Desire in Any Location! (Mira goes visiting…)

First of all, I’m over at the Blushing Books blog giving an interview to celebrate the release of Desire in Any Language today. I was given such wonderful interview questions, and this part of the lead-in was heart-stirring:

Her latest book is a sexy, seductive read featuring a young woman in a foreign country who enters into an unusual disciplinary relationship with her female tutor. It’s a deeply touching story that beautifully charts the evolution of a young woman who must sort through her dual desires for loving correction and a love that she fears may not work out.

The book, like its writer, is intense and – we think you’ll agree – insightful.

I’ve already heard back from readers who loved the book and demand a sequel.  I am working on it, I promise!

Thank you especially to Pao for her lovely review:

I felt that this story was rich, real and honest. It was a lot of fun learning about the culture and bits of the language through Mira and her teachers. I loved that this book showed the magic of language; how some words can be so universal and how others really depend on one’s understanding of the culture and underlying context. There’s a purity in the bond between Mira and her advisor, where love is unconditional and more sisterly; where Mira gets guidance and support in the form of spankings and the occasional scolding. In addition to that, Mira’s struggle to understand her interest felt real and honest and I think a lot of us out there can relate to that. I loved the many scenes captured in the story; the bar, the playground, Mira’s advisor getting angry, the lecture rooms, conversations with strangers, Mira’s conversations with her housemate after clubbing and so many more. I found the scenes easy to visualise and emotions from the characters felt real. The story is a thoughtful one and I enjoyed the journey into another culture and a different angle love. I hope Mira’s story does not end here 🙂 I love this book!

Wow!  Thank you so much, Pao!  I hope that you will like the sequel (and the other books coming out) just as much.  I’m delighted that Desire in Any Language will be the chosen book of the month for the F/F Romance group on Goodreads (Hi, Mischief Maker!  Thank you and glad you liked it!).

Did you read the book?  Like it?  If you don’t mind leaving a review, it would be wonderful.  Every review helps to boost sales–and let people know that F/F spanking fiction is nothing to be afraid of!  Thank you so much!  Even if you didn’t like it, I’d love to hear from you.  As to when it will be available on Amazon, that depends on both Blushing and Amazon.  Last time, Vennie (The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus) took only one day.  I’m not sure about this time, but I will certainly let you know when it is available.

(In other news, yesterday I received the first round of edits for The Way Home, aka Kat 1.  March 6th is coming fast!  I also submitted my latest top-secret project to my editor and will let you know once I hear back.  Oh, and I am still waiting to hear about Vennie 2.  So if you complained that you want something to read soon, I promise that there will be something for you!  After all, Desire in Any Language wasn’t at all expected.  Plus, there is the top-secret public announcement coming up on the 25th…)

Now, for the fun part!  Thanks to Sassy Twatter who sent in the lovely photo of baby “Vennie by the fire” and threatened/promised to take Mira to the pool/theater, I’ve had a great idea for an activity.

I know that many of you are enjoying Desire in Any Language and in fact have already written to me to say so.  Why not send me a picture of Mira?  If you use an ereader, you can prop up your ereader with her cover showing.  If you read on the computer, you can put your computer in a location for a picture.  You can even google images to use as a background for Mira.  Or draw your own pictures, or use photos/magazines/whatever. 

As long as there is interest, I will put up photos of “Desire in Any Location” and give you credit!  Email me (address is on the sidebar) with the photo as an attachment.  Also include a brief description of where you’ve taken Mira, why you chose that location, and how she is enjoying herself. 

Please remember that this is her mother who will be receiving the picture!  No strip clubs.  🙂  Yes, I know that Mira goes clubbing but please…her mother is too young to have a heart attack yet.

If you’re clever with images and would like to take the cover art and insert it into a travel location of your choice, that’s fine, too!

I’ll wait to see how many responses I have before deciding the prizes, but there is a good chance that if you win you will be invited to be a beta reader for Mira 2.  As in you will get to read it even before it’s published!  😀

Oh, and if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, here’s the link.

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