Thursday Thankfulness: Generosity

You might think that my thankfulness post today would be about hitting the Top 100 chart on Amazon yesterday with The Way Home. Or you might think that my thankfulness would be about the long wait finally being over…that I no longer have to stress about mistakes and mishaps and flaws.

It’s not a perfect book, but neither am I.

No, that’s not my thankfulness today. Getting in the Top 100 wasn’t even part of my dream. I didn’t think about it because I never thought it could happen. I was thrilled to get the news, but how can I be thankful for something that wasn’t my doing? Desire in Any Language was a child of my heart, too, but that didn’t get into the Top 100.

No, my thankfulness today is different.

I thank you, every single one of you, for what you are reading or have read or will read here.

Thank you to Evolved World for promoting my book today here.

Thank you for buying the book.

Thank you for reviewing the book, for telling a friend, for passing it along by email or Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for the help you gave me when I got started.

Thank you for loving Kat and Natalie back when they were little stories here on this blog..and when they moved to a blog of their own.

Thank you for your notes of encouragement.

Thank you for the cheers you sent my way.

Thank you for your wonderful comments (9,005 comments total as of yesterday) throughout this journey.

Thank you for your feedback, for your reactions, for your indignation when the story didn’t go the way you wanted.

Thank you for your tears.

Thank you for your laughter. Your quiet moments savoring Kat and Natalie’s lives.

Thank you for the emails.

Thank you for the instant messages, the phone calls, the cards, the letters.

Thank you for a very special birthday-gift painting that I’ll tell you more about in a separate post.

Thank you for accepting me, this determined and one-of-a-kind Ana who absolutely refused to be anyone but Ana. Thank you for showing me that I can be Ana and still have a place here.

Thank you for the teasing, the silliness, the jokes, and the banter.

When I first began this journey, I had no idea that anyone would listen.

Thank you for proving me wrong.


32 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness: Generosity

  1. Joseph McNamara says:

    And “Thank You” Ana for the words you write, the books that break ground, the work you do promoting this world of ours and for the frontiers you are crossing with your prose and writing that is a wonderful example to us who are just now feeling the sea salt on our toes and beginning our journey in this field and world of ours….


  2. Katie Meer says:

    Ana, I am thankful that you are a real person, and I mean that in the emotional sense. You write the scenes that show your love and empathy. And you care about other people, and show that in your blogs and posts. I appreciate you too. Congratulations!


  3. newlifeindd says:

    What? Top 100? Serious? You would not lie to an old garbage can?
    I’ve instantly forgotten what I was thankful about.
    Top 100 for my favorite best selling author! What more does one need to be thankful for?


  4. minelle says:

    You are so very blessed my dear. You deserve all the wonderful things that are happening at this moment in time. It is great validation when someone can be successful by not compromising.
    I am thankful that someone is keeping up their end of the bargain!


  5. pao says:

    Thank you Ana, for being such an amazing, loving person and for sticking to your beliefs. You deserve all this that you’ve fought so hard for. Change the world one story at a time!

    Thank you for all your scary disciplinarian characters that others can send after you, too 🙂


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      LOL! No thanks! Keep Mrs. Claus and Eunji and Rachel and Natalie far away from me! Send them after Jade.

      And you will find strength in your own beliefs, too. It just will take you some time to find that strength.


  6. terpsichore says:

    a very sweet post…congratulations on your book…I cannot wait to read it…thank-you for your creativity and sharing of yourself with the world… 🙂


  7. Roz says:

    This is a lovely post Ana. Thank you for sharing yourself with us and for the love, care and support you provide.



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