The four unspeakable words of an Ana Vitsky book

I’m online! Hooray! This computer that’s old enough to attend first grade hasn’t been quite bad, actually. Knock on wood. Thank you to everyone who has been really great and understanding. If you need me immediately for something, please contact Celeste Jones (hyperlinking is going to take too much time here, so find her blog on the blogroll, please). You’ll want to contact her anyway because THIS Friday is the VERY first book discussion of Mira!!! If you don’t have your copy of Desire in Any Language yet (what’s wrong with you? hehe…), make sure to pick it up and start reading before the discussion. Everyone is welcome! Please go show Mira some love! Oh…wait…not that kind of love. Giggle.

Some exciting news.

The sequel to The Way Home? Just finished it yesterday and will sign the contract as soon as computer stuff gets worked out. Release date: June 6th. Why? That’s Kat’s birthday!!! We’re going to throw the biggest birthday bash EVER for little miss naughty Kat. I know several of you are the best party planners around, so please put on your thinking caps so we can fete her in style.

Plus, the release date for the Coming to Terms anthology (which I’ll tell you more about later, but is a Kat and Natalie story) is set for May 15th.

If you’re having trouble keeping things straight, here is a quick rundown:

  • March 6th: The Way Home (Kat 1)
  • April (date TBA): Simple Gifts (Leila and Carene)
  • May 15th: “Tomorrow,” (Kat 1.5) in the Coming to Terms anthology
  • June 6th: Kat 2

Plus a few others without dates yet…and one will be especially fun!

Okay. Sorry not to respond to comments, but I did read the Fika discussion (wasn’t that an amazing post? so glad you liked it as much as I did!) and all of the SILLY comments yesterday. I didn’t *really* mean that I deserved a spanking. No need to jump on that bandwagon! Hmph! Okay, maybe I giggled a bit while reading the comments.

Bas dear, if you are reading this: All of my love to you. Thinking of you. ❤

Don’t forget that Love Spanks is fast approaching on February 9th-10th!

Okay! The game. While I’m busy offline for most of today, here’s something to amuse yourselves with.

I hope to announce the release of a new book very, very, VERY soon. (Crossing fingers)

However, there is something unique about this book. Something you would never expect to see in an Ana Vitsky book. Something pretty close to shocking.

What do you think that might be?

What four words (a phrase, not four separate words) would you NEVER expect to read in one of my books?

Some hints: Sue Lyndon has already guessed the phrase includes “swear words and sexy body parts” Nope. Some of the other (hysterical) guesses have included “Spank me, macho man!” “Real men spank better!” “Too good to spank” “Man, can he spank” (Aw c’mon, Matthew spanked Minelle in Vennie! Sheesh. I don’t completely shun M/F), and “Spank my a** now!”


So…it’s your turn. What four-word phrase would shock you right out of your socks?

15 thoughts on “The four unspeakable words of an Ana Vitsky book

  1. deliciouslydeviant says:

    Hmm. Well, it’s erotica. So ‘determining factors of value’ probably isn’t there (because it’s a phrase from chapter 1, section 4 of Marx’s Das Kapital – ‘The fetishism of commodities and the secret thereof’). Nor would I expect ‘aesthetic or moral concern’ (a phrase from Breton’s First Manifesto of Surrealism). How about ‘Are you my master’?


  2. Jade Cary says:

    ‘I’m writng M/F now’.

    something good and new for you every month, Miss Thing? Oh, my goodness you are going to be harder than ever to control. Nevertheless, much deserved and I want your promise that you will sit back and smile on this time, enjoy it, relax into it and know that you worked your ASS (three letter word that also means donkey) off to get to this wonderful place.

    Congrats, darling.


  3. SassyTwatter says:

    YEA!! More books by Ana. I love that you have 1 a 1.5 and a 2 for Kat books!

    I am seeing a themed birthday party for Kat with pony rides and tons of ballons and & cupcakes. Oh the possabilties!!!

    And for the 4 words.-“I got the bill”. But lets not go there.

    Hope everythig works out with the computer.


    • Ana says:

      1.5 is a bit of a misnomer because the time somewhat overlaps with 2, but you’ll see. In May and June. 😀

      I am hoping you will help me with the invitations. 😀

      The bill? :-O


  4. minellesbreath says:

    Well I agree with everyone that it is so very exciting that we get do many reads the next few months.
    As to the four words…. What should happen but doesn’t…. I’m going to say you would never write ….Ana’s butt is sore!
    Now I’m going to go do ‘my’ ‘scheduled’ laundry! Ahem!!!


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