Spankful for Bas Day: Words of Basdom


Today in blogland is a special day.

A dear friend of almost everyone’s, Bas, has been declared the VIP of the day.

It hasn’t even been a year that Bas has been blogging, but he has made an indelible mark on more of us than seems humanly possible for one person.

Today is dedicated to sharing favorite stories of Bas, his words of “Basdom” (Bas-type wisdom), and giving back a tiny portion of the open-hearted, generous love that he lavishes on everyone he meets. With just a sentence or two, he gives a keen insight and sage advice to the people he cares about…and that number grows larger the more and more I have talked to people in preparation for today.

“Let’s call it Spank Bas Day!” Rogue chuckled. “Ack!” I squealed. “He already thinks I deserve a spanking!” (Rogue has promised to hide me if Bas comes after us.) We settled on Spankful for Bas Day, as a play on the “thankful” rhyme and *ahem* our perhaps slightly less than stellar giggling what it would be like if Bas got spanked.

Oh, come on. It’s not as if you never had a slightly naughty wish.

Then Chelsea made the most wonderful banners, using a space theme because of Bas’s story.

So. Favorite stories and words of Basdom to share with you.

Last summer, Bas described being on the boat and spanking Lisa for spilling water on him. I later described him as “water-soaked”, and he plaintively asked, “Will this ever end?” Obviously, it didn’t. 🙂

Then I called him a curmudgeon, not in a serious way but as an affectionate term, and he looked it up in his dictionary. Could not understand why I called him such an unkind word!

Oh, and his lovely, lovely story of Sinterklaas that he put up to celebrate the release of Vennie.

His patient, long-suffering wish to finally be featured in one of my stories…only to sigh because his character spoke one line. He good-naturedly told me that he couldn’t expect to play Hamlet in his very first role. I tried to give him a lot more lines in the sequel to Vennie (not yet released), but ah…it just didn’t work.

His horror at my first F/M story as part of the Spank or Treat festivities last fall, and his entreaty to return to F/F stories.

How he threatened to tell the person in charge of me about my (supposed) misbehavior, and when I sassily gave fake numbers for him to call…he said that they didn’t work from the Netherlands.

His kooky sense of humor.

The tears that he cried when I mentioned that I might need to give up my blog, telling me that he had just gotten to know me and I couldn’t leave now.

His unfailing support each time I became discouraged.

His constant presence as I made the transition from a personal blogger to a professional author, supporting my stories while still remaining a friend to “Bas’ naughty little Ana”.

His declaration that he would be a godfather to Vennie, and his vow to be the one person who would like my books just a tiny bit better than the others.

How he would read my entries, no matter how long, and carefully respond to each point.

How he cheerfully let PK and me blame him for everything, turning “Blame Bas!” into a kind of game.

Bas dear, today I have only one hope…that you know how much you are loved. You have touched an amazing number of people in blogland, and today we stand together to say, “Thank you.”

That’s all. And yet so much.

We love you, Bas.

(If you have been touched by Words of Basdom, please join in! Copy the banner, write your own post, and comment here with your link. I’ll put all the links together into one page, the way I did for Bonnie’s Day.)



This is a “Spankful for Bas Day” from Viola, who doesn’t have a blog but wanted to add her own “Words of Basdom”

My wife is an Angel.  You’ve got to admire that little woman of mine.
Lisa and I fit together  very well.
But we don’t look like each other in any way. Usually we are complete opposites.
I see us as puzzle pieces, we fit together snugly, but we never overlap.
We also differ in our opinion about relationships.
When I found DD on the internet. I recognized what it could do for us.
 I wanted to feel safe in my own house, I wanted to be able to talk to my wife, without always starting arguments about nothing.
It is sadly very common to treat the loved ones as badly as one might have wished to treat the strangers. After a day of being polite to idiots, your family gets the full load of exploding frustrations.
The great thing about DD is that we have made showing respect and being polite and understanding, to the norm.
It’s not about I’m right and you’re wrong anymore.
It is just, what is best for the two of us.
Listening to each others ideas and arguments will almost always lead to a satisfying course of action. No polarisation of viewpoints, but building a common idea.
DD, the DD that I love,  does not centre around who does the dishes. That is not a DD subject.  DD is not a dish washer.
My kind of DD enhances love, enhances connection and brings great joy to both parties.
I care about Lisa. Caring for her and fulfilling all her wishes is the only important thing in my live.
Yes, it is amazing, but ttwd can really free you, because you can stop letting your life be spoiled by things that are in the core, unimportant.
Did I already tell you that I love her?
(If you have been touched by Words of Basdom, please join in! Copy the banner, write your own post, and comment here with your link. I’ll put all the links together into one page, the way I did for Bonnie’s Day.)
This is a Spankful for Bas post from Lillie and Ian, who had to take their blog private. Because we wanted everyone to see this post, I am adding it here:
A Dutchman Named Bas
There’s a man, a dear man, and we love him so much, 
Bas is his name, did I mention he’s Dutch?
He’s as Dutch as they come, and he lives in the land
of wooden clogs, cheese wheels and windmills so grand.
There’s a man, a Dutchman and we think he’s da bomb,
he brings to this community a serene sense of calm.
Through the magic of this fancy internet technology,
we’ve come to know our Bas and his love of astrology.*
This stargazing Bas,  collects Donald Duck comics,
and is relishing retirement from a career in economics.**
He lives with the cattiest cat/dog of them all,
his sweet Corgi, Unique, is the belle of the ball.
But here’s the thing about Bas, that is really amazing
it’s the love for his Lisa – it’s so hot …it’s blazing.
Lisa, his sweetheart and wife of 35 years,
is the sweet grease that’s oiling this Dutchman’s gears.
Lisa’s Bas, our Dutchman, is a wee bit of a spanker,
but it sounds very loving, and never with rancour.
He admits to a penchant for smacking her bum,
for whacking it madly, like playing a drum.
Yes Bas, our accountant, a number-loving thinker,
fell hard for charms of his lady –  hook, line and sinker.
We ladies in blogland love to hear Bas declare
of the swell in his heart for his Lisa, so fair.
What I guess that this poor poet is trying to say –
is, we ARE spankful for Bas – each and everyday.
With a broad smile on our faces and a warm cozy glow,
we send love to you, Bas & Lisa,  from the land of the snow.
Hugs and Love
Ian and Lillie
*it’s actually astronomy, but it didn’t rhyme as nicely
**well,  economists both work with numbers….and chartered account doesn’t rhyme with anything – it is almost as bad as “orange”.
 (If you have been touched by Words of Basdom, please join in! Copy the banner, write your own post, and comment here with your link. I’ll put all the links together into one page, the way I did for Bonnie’s Day.)

50 thoughts on “Spankful for Bas Day: Words of Basdom

  1. Viola says:

    Ana, thank you so much for hosting my contribution.
    Bas, you are a special man and your words of wisdom touch me deeply thanks for being as you are.
    Love to you and Lisa.


  2. Jade Cary says:

    This is so sweet. I’m reading everyone’s comments and I am so touched. I know I came to all of this very late, but I know one thing, and it was evident from the beginning: Bas is a dear and deserving of all our attention today.

    Much love, Bas.


    • Ana says:

      If you click on the “Spankful for Bas” tab on the top and take a look at a few of the posts…wow. It is amazing to read them all. 🙂

      Much love to you back.


  3. PK says:

    Bas is amazed by it all. Just wishing he felt a little stronger today. I’m really glad you pulled all this together. So many good posts.



    • Ana says:

      Thank you for letting us know, PK. Please let him know that he has all of our love and that he better not be so silly as to think we want him to respond or do anything. Just knowing that he was able to read the posts is wonderful.

      Thank you, dear PK, and hugs back.


  4. minelle says:

    Thanks to you Ana, Rogue and Chelsea!
    Each of these posts here– and all over blogland are so wonderful.
    Ana…. curmudgeon….Love it!
    Viola great comments.
    Lillie…great creative Poem.


  5. Sassy says:

    Ana this was such a wonderful thing to do for Bas. Your heart gives endlessly. I have so enjoyed reading everyone’s posts. I wish Bas & his family the best. When I first found your blog I was so often amused and how well he kept you and everybody else in check. To a wonderful man he is blessed with wonderful friends like you.


    • Ana says:

      Poor Ana, scolded by the HoH-y Bas from so far away. Every time I get too big for my britches, he reminds me of who I am. 🙂 Hehe if that provided you with some amusement!

      And as always, I only had an idea. Everyone else pitched in to make it happen.

      Happy Spankful for Bas Day, dear. 🙂


  6. Roz says:

    Hi Ana, this is such a lovely, heartfelt post. Thank you so much for your role in organising this. Such a wonderful gesture for a much loved friend.



  7. Susie says:

    Just read the post Ana…what a sweet, stubborn, wise guy you have for a friend!

    I do have to agree with him…you do need to be spanked. I heard that it happened today…lol…slowly making my way up through my blogroll to it. 🙂


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