Six Sentence Sunday: Dancing to his own music

Good morning, Sixers!  One of these days I will remember to sign up on Tuesday and not on Wednesday.  Probably the week after Six Sunday finishes.  I did sign up (I thought) with the continuation, but I haven’t heard anything back.  Is it still going?  I hope so!  I will continue to post snippets on Sundays even if I’m the only one doing it.

Today’s snippet is from my soon-to-be-released book, Desire in Any Language, that will be published on Friday the 18th by Blushing.  Although the main storyline is F/F, Mira has a brief encounter with an artist at a night club.  (Ana writes a scene that takes place in a night club?  Ana knows what a night club is?  Oh, shush.)

Mira drags her new friend onto the floor, and the results surprise both of them.

“Dance!” I shout toward him, and even if he can’t hear me he surely can gather my meaning from body language.  He raises his own arms, and for a moment I freeze to watch his emphatic, sharp-angled twists and turns.  He keeps time to his own music, knocking elbows on one side while bumping into the backside of another.  I raise my own arms to imitate him, and his grin grows wider.

“Okay!” he calls out to me, and I grin back.


Desire in Any Language (will be published Friday, January 18th by Blushing Books)

Mira thought she wanted a spanking.  What she got was love.

On her own for the first time, Mira is studying abroad for her translator’s certificate. Unfortunately, the heady excitement of dance clubs, late-night parties, and endless shopping quickly distracts her from her educational goals. Mira’s advisor offers her private tutoring, but the combined pressures of culture and language difference threaten Mira’s progress at school. She is unable to get her act together until she makes a discovery that horrifies and tantalizes her: in her new country, corporal punishment is a way of life. The secret to her academic success just might also fulfill her wildest, unspoken dreams.

50 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Dancing to his own music

  1. Jess Schira says:

    There’s nothing quite as sexy as a man who moves well. Great six! I’ve finally downloaded this story to my phone, and can’t wait to get started.

    It’s interesting. I’ve already seen the continuation link mentioned on a couple of other blogs this morning, which is the first I’ve heard of it (or maybe it’s just the first time I’ve noticed, I can be oblivious)


    • Ana says:

      This story? Maybe you mean Vennie? This one isn’t out until Friday. Thank you!!!

      Skye Warren had a sign-up link, but no message from her. I hope it does continue.


  2. Jessica Subject says:

    Oh yes, I remember those crowded dance floors, but if you’re with the right person, you forget everything around you. Nice six! 🙂


    • Ana says:

      Thank you! This was one of my favorite moments…I adore the freedom to be whatever he wanted and that he pulled Mira into doing the same thing. I wish we could all do that!


  3. siobhanmuir says:

    I like that they both seem to be having fun, regardless of where it goes. Great six, Ana. Congratulations on your upcoming release. 🙂


  4. minelle says:

    Great six!
    Yes I have been in those clubs…, hot temperature as well. LOL
    You know I love dancing.
    You write very descriptively. I am excited for this release….yay!


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