Kat & Natalie hit the top 100!

First of all, in lieu of my own release day post (don’t worry, you’ll get lots of posts!) I’m putting up a link to this post on the LazyDay blog, titled “A Story of Love”. You’ll get to see a few snippets of Kat and Natalie.

Staci Taylor, who will be appearing on Fika again next Monday to talk about this journey to publish The Way Home, sent me the sweetest message last night:

I hope you have nice outfits picked out for Kat & Natalie for their big day tomorrow.

Awwww! Celeste said that Natalie would probably be spanking Kat if Kat weren’t puking from nerves. LOL! Probably true, except not absolutely literally.

I was going to let Kat and Nat talk to you today, but I’ll save that for their various interviews over the next few weeks. They have quite the line-up!

But for the exciting news…The Way Home broke the Top 100 for LGBT fiction! #44! I didn’t even think to check until Liz let me know.

I had so much work to get done today…I have accomplished none of it…and I couldn’t care less.

At long last, today is the day to celebrate.

I’m a Top 100 author. Kat and Natalie are Top 100 women. Not characters, women.



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