Saturday Spankings: When Kat met Natalie

Happy Saturday! Today’s snippet is from The Way Home, the first book of Kat and Natalie stories. (“Tomorrow”, aka Kat 1.5, will be published in Coming to Terms, the anthology of DD stories. Welcome Home, Kat 2, will be released on June 6th to coincide with Kat’s birthday…expect festivities!)

Here, Kat has just met her new college roommate, Natalie, and Natalie introduces Kat to her trusty wooden spoon.

I sit immediately, my mind whirling with all kinds of confused thoughts.

Natalie sits down on the bed next to me, and she puts the wooden spoon in my lap. I blush and squirm away, but her arm around my shoulder keeps me next to her. Her voice is soft, but firm.

“What do you think about our cleaning rule?” she asks pleasantly, even conversationally.

I manage to squeak out a small, “Fine” before she gives me a hug.

“We’re going to be the best roommates and friends ever,” she whispers in my ear, and the faint warmth in my bottom creeps into my heart.

“We will,” I say simply.


Look for The Way Home to be released on March 6th by Lazy Day!

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31 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings: When Kat met Natalie

  1. Corinne (Sassy Chassy) says:

    I am so in love with Kat & Natalie. You can feel that something special that they have blooming in this scene. It gives me chills & makes me happy!


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