Ana gets a spanking, and other such nonsense

I can’t believe I’m getting spanked! This is NOT fair! Minelle posted an unbearably gloating message today for all of blogland to read, saying that I am getting a spanking. It doesn’t matter that I wrote her getting a spanking in The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus (and its sequel, not yet published) or in her birthday story. She deserved it…and she liked it! I’m sweetness and light, nothing but a misunderstood girl with high hopes crushed by a tyrannical, unfair story.

(Okay, secretly I am SO proud of Minelle for trying this story-writing stuff! She is having fun with this, and it’s only–I believe–her third attempt at a story. What guts to not just try something new but to share it with the community! And I am thrilled to see some F/F in her writing. We always need more F/F stories, right?)

But back to the topic. PK posted Minelle’s “Train Shack Mystery” as today’s Fantasy Friday story. Word on the street is that Ami, Bas, Cat, and goodness knows how many others were asked to pre-read the story to give feedback. (To be fair, I was offered a chance to pre-read but my squawks of “NO NO NO! NO!” were completely ignored.)

Please!! Help out an innocent Ana! I was framed! Please visit both Minelle and PK’s blogs to tell them in NO uncertain terms that I do NOT deserve a spanking and never will! I’ll offer cookies to anyone who does so. (I learned a trick or two from Sue…hehe)


In nicer news, our wonderfully kind friend Joey laughed so hard he cried last fall when I said he was like the Mr. Rogers of the spanking community. He posts wonderfully thoughtful introductions to bondage, implement-making, spanking party etiquette, and so on. Just last week, he sent me this wonderful photo of himself standing next to Mr. Rogers. After several months, not only did he remember but he also thought to send a photo! I laughed such a good hard laugh and asked him to put it on his blog. He did. Go and see it!


Don’t forget that today is the last installment of Celeste Jones’ Desire in Any Language book club discussion! If you missed the earlier weeks’ discussions, here they are:

Week One

Week Two

Week Three



Look for Kat and Natalie snippets for Saturday Spankings tomorrow and Weekend Writing Warriors on Sunday! Plus an upcoming post, in honor of The Way Home’s release date on March 6th, titled “Everything I need to know I learned writing spanking fiction.”

Oh, and on Monday we have Breanna Hayse visiting for Fika. Quite a week!


24 thoughts on “Ana gets a spanking, and other such nonsense

  1. Joseph McNamara says:

    I am with Sue here, sorry Ana, and if Mr. Rodgers can’t make it, I am sure we can get Mrs. Claus to come on down from the North to “Warm” up your bottom for you…. Vote for Spanking Ana Day (One Vote and a Free Cookie from Sue) !!


    • Ana says:

      Oh, no! Don’t I get ONE single vote in my favor?

      I should have learned my lesson the first two times I tried to get people to take my side…

      I’ve got to find a way to get Mrs. Claus back…


  2. minellesbreath says:

    Well you always deserve spanked! Sunny, PK, Ami and Bas previewed the story. Maybe they even wanted you spanked harder and longer, with many more implements! I encouraged many other bloggers to stop in and read the butt blistering of Ana!!


  3. joeyred51 says:


    I could not believe my eyes when I passed the Mr. Rogers billboard in the airport. I had to have a photo for you. I just wish I had a red sweater to put on while I pointed at the billboard.

    Thank you for the link.

    Now, behave yourself. LOL.



    • Ana says:

      It was meant to be! Won’t you be my spanking neighbor? ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you so much for the picture. I love, love, love it.

      Please give me a more realistic order! Hehe.

      Love ya.


  4. Cat says:

    Hey Ana…don’t blame this on me…I didn’t preview Minelle’s story! I do have to say at this point, you and Minelle both deserve spankings. As I told Minelle, you two should start a series of books, writing spanking stories about each other! I can see the series now…”The Ongoing Saga of Ana and Minelle’s Bum Burners” or maybe “Ana and Minelle…a Daily Diary of Rosy Rears”. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Have a great weekend. BTW…did you see the email with my friends feedback on Vennie?



    • Ana says:

      LOL!!! Oh goodness, Cat, you do make me laugh! Thank you for sticking up for me and pointing out just how naughty MINELLE is…

      Just replied to your email now. I wanted to reply properly instead of the scattered flurries of yesterday. xoxo


  5. PK says:

    Oh Ana,
    I begged and begged her not to let you get spanked… LOL, sorry I can’t even type that with a straight face and I might get struck by lightening. I sure am enjoying this.



    • Ana says:


      PK! You are just as bad as Minelle, and that is saying something! Honestly!

      You need a good spanking, lady, but you knew that already. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Much love to you.


  6. Thianna D says:

    If Mr. Rogers was a Spanko, he would say “Can you say ‘implement’ boys and girls?” And I’m sure he would use Ana’s spanking as his little puppet lesson. Oooh, now there is a Mr. Rogers I could finally get on board with.

    (I hated him growing up. LOL)


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