first and my most dear (shh, don’t tell the others).

      Thank you!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I don’t usually hijack a Fika day but I couldn’t wait one more second…


  2. Armineh Ohanian says:

    Dear Ana,

    Congratulations for the release of the Way Home, and I wish you all the luck in the world. I can imagine how excited you must be! Is it going to also be print on demand, or is it only a digital book?


  3. Joseph McNamara says:

    Congratulations Ana, Looks like your publishers haven’t received Mrs. Clause’s letters or taken her phone calls either. That aside, looking forward to your newest venture and the many more coming along….. Much success !


    • Ana says:

      Ack…ack….what is Mrs. Claus writing and saying about me? :-O And what was with your comment to Celeste saying I need extra spanks? :-O I’m shocked and horrified! I am clearly a good girl. Hehe…

      Loved your post today.


  4. minellesbreath says:

    I am late here but you are aware of how happy I am dear! When I think of Kat and Nat, I think of the beginning of so many thoughts, and firsts! I’m too tired to make sense! I already said it all!


  5. kiwigirliegirl says:

    I love the title of this one and can hardly wait to read this story…the snippits you have let us read really appeal to me for some reason.
    you are doing so well with this writing business…way to go you congrats anna
    hugs kiwi xx


    • Ana says:

      I’m debating adding an extra bit to the title to show it will be a continuing series, like The Way Home: Kat and Natalie Book One, but I’m not sure. I will have exciting news to tell you about them at the end of the month, though!

      Thank you so much, Kiwi! Hugs.


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