Mira’s Night Out! (The story behind the story)


Last month, our favorite Sassy Twatter sent me a series of absolutely wonderful photos of “Mira” (as I call my second book, Desire in Any Language) for an activity that I titled “Desire in Any Location”. The photos were sweet, hilarious, and downright envy-inspiring. Who knew that naughty little Mira could live it up?

I loved Sassy Twatter’s photos so much that I asked her to tell us what happened behind the scenes. What did other people say? What did her patient husband say as he helped her take photos of an ereader next to a drink that Sassy Twatter ordered solely for the photo shoot?

Sassy Twatter sent me this lovely account of her night out with Mira. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

The morning that Desire was released I was in the subway on my way to meet my husband as he was finishing up some meeting at a convention. As soon as I arrived at the hotel I clicked on the link to Blushing Books to purchase the book. At that very moment my husband appeared behind me and asked what I was so engrossed in. I will be honest, I fibbed… well, sort of… I said, “Oh, you know… the author who does Fika, she has a new book and I was just buying it.” That was the end of that. I purchased and quickly left a comment on your blog as we walked out to a cab. I will be honest, I am not 100% truthful with my husband about what your blog and books are about, but then he hasn’t ever asked. He was surprised when I told him I was looking at blogs as I am the most un-techie person there is: I even give people crap for, um, reading blogs. When I told hubby how I found it (through Fika) he just laughed. He probably figures Fika is some Swedish thing, who knows? But then, I have left your blog up on my computer a few times… maybe he does know all about spanking and he is just sparing my blushes. One can but hope. Anyways, I digress. When we were in the cab headed to dinner I said, “Can you remind me to take my Kindle out tomorrow so I can take some pictures of the book?” He looked at me and raised his eyebrows slightly, but didn’t say anything, so I started stammering about how I took the picture of the Christmas story by the fire. He said, “Sure, I’ll remind you, but can’t you just pull it up on the Kindle app on your phone?” He’s such a smart guy.

Cut to Friday, by which time I had devoured the book and loved it. We were out to dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant – Iron Chef Morimoto’s in New York – celebrating a successful week at the convention. Just before the waitress came to take our order my husband asked if I still wanted to take a picture of your book. I thanked him for the reminder and borrowed his phone to snap a quick picture. We enjoyed a lovely dinner. Towards dessert he asked why the author wanted pictures. What exactly was she going to do with them? I said, “Post them, maybe.” He just kinda smiled.

From the restaurant we went to Ceilo, a very small and very hip nightclub that was having their tenth anniversary party. We had a great time dancing. I asked my husband if he wouldn’t mind taking a picture of the book on the dancefloor as he is a giant and would be much better at getting a picture than me with my shaky hands and short stature. The nice guy that he is, he stepped out onto the dancefloor, held up my phone displaying the cover and snapped several pictures until he got one that he was happy with. At the bar afterwards he commented on what a beautiful cover it was and then asked what the book was about. I explained that it was a coming of age story of a girl in a foreign land. No more questions asked, phew. At the bar I said I would like to try a cocktail if they could make it sugary and sweet. They made me a Lemon Drop with sugar around the rim. One sip (okay, maybe like three sips) and the sugar was gone, but not before I got a shot of Mira and her Martinis. My husband was such a good sport. I mean, what crazy person takes pictures of their phone at a club? The bartender asked him what it was for and he said that a new book had been released and we were taking pictures of it in different places to promote it. Hubby looked at me and said, “You ordered that drink just to take a picture, didn’t you?” He knows me well.

Later that night we were joined by our two friends. We continued to dance and enjoy the evening. Around 3am I was seriously dragging and somebody ordered a round of shots. Now, I rarely drink, like maybe three times a year, but I was somewhat pressured by our two guy friends into having one more. Well, it was perfect sugar goodness. I ordered another round, and then we had a third. We returned to the dancefloor but it was rather noticeable by this point that somebody (i.e. me) might have had a bit too much. Hubby smartly decided that it would be best for us to go get some food. We hopped into a cab and went to Bubby’s in Tribeca, which is a kind of a grandmother’s kitchen restaurant with fried chicken, waffles, pancakes and such. That is where Mira’s last photo of her night out was taken (probably around 5:30am). After that we headed back to the hotel to conk out for a few hours before our flight home. This is about the time I tried to email you the photos on the way up to the room in the elevator: to say that it was a challenge is putting it mildly.

The next morning I woke and packed in a rush as we had overslept a bit. As we were sitting on the plane before take off I logged in to leave my review and decided that since the book was about travel (in a roundabout way) that I should take a picture of Mira in her airplane seat. As I was fixing to take the picture my giant gave me a blanket to prop her up. The stewardess came by offering drinks. I usually pass but this time said, “Sure, I’ll have a champagne.” When it came my giant said, “That’s for the picture, isn’t it?” Exactly. Glad you understand, sweetheart.

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26 thoughts on “Mira’s Night Out! (The story behind the story)

  1. catrouble says:

    Such a cute story and what a wonderful friend with an awesome husband. No wonder Mira had such a wonderful time! Really gonna have to keep an eye on her Mama Ana! 😉


    • Ana says:

      I am jealous of Mira, honestly. What a cool idea and what a terrific night out. Next time I’ll have to see if I can sweet-talk Sassy Twatter into showing me around instead of Mira. 😀


      • SassyTwatter says:

        Anytime Ana- would love to! The trouble I mean fun we could have! Except I need a few promises first before I let you anywhere near my Giant. 1. We do not mention texting & driving 2. Please see rule 1 & no mention of just at stop lights 3. You promise to never mention, infer, make reference to or point to any type of wooden spoon. I’d like to keep him blissfully ignorant. Now what time can I pick you up on Friday?


        • Ana says:


          All right dear, nothing to your giant. Mrs. Claus already has the full reports anyway. Yes, reportS.

          No need for wooden spoons when there are paddles handy!

          Hehe…and how about six on Friday? In your private jet?


          • Sassy says:

            Well then she knows war a perfect angel I am. Plus she still on vacation I think she is stuck in South America!
            And I should of said no mention of any instruments that could be used to hurt ones posterior including hairbrushes, belts & any other tushy tamer. 6pm is a bit early for dancing on Friday how about 8:30pm & sorry but going to have to fly commercial 😉 environmentally frie fly really Mrs. Claus should spank you for that!


  2. Michelle Poirier says:

    Sassy you are such fun! I love the support you show everyone writing reviews and posting pics! You spread naughtiness and joy everywhere you go! Xoxoxo


    • Ana says:

      Isn’t she amazing? It absolutely made my day that she sent not just this but the original photos and commentary. She is a gem.

      Thank you for stopping by, Michelle!


      • Sassy says:

        I feel so very lucky that I have found an online community. One that I would of never imagined being part off. All of you who write and share your work with the rest of us we are so grateful. Your words mean more to us than you can imagine whether they make us think, laugh, cry or stir all kinds of crazy hormones (MM looking at you) and I am a better happier person because of them. Anything I can do to support all the beautiful writers who give so much. I only wish I had better time managment there are a few others I should thank. This last year or so had been an eye opener. Ana, thank you from the bottom of my heart it is because of your blog that I found so many wonderful people. I super 💗 you and am so thankful for you, your writing and your Fika. xo


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