A heart full of prayers: the sisterhood of spanking

Call me silly, but here in blogland we make some wonderful friends. There’s something about discussing spanking/discipline that allows us to let down our guards, talk about things that normally would remain behind closed doors, and giggle like schoolgirls about wonderful silliness of life.

It also brings us close in a way that vanilla friendships are not. Back when sex was taboo and showing a lady’s ankle was scandalous, I imagine that sharing discussion of sexploits had a similar bonding effect. Pun not intended. Except now that I mention it, i suppose the pun could be rather apt in certain circles. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve gotten to know some wonderful, capable, intelligent, and immensely caring individuals here in blogland. I won’t name names because then it turns into the inevitable exclusion of leaving someone out, but if you are reading this you are one of those individuals. No, that’s not just a line. Whether it’s a comment or phone call or instant message or email or even a package in the mail, we touch each others’ lives here in blogland. To share our journeys as authors, readers, practicing DDers and TTWDers, and the curious…there is something so special and intimate about “this spanking thing” that it becomes a sisterhood. A brother-and-sister siblinghood.

There are some who write about it and don’t practice, and there are some who practice and don’t write or read about it. There are some who wish for it in their lives but live vicariously through stories and blogs and imagination. There are some who enjoy the fantasy but say a resounding “NO THANKS!” to spanking in real life. There are some who believe DD is foundational to save troubled marriages, and there are some who like spanky sexy fun and can’t understand why one adult would discipline another.

Yet each of us, in our own way, brings something to the community. There are times when we feel that we are not part of the community. Maybe we aren’t married, or if we are married our spouse doesn’t practice DD or practice it the way others seem to. Maybe we don’t feel like we belong for one reason or another.

But in this community, so many people have touched my heart in one way or another.

There are some who are on my heart and mind today. Some who are no longer with us, for one reason or another. Suzie of This Thing Called Life. Poppy St. Vincent. Others I am sure I will remember as soon as I post this message.

Today, my heart goes out to a few of our friends who are struggling with health concerns. Our dear Bas, who has a heart full of love and the most generous, tender-hearted spirit of anyone I know. My day is the poorer for not reading his sweet, loving messages and posts. We miss you, Bas, and we love you. I hope you are back to your curmudgeonly water-soaked self soon enough to scold your favorite naughty Ana. Don’t worry about writing back. You just take care of your health, and in the meantime I’ll be sending you love. So will everyone.

My heart goes out to Minelle, yes Minelle of The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus fame (perhaps I exaggerate slightly). Anyone in blogland surely knows our sweet, sassy Minelle who always has a funny story, technical issue, or loving comment. She is the first to support all of us as spanking fiction authors, and she has such a heart for everyone here no matter what their particular bent might be. (Even if someone us are very bent.)

As you probably know, Minelle’s husband was rushed in for emergency surgery last week. There are some complications with his recovery, and they are anxiously awaiting further consultation and decisions about treatment.

Minelle and her family would greatly appreciate any prayers, love, good wishes, or whatever spiritual form of good thoughts that you are able to send. We need her husband up and healthy again so that he can give her the sound paddling the naughty lady deserves. ๐Ÿ™‚

I know there are others who are struggling with various hard times, and today I’d like us…in the name of community…to hold virtual hands and send positive energy to each other.

This sister-and-brotherhood of spanking brings us closer together. Let’s use our combined energy to send healing and love.


P.S. Please add Ami’s Starman to the list of prayers and good wishes. He is going through some medical challenges, and their family can also use our positive energy.


46 thoughts on “A heart full of prayers: the sisterhood of spanking

  1. palomino says:

    I always enjoy your posts Ana. I agree with you, I feel open to ask questions, explore what females think about virtually every aspect of spanking. I’m to shy to “learn” any other way, but I find spanking not only sensual, but I truly appreciate learning from women ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Jade Cary says:

    Aw…my love goes out to Bas and Minelle and to everyone else today, whether you think you need it or not. Leave it to our dear Ana to remind us of what is important.



  3. lillie says:

    Oh, my goodness! I didn’t realize Bas was sick or that Minelle’s hubby was having problems with his health.
    Thanks so much for letting everyone know and my prayers will be added to the ones that will form a loving glow around these special people.


  4. Cat says:

    Thank you for such a lovely post Ana – Happy to hold hands with everyone here and send positive energy and prayers to all who need it. Please add Starman from Ami’s Starsong to this list…they are facing challenging medical issues also.



    • Ana says:

      Naughty Cat with the little wagon! Thank you for all of the laughter you bring into our lives. I added Starman to the list. Thank you for reminding me. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Bad Penny says:

    Oh Ana you made a dirty girl cry. That was so emotionally charged, I could literally feel the love and energy through your words. You genuinely have an amazing heart, and thank you for including me in your little circle of friends in blogland.


  6. Angie Sargenti says:

    I love being part of this community. Indeed, the whole erotic community in general. I’ve met so many nice people and had wonderful, encouraging feedback from lots of editors and fans. It makes me glad I came forward and finally got it all out into the open. I don’t know Bas or Minelle, but I certainly want to wish them well.


  7. Roz says:

    This is such a lovely post Ana, thank you. Rick and I are holding hands with you and sending positive energy, thoughts and prayers to all our friends who are facing challenges right now. Wether they be medical issues or other challenges.

    I am deeply touched by everybody in this wonderful community and my heart goes out to those struggling right now.



  8. Celeste Jones says:

    What a nice post. Sending prayers for Minelle, and Bas and all the peeps out in spankerviille.

    It is interesting to consider that level of intimacy in our community. It means a great deal to me and I’m sure to many others. It’s hard to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it how people with made up names can become such good friends, but it’s true.


    • Ana says:

      Sometimes I swear that you are all my imaginary friends, but I hope that’s not true. If it is, at least you are wonderful imaginary friends. ๐Ÿ™‚


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