Authors Behaving Badly: A celebration of naughtiness and spankings

Have you ever known an author who behaved badly? As an author, have you ever behaved badly yourself? As a professional, have you ever had a co-worker who would have benefited immensely from a good spanking?

Have you ever been the co-worker who would benefit from a good spanking?

I’m a people-pleaser and a perfectionist. Those are two difficult qualities to co-exist in the same person. I don’t just want everyone to be happy; I want everyone to be perfectly happy!

Do you see the problem? ๐Ÿ™‚

For my newest-to-be-contracted book (just signed with Blushing yesterday!), I indulged in some wild fantasy wish-fulfillment. What if I could break free from people-pleasing? What if I were an author who behaved badly? What if I broke rules, didn’t care what people thought, stepped on people’s toes, and threw my weight around because I thought one bestselling novel (hey, it’s fantasy, remember!) entitled me to a lifetime of VIP treatment?

Then, because it was fantasy, I went a step further. What if this bad behavior earned my character what we all know happens to naughty characters, rather than the firing she deserved?

An author behaving badly and an editor who must deal with her.

As Renee says, YUMMY!

But really, the story started with one sentence. I pored through name lists, trying for something easy to pronounce but unusual as a name. One of the suggestions struck me, and as I played around with last names I was struck by an idea so ridiculously absurd that I giggled uncontrollably.

Out of that one line, the entire story was born.

I introduce to you the opening scene of Editorial Board, my third book to be published by Blushing.



โ€œItโ€™s a pleasure to meet you, Msโ€ฆโ€

She held out her hand, and I accepted it as if I were enthusiastic to meet this former newspaper editor who knew nothing about my craft. Who had no idea that I was an artist and needed time and space to create my art. Iโ€™d get old Merry to fire this loser sooner or later if she interfered with my work. It did no harm to pretend that I would play nicely.

For now.

โ€œMeadows. Spring Meadows.โ€

At her polite disbelief, I rattled off the usual spiel.

โ€œYes. Spring Meadows. Parents thought they were brilliant. I have an older sister named Autumn and a younger one named Summer. Thank God they stopped with three.โ€

โ€œRachel,โ€ she said, placing her left hand on top of mine to make the shake more emphatic. A strong, no-nonsense grip. โ€œRachel Templeton. Iโ€™m sure weโ€™ll get along wonderfully. My job is to help you be the best writer you can be. Merryโ€™s praised your work to the skies.โ€

Yeah right, I thought. Weโ€™ll see what you say after she fires you.

I turned on my heel to make a smart exit, but she called after me.

โ€œSpring? Iโ€™ll need your synopsis by Monday. Merry said your last editor never got it, and itโ€™s several weeks overdue. Thank you.โ€

I slammed the door on my way out.



Authors, have you ever behaved badly? Known someone who behaved badly?

Non-authors, have you ever behaved badly at work or known someone who behaved badly? Did you fantasize about spanking the miscreant or being spanked yourself?

39 thoughts on “Authors Behaving Badly: A celebration of naughtiness and spankings

  1. Mike says:

    i have dream of being spanked by few coworker and female manger when i was working before at my last 2 job i had few female spanks me at work which was kind of fun once i was bending over hands on knee talking to someone a girl i was friends with started spanking me with long cardboard box that had siding inside it i just look back and stay bend over but box was empty she was going throw it away another one smack me few time with a plastic things


      • Mike says:

        well it was long and firm and hard lol the cardbox was very long too i guess the girl saw me bending over and took a shot and wanted to spank me lol well the box wasnt only thing need stay in shape

        iam sure i i will enjoy the story i alway love a good spanking story


  2. lacrimsonfemme says:

    There are many people at my job who would benefit from a thorough corporal punishment. If only I could dole those out. Sigh. Oh the little thoughts that run through my head.

    As for receiving punishment. Well, there have been several bosses it would have been better if they just spanked me. The lectures were bad. I felt badly for screwing and would have preferred to be spanked. I’m one of those who prefer when I make a mistake, to be physically disciplined and my “lesson learned” so we can move on. I dread the people who just won’t let it go. They go on and on about the mistake. If a person does apply the punishment yet still keeps it hanging over the punished head, well, that person will find out quickly what a foot up their ass feels like.


    • Ana says:


      I can just picture you silently plotting physical punishment for co-workers who cross you. I’m not sure why *anyone* would cross you on purpose…

      And I agree about the discipline part on the receiving end. However the discipline is handed out (lecture, letter in employee file, etc.) just do it and be done. I think that’s the attraction of spanking as discipline for many of us.

      As to poor BA who got bound and gagged simply for wanting to read books on Fika last Monday…! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. catrouble says:

    Hey Ana…sounds like a great book. Are you sure it’s not autobiographical? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I sure can think of a few people I work with who would definitely benefit from a good butt burning! LOL


    • Ana says:

      Hehe…I am perfectly behaved! But considering how much I enjoyed writing Spring’s bad behavior, I guess there must be something that connects with me. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think people named trouble should be first in line, dear.


  4. Sassy says:

    Oh I love this story already!!! Spring looks like she will be a super fun girl. Can’t wait to get to know her.

    At work… Oh I’m sure many people have wanted to throttle me at some point I am a task master when I need to be & a perfectionist and like things on my time line not always a good combo. But usually people just get used to my temperament and way of doing things thankfully.


  5. Roz says:

    Ooh, I love this Ana and can’t wait for more snippets. Sounds like a lot of fun! I love the title, and the character name ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m with Cat, are you sure it’s not at least a little autobiographical? LoL

    I can definitely think of a few people I work with who could benefit from a spanking!




    • Ana says:

      A friend asked me, “What’s the name of your new character,” and with a name like Spring Meadows I had to show, not tell her. She laughed. ๐Ÿ™‚

      There is one part that’s autobiographical, but I can’t say until the book is out. ๐Ÿ˜€

      If we all got our wishes, there would be a LOT of people getting spankings!

      Hugs back.


  6. Joan Defers says:

    > But considering how much I enjoyed writing Springโ€™s bad behavior, I guess there must be something that connects with me.

    That’s because misbehaving can be *so* much fun! Congrats!


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